Tao Tao ATV Reviews 2018 | 10 Best TaoTao ATV for Riders

Sometimes trying out some new things is such a good thing to so, Now, with the innovation of tao tao ATV, I choose to try my luck with one of the TaoTao ATV, and I’m going to share my experience here with you on the Tao Tao ATV reviews. This is going to be interesting to read for ATVs lover, and I won’t leave out the aspect of making this piece one of the best informational content you’ve ever read on ATV.

Since you know what ATVs are and how they work, then you must have been familiar with some in the past or present. But then, the new ATV coming into the limelight with great features and quality construction is the tao tao ATV.

One of the important things I look out for when choosing any of my products either on the market or online is the brand. The brand says much about the product, and over time, I’ve learned that products manufactured from the leading brands in the industry last longer.

Tao Tao is a reputable in the US that is devoted to manufacturing quality ATVs, one major reason why I choose to buy and share the review of some of the Tao Tao ATV with you is that Tao Tao manufactures their products with a dedication to quality, value, service, efficiency, safety, and performance, they are just a smart choice for you.

Tao Tao ATV Reviews

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Tao Tao ATV Reviews 2018

I guess you want to know the best Tao Tao ATVs out there in the market, we’ll get there but just be assured of the fact that you are in for great things on the off chance that you choose any of their product.

Do you need a new ATV or you want a new adventure on ATV world, try out Tao Tao ATV. I will leave more of the talking about each personal product’s reviews so that you get to know more about each product.

10# ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

The ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine is one a powerful vehicle that is very easy to drive most especially for those just learning how to. Learning the skills and driving automatic ATV for learners is much easier compared to starting out with a manual which requires more training on how to use a clutch.

This reminded of when I was learning how to drive, and after days of learning the manual, I still find it so difficult with the clutch and how to change the gear. But with the automatic, I never learned from anyone, although I give close attention to my dad whenever he is driving. Now, just on one fateful day, I took the car out and tried my luck with it, and I was able to drive without hassles.

The same implies with the ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine; it makes life easier for the user as it appears to be the best starting point for your kids that are interested in riding ATVs.

ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine has dual brakes hydraulic disc, front brakes and rear drum brakes, it has a front hand brake and rear foot brake with all these features giving you the platform to stop the vehicle whenever you feel you want to.  Also, it has Front dual adjustable shocks with A-arms that helps to withstand the bumps you run into.

The frame of the ATV is constructed of single tube steel to ensure it is sturdy and strong to handle any weight thrown at it and it runs on fuel with the ATV having 1 gallon capacity of the fuel tank. The ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine is sure the best option to start your ATV adventure with.

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9# TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

The second Toa Tao ATV we’re looking into is the TaoTao Atv TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels. Looking at the ATV, you will observe it was built with strong materials, and it appears more sophisticated than every other ATV I’ve ever been privileged to come in contact with. It is very easy to control and move about even for beginners.

The ATV is among the best tao tao products because it is strong, durable, and reliable and built with long-lasting materials. Travelling or while on an adventure with the ATV, be assured it will get you to your destination without any issue because over the years I haven’t heard of any technical issues with TAO TAO products.

The ATV can be used for different purposes based on why you purchased it. It has four strokes, one cylinder; it is an automatic ATV with a reverse option which makes it works just a car. This is one of the reasons I love the ATV. You don’t have to move around to get that which is behind you, as you can just reverse and get things easily.

The front tire is sturdy and rugged enough to hold firm to the ground and makes the user more comfortable on the ATV, and with the front hand brake and foot brake, you can easily put the ATV to a stop whenever you want to. The brake helps you to have total control over the vehicle so that you don’t run into any vehicle or reduce the acceleration.

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8# TaoTao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV

The Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV is the next on the list, and the reason I have added it to the list is that of the amazing features most importantly the dual brakes. The ATV comes with two brakes that give the user more control over the vehicle. It also serves as a safety measure to slow down the vehicle and ensure you don’t move out of the recommended speed.

I’m the type that runs of full speed, and it would have been the last time for me on earth when I run into another car in front of me suddenly, thanks to the great braking that is in place which help me to avoid a bad situation.

The Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV has four stroke gear with reverse which makes it a complete vehicle. Life is much easier with the use of the Tao tao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV because it is an automatic vehicle that doesn’t need you to learn or deal with the clutch. You just need to handle the ATV like a pro, sitting on comfortably and pressing the gas to move while the brake to stop.

It comes with quality tires that can move over any terrain conveniently without any hassles. The tires are strong and side enough to give the vehicle the balance needed so that the user will feel more comfortable and relax on it.

You don’t know much about a thing until you try it out. The first time I rode this ATV, it was as if I should never get off it because you get to feel the groove of driving it. It is exciting and fun to do. And apart from the excitement, it performs excellently irrespective of whatever you intend using it for, be in in the wood or just for fun.

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7# Tao Tao T FORCE MODEL 110CC

The next tao tao ATV on the list to talk about is the TAO TAO T FORCE MODEL 110CC; now, from all other ATVs from tao tao, this is the very first that I will see with a Remote start and push-button start. It simply means that you can easily start the engine without any contact with the vehicle and also stop it with the remote. But while on it, you can start it using the push button and also stop the engine with the same button.

Is it very likely that you drive the ATV on different terrains and with this in mind, tao tao have ensured that the TAO TAO T FORCE MODEL 110CC comes with an independent shock which is an important factor to look out for? You are likely to walk on both rough and smooth surfaces and aside from the fact that the tires are well designed to handle such pressure, flipping and tilting have a great effect on the vehicle.

So with the independent shock or suspension, there is a limitation to the chance of unwanted tilting and flipping just in cases whereby the tires step on a rock. It has a front hand brake and a foot brake that help you to put the vehicle to a stop whenever you want to do that. The vehicle is ideal for kids because of the features it commands as you just have to ensure that your kids know the basis for handling the vehicle.

As much as riding the vehicle is important, you have to ensure that you take proper maintenance of it, changing of oil, ensuring the brake is active and also that the ATV is in good condition before use. On the off chance that you have kids that are bold enough to handle the vehicle, you can limit it by telling them it can only be initiated with the remote control. A perfect piece to start out with riding ATVs.

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6# TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

Next up on the list is the TaoTao Atv TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels. Riding ATVs might look as though it is very simple to do with this vehicle and that’s because of the balance and comfort every user get from the vehicle due to the rugged wheels. The 110cc engine is a powerful vehicle that can be used anywhere, anytime.

The vehicle has a sophisticated appearance, built with quality materials, durable, strong and reliable to get you through over any terrains. Lot of complaints have been made as regarding some ATVs, but none have I heard about the TaoTao Atv TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels.

You want to appear sophisticated, the go out with the ATV. It has four strokes, Air cooled to ensure that the engine doesn’t get too hot to the point that it will knock down. It is an automatic vehicle that can be moved about easily, and it also has reverse function. Moving it to the front and back is just so easy to do even if it is your first time on the vehicle.

The tire is very strong and rugged to handle the weight of the vehicle. It can handle and rigor of the day, the seat is designed to give user more comfort and makes riding bearable, and the suspension is just the perfect piece of the whole vehicle because it helps to absorb shocks and limit tilt and unwanted movement. The dual brake is enough to make the vehicle desirable because it gives you maximum support and control of the vehicle, in which you can choose to stop anytime you want to.

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5# Full-Size ATV 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse

Up next on the list is the Full Size Atv 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse, Now, this isn’t just like others we’ve discussed above, it is fairly different in such that the vehicle is a semi-auto one with a reverse option. This means that the vehicle can be initiated electrically or automatically.

Do you intend changing your old ATV or you want to try out new vehicle which have some alluring features, you can give Full Size Atv 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse a trial. The vehicle is very different from others you will find in the market as it comes with speed limiter which means it doesn’t allow you to run out of the recommended speed zone.

The speed limiter has been life saver when compared to some other ATV out there in the market. It keep you right on course and ensures that you don’t speed too much when driving the ATV. It has independent shocks that help you to deal with unavoidable movement such as stepping on a rock that can change the course.

The shock serves as an absorber to help deal with tilting while riding. It is one of the features that make the ATV an irresistible one. If you consider sharing any ATV with your adult kids, then the Full-Size ATV 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse is one to consider. Comfort and safety isn’t an issue to bother yourself on as the tire is big and strong enough to hold the body of the vehicle and makes it easier for users to control.

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4# TAO TAO - New 4 Wheeler fully Automatic Engine

The next tao tao ATV on the list is the TAO TAO – Brand New 4 Wheeler fully automatic engine. If you are just like me that loves to travel or go on adventure with ATV, then the TAO TAO – Brand New 4 Wheeler fully automatic engine is just one to consider.

The ATV is an 110CC fully automated engine. It works excellently without any hassles. It is a vehicle that can be used by adult and matured kids who know the basis for handling ATVs. It has a utility engine that doesn’t heat up irrespective of the period you are using it; it works with the use of a remote control that can be used to initiate and stop the vehicle.

Speaking of the dual brakes, you can easily put a halt to the ATV whenever you want to and with either of the brakes, you can reduce the acceleration of the ATV so that you don’t get involved in any accident. It has shock absorber with the independent shocks in place to help you absorb any shock whenever you ride on rough terrains that are filled with unequal objects. The tires are designed to handle any terrains, and it has about 4.2-liter fuel capacity.

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3# TA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sport ATV

The next on the list is the TA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sports ATV, and it looks much like a scooter. I love the design and the materials the ATV is made of. You can’t just look too far as regarding durability, ruggedness, and reliability when you come across TA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sports ATV.

It is one of the ATV that have ever put my mind to rest whenever I’m riding it. Going into the wood is my hobby and my companion being the ATV, so I must ensure I get the best with the quality structure to withstand the rigor of what I do.

The TA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sports ATV appears to be the perfect piece for me. If you are just like me that loves to go into the wood, mountain and go on an adventure with ATVs, the TA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sports ATV us one to consider if you want to try something new out or you want to replace your old ATV.

The tires are strong and designed to withstand any rigor of different terrains and despite it doesn’t have an independent shock, it works just as if it has one because you won’t feel anything even if you run into bumps.

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2# TAO TAO Brand UTILITY Model

The second to the last on the list is the TAO TAO Brand UTILITY Model, which is known as a utility vehicle. Just like every other ATVs that run on fuel with different tank capacity, the TAO TAO Brand UTILITY Model runs on a battery which means that you just have to ensure that it is charged whenever you intend taking it out.

The ATV has a great and alluring design which is such irresistible for anyone to overlook. The rate at which it works is topnotch, and it is strong enough to withstand pressure from any work. The dual brake makes the vehicle a pleasing one to any ATV rider because it ensures that you are in control of the ATV and can choose to stop it whenever you want to.

The tires are also another major uniqueness of the ATV apart from the fact that it comes in a different color option to choose from. The vehicle can be used by both adult and kids of matured mind who knows the basis of riding ATV.

Comfort and reliability isn’t something you should worry about because the ATV comes with a well-designed seat that makes it comfortable to use even for a longer period.

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The last on the list of the tao tao ATV is the BRAND New TAO TAO – RHINO 250, it is an adult ATV that is constructed and equipped with a 200cc engine and manual clutch. This is why it is aimed at adult because it is quite difficult for kids to handle the manual vehicle.

The very first thing you need to be mastery of is how to handle the clutch so that you don’t end up damaging the engine of the vehicle. It has dual brakes that makes halting of the vehicle easier to do and also reducing the acceleration of the vehicle.

The good of the vehicle is that the vehicle has a speed limiter, it has four gears and a reverse function which makes it easy to move backward without stress. Another right side of the ATV is it has independent shock which means that you don’t have to feel anything even if you run into bumps or potholes. The shock absorber will absorb all the shock and ensure that you have a smooth ride whenever you are out with the ATV.

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Getting the best tao tao ATV out of the bunch of the list in the market is just the right thing for you to do. With lots of ATVs in the market, be assured the tao tao ATV reviews will help you make the right decision to get a quality product that will last for a more extended period. TAO TAO is devoted to delivering quality and value which is why it is a good thing to deal with them.

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