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Choosing the right ATV for you can be tricky, as there are so many options and features available online and offline. So, how do you find the best ATV for your lifestyle and preferences?

First, consider who you’re buying it for and its sole purpose. Will you be using it, or sharing it with your family? This answer massively affects your choice because you’ll want to look into additional safety features etc. If you are looking for a sports ATV, then you’ll require one with a stylish design which dedicates itself to speed and power. Alternatively, an ATV designed to help you around the garden won’t be as centered on appearance, but more so on comfort and practicality.

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In this article, we’re sharing some of the best Tao Tao ATV reviews for riders. Each of these has a different drive experience to the other. Let’s take a look at our findings, as well as some helpful tips along the way.

How We Wrote this Tao Tao ATV Review

Writing any review mainly stands on three undeclared rules. By following this rules, we used to write the reviews.

Always try out the product or service before writing

Before writing this Tao Tao ATV review, we have used a big team to research and collect real-time information about the products. They have used all the automobiles themselves for an extended period to know the real impact.

Research and take essential notes

We used to take essential notes about the product in regular impact. Besides, all the pros or cons used to be discussed before pointing out. We also researched many websites and collected information.

Talk with the regular users and experts about the product or service

We have talked to experts and daily user of the ATV’s before writing about them. The crucial points, they provide us will also be an important part of this review.

Tao Tao ATV Reviews
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Different Types of ATVs

Before we look into the best Tao Tao ATVs to purchase, let’s consider what we’re working with here. How many different types of ATVs are there, and what makes each one unique?

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Entry-Level ATVs

First, an entry-level ATV is suited for youths and those who are more fearful of speed and power. Their engine sizes typically range from 125cc to 250cc and often come in an automatic transmission for smooth operation. Although these are aimed at beginners, this type of ATV is also ideal for non-adrenaline-junkies. Not to mention, that less power means these ATVs are kinder of your budget.

Utility Quads

Utility quads are mainly designed to use in factories or for heavy-work projects such as hauling cargo or plowing. Construction workers often opt for this type of ATV as they’re incredibly resourceful and practical. The main feature of utility quads is that they can operate in an array of terrains, such as rocky surfaces and conquering rugged hills. Ranging from 250cc to 700cc, they’re more potent than entry-level ATVs as they offer much more pulling-power.

Sports Quads

Next in line are sports quads. These are manual as they’re designed for the driver to operate. Generally, the sole purpose of these ATVs is for a fun experience. You can drive them for an exceptional memory, and slide around corners at high speeds. Their engine size ranges from 200cc to 400cc – which is almost double an entry-level ATV. Not for the light-hearted, these are incredibly fun to spend hours on.

High-Performance ATVs

Finally, high-performance ATVs are considered the best ATV you can purchase. With high speeds and race-ready, their engine typically runs in the range of 350cc-700cc. Similar to sports quads, these ATVs have exceptional performance and make impressions. Therefore, you can expect to increase your budget and prepare for adventurous trips through the woods.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an ATV

There are many things to consider before purchasing an off-road vehicle, but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s impossible. Firstly, we don’t want you to encounter any problems with the steel frame, or power, etc. Check the ATV for rust with a visual inspection. On a good-conditioned ATV, the paintwork has a waterproof and rust-resistant coating. However, if you find rust along the chain and drum brakes, this is usually an indication that it hasn’t had care. Once you’ve visually inspected the ATV, hold each of the tires, and twist and shake them. Listen out for any cracks or grinds, and observe how the suspension reacts to movement. Usually, suspension problems are an indication that it’s had an accident.

Although this might be obvious, never make an offer for an ATV you haven’t physically seen, as photos can be deceiving. An effective way to analyze the ATV’s condition is by looking at the oil. What color is it? Does it sit at the recommended level or vastly below or above? If the oil is watery or black, this is a negative sign that the owner hasn’t adequately cared for the ATV. Also, we highly recommend looking at the mileage and comparing this to the ATV’s age. For example, if it’s only one year old but has done the same number of miles as a 15-year-old ATV, you might want to bear in mind how it’s been dragged around.

Tao Tao ATV Reviews

We’ve searched the Internet for the best Tao Tao ATV reviews. To suit a wide range of lifestyles and purposes, we’ve included a large selection.

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10. ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

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With an engine of 110cc, this ATV makes an excellent choice for beginners – mainly thanks to its safety features. For example, these include a remote engine kill which parents can operate should the ATV appoint to a fast speed. It also features a steel frame which adds stability and security to the ATV. With dual adjustable shocks at the front of the vehicle, this helps to absorb any impact on uneven surfaces or unexpected terrain. Unlike manual ATVs, this provides excellent control and encourages users to take it at their own pace, without using too much speed. It’s also great for entry-level drivers and helps to give parents peace of mind.

We love that this ATV comes in a variety of colors to give every driver a choice for the design. With a maximum loading of 200lbs, this ATV is suitable for young adults, as well as children. Depending on the size of the users, more than one person can sit on the ATV at the same time for the ultimate experience. This four-wheeler is fun, adventurous and a great way to get kids out of the house and to explore their surroundings.

Features and Benefits

  • It offers an electric start
    (This allows drivers to quickly get the vehicle started, and is great if you’re not mechanically-minded)
  • It has a steel frame
    (Thanks to its sturdy and robust framework, this ATV is built to withstand any external forces to ensure it’s built to last)
  • It has a single shock rear suspension
    (This offers a flexible and comfortable ride across mud and rough trials)
  • Total weight of 176lbs
    (This is quite light for an ATV which makes it easier for transporting)

  • A large number of features dedicated to safety
  • You can control the speed which is great for worried parents
  • Easy to put together, and you don’t need any mechanical experience
  • Can hold up to 200lbs in weight
  • An electric start for excellent control and comfortable use

  • The battery often needs updating when in regular use
  • The seat isn’t as soft as other ATVs

At such an affordable price, this 110b, 100c ATV makes an excellent gift for your child to encourage them to get out of the house. Also, with unique safety features, parents will get peace of mind that their child is in safe hands.

9. Tao Tao ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

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If you’re searching for a cc ATV which isn’t too far, though it has slightly more durability than the previous model, this Tao Tao ATV is an excellent choice for you need. The most significant feature of this is that it’s air-cooled which ensures that it doesn’t overheat when used for long periods. Its appearance is another great advantage of this Tao Tao ATV, as it intends to look a little meaner than entry-level models. The rugged wheels also make it more practical for traveling on uneven surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • It has a four-stroke engine
    (This makes a smoother experience, and it easy for beginners to operate)
  • It has big rugged wheels
    (The sturdy wheels ensure it’s easy to ride on uneven surfaces and can withstand ditches and holes)
  • It features a reverse gear
    (This is extremely useful for moving the ATV around – especially when parking it up for storage)
  • It can travel up to 35mph
    (As such, it’s slightly more daring than entry-level ATVs and adds much more excitement to the drive)

  • A reverse option for additional movement
  • It can handle a vast variety of terrain
  • Features a speed limiter to provide you (and children) with peace of mind
  • Fully sized to seat larger individuals and take your ATV-experience to the next level
  • It’s easy to start with the built-in electric start

  • Requires regular maintenance if you use on terrain
  • Doesn’t come in a variety of colors and styles

The ATV TForce 110cc offers a pleasant and exciting driving experience for entry-level drivers, as well as slightly more advanced. Setting it up is easy, as you connect the handlebars to the steel frame and add the oil accordingly.

8. Tao Tao Bull150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers

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With a maximum speed of 38mph, this Tao Tao makes a fun ride for young adults. Its transmission is semi-automatic, and it features a reverse gear for smooth functioning. As a result, you’re in control as soon as you switch it on (via the electric start button). Its front handlebars are secure enough to protect you when traveling uphill and downhill, and this also offers additional support through mud and snow.

For an exceptional price, this Bull150 features a solid frame as well as rear drum brakes for additional safety. This also provides you with excellent control if you’re traveling at high speeds.

Features and Benefits

  • Its engine is 150cc
    (This is ideal for a fun ride, although it isn’t too intimidating for entry-level trips)
  • It has a CDI ignition
    (This offers a shorter charging time so you can be on the road again without waiting around)
  • It has a chain drive system
    (This provides a low-maintenance cost and ensures the ATV can operate in cold and wet conditions with no issues)
  • It has an engine kill switch
    (In an emergency, the engine can quickly switch off should any rider be in danger)

  • Excellent value for your money
  • You can instantly turn off the engine in an emergency, if necessary
  • The strong and durable wheels respond well to the handles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly suitable for adults without looking too intimidating

  • The tires can quickly become worn when used excessively
  • The engine can be loud when in operation

This Bull150 ATV is an exceptional vehicle to use around your property. With an array of safety features, it’s great for those who aren’t quite ready for a speedy experience, although wish to step up in the ATV world.

7. Tao Tao T Force Model 110cc ATV

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This F Force ATV model is one of the best battery tender vehicles from our selections. With a push button to start and stop this ATV, operating it has never been easier. Therefore, it’s an ideal purchase for beginners, as well as people not technologically-minded. This also aids the ultimate convenience as you don’t need a key to operate. Without the need for a critical system, this saves weight, thus helping to increase the maximum speed of this ATV.

With integrated dual brakes, you are entirely in control of operating this vehicle. This feature improves braking performance by conducting them via the handle and foot pads.

Features and Benefits

  • It features a 110cc engine
    (Highly suitable for teenagers to operate without worrying parents)
  • Start and stop button
    (Operating this ATV is easy, and the keyless system reduces any weight added to the ATV’s frame)
  • It has independent shock absorbers
    (The shock absorbers help to take the impact from terrain and uneven surfaces. These absorbers make a more enjoyable and comfortable ride, as well as minimizing the damage to the ATV)
  • It has dual brakes
    (This reduces the need for replacement brakes as often, as well as limited heat built-up to keep the ATV in excellent condition)

  • It’s fully automatic which results in a comfortable user experience
  • A smooth runner which comfortably responds to terrain
  • Takes a short time to assemble the ATV when you first purchase it
  • Features an air cooler to prevent the ATV from overheating
  • Comes with excellent suspension for a safer and smoother ride

  • The batteries often need changing with regular use
  • The seat doesn’t adjust

This new ATV T Force offers a superb drive for every user. Children can use it (when supervised by adults), and young adults will also love this for fun experiences. It runs smoothly and reliably every time which also means it’s great to purchase as a gift for an adrenaline-junkie.

6. Tao Tao New ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

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With an engine built from Yamaha, you know that you can trust this ATV to operate smoothly and efficiently. This ATV also comes in an array of colors which makes an excellent gift. Presenting itself with an air-cooling system, this ensures that the ATV won’t overheat, thus providing it will operate for years to come. Compared to some other Tao Tao models, you can use this for long periods without risking any damage to the sprocket.

Also, with hydraulic disc brakes, this Tao Tao model is more responsive when you press your foot on the brakes. As a result, it operates smoother and ensures a safer ride every time.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes in an array of colors
    (This provides versatile options so you can customize the ATV to your liking)
  • It has suspensions on the front and rear
    (With multiple suspensions, this ensures the ATV can withstand terrain and can hold its speed with traveling uphill and downhill)
  • It weighs 350 pounds
    (This is slightly heavier than a beginner’s ATV which ensures it sticks to the ground at high speeds to discourage it toppling over
  • The speed throttle is easy to use
    (With this feature, you can easily adjust the speed to suit your environment and thrill-factor)

  • It has a comfortable seat to use for long periods
  • It has a neutral and reverse gear indicator
  • The tail lights and brake lights are visible in low-lighting
  • It comes with a cooling system to prevent any overheating
  • It has a low seat which makes getting on and off easy

  • The suspension is fairly stiff when you use it for the first few times
  • Fairly difficult to obtain parts for this ATV if necessary
  • It can take a long time to warm up before ready for use

ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels is a safe and exciting ATV for children and young adults. With this particular model, you are in full control over speed and handling.

5. Full Size ATV 125cc Semi Auto

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Increase your budget and ride in style with this full size, large cc ATV. Unlike the previous models we’ve reviewed, this particular ATV comes with a speed limiter to encourage you to cruise at speed suitable to you. This is also beneficial as a safety feature as you can keep your eye on the view ahead of you, rather than looking down at your speed.

Many users are impressed by its incredible power, and it can quickly shoot up hills, without crawling. Also, this is larger than the above models which makes it great for adults or those who are a little more daring. Travel up to 40mph for hours of fun.

Features and Benefits

  • It has hydraulic disc brakes for incredible stopping power
    (This keeps you feeling in control)
  • It features a speed limiter
    (You can travel as slow as 10mph or increase the speed to 40mph to accommodate your surroundings and personal pace)
  • It has a throttle regulator
    (This adjusts to atmospheric pressure to perform exceptionally well in an array of conditions – even including snow and rain)
  • It can travel up to 40mph
    (With a high speed, you can have hours of fun and move fast in adventurous environments)

  • It delivers excellent speed and power for all drivers
  • It’s competent at traveling on an array of surfaces
  • It features a reverse gear for additional control
  • It has an electric start for easy and quick use

  • Sometimes tricky to operate when it’s cold
  • Not suitable for young children due to the height restrictions
  • The tires could be more rugged to suit the terrain

This ATV 125cc Semi Auto makes an incredible gift for someone who loves traveling and being outdoors. Suitable to operate in an array of conditions, you’ll get your use out of this during summer and winter.

4. Tao Tao – New 4 Wheeler Fully Automatic Engine

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If you’re searching for a lightweight ATV, then this Tao Tao model might be everything you e. Dedicated to picking up speed fast without you having to put in much effort, this offers a smooth and fun drive. Thanks to its power and determination, this also makes the best ATV for snow removal out of our selections so far.

With a low weight, this is extremely practical to move around, and you don’t need more than one person to do so. For example, if the engine breaks down or you find yourself in a tricky situation, it’s good to know that you can easily maneuver this ATV.

Features and Benefits

  • It features a 4.2-liter fuel capacity
    (Compared to competitor models, this is a substantial volume for a model of its size)
  • It has an electric start transmission
    (This ensures it’s safe and easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about misplacing keys)
  • It has independent suspensions
    (The suspensions work exceptionally well in all terrains)
  • It has two safety features
    (These include the speed limiter and kill switch to provide the driver with the utmost control)

  • Excellent safety features for young drivers
  • Enough traction on each wheel no matter the terrain
  • You can lower the speed right down to 5mph
  • It has a built-in electric start system
  • It has a large fuel capacity

  • The battery doesn’t last for long periods
  • It can take some time adjusting to the handlebars

Parents get peace of mind when their child rides this ATV. Thanks to its safety features and compact size, even children as young as four years old can drive this.

3. ATV 110b1 Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

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Thanks to this four-wheeler, youngsters get the opportunity to feel some adventure, while parents feel confident knowing their child is in safe hands. Equipped with off-road tires and dual front adjustable shock absorbers, this Tao Tao ATV can handle almost any type of terrain. Thanks to its mechanical structure, it can travel as slow as 5mph, which is great to allow users to become comfortable at first.

Features and Benefits

  • It has children’s safety in mind
    (This ATV comes with a built-in remote kill switch)
  • It is easy to operate
    (As it’s fully automatic, it doesn’t take a long time to get used to it
  • It works in a variety of environments
    (Thanks to its sturdy design and large wheels, this ATV can handle a variety of terrains)
  • You can convert this into an ATV seed spreader
    (With additional space at the back of this ATV, you can easily switch to help around a farm)

  • It is easy to assemble and comes with all the appropriate tools and manual
  • The perfect height for young children who are nervous
  • Offers excellent speed control so you can gradually increase your speed
  • It is an excellent price for a high-quality ATV
  • It comes with a one-year guarantee to assist with any mechanical failures

  • There’s no reverse gear
  • It only runs to a maximum of 26mph
  • If not used regularly, this ATV can seize up and become difficult to run again

Tao Tao 110cc Sports ATV allows children to have hours of fun while making parents feel at ease with the wireless remote control. You can turn the engine off from 300 feet away.

2. Tao Tao Brand Utility 110cc Engine ATV

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This Tao Tao ATV Brand Utility an ideal vehicle for children and young adults to enjoy in their spare time. The front and back feature utility racks, so you can carry possessions. You can also use this four-wheeler as an ATV fertilizer spreader, thanks to the racks. By enabling safety features – such as a speed limiter, this helps parents to feel relaxed knowing that their child isn’t in danger.

Features and Benefits

  • It has an engine kill switch
    (This means that anyone with access can turn off the engine in the event of an emergency)
  • It has the dual brake system
    (This increases the stoppage performance, and ensures that the ATV quickly responds to you pressing the breaks)
  • It runs on a 12-volt battery
    (This is an excellent feature as you can charge the ATV and hop on for a ride. You’ll also save money in oil prices)

  • It is easy to set up, and in less than 30 minutes, you can be using it
  • It runs off of a battery and features a displacement motor
  • You can control the speed for safety purposes
  • Easy to maintain
  • A comfortable height for young children

  • Doesn’t travel fast, once drivers are comfortable operating it
  • You need a spare battery in at all times in case the battery seizes working
  • Struggles to start in cold weather

This Tao Tao ATV is ideal for young children to feel independent while enabling parents to keep an eye on them from afar. With an excellent battery feature, this ensures that it’s all ready for use. Perfect for a gift to keep children occupied.

1. Brand New Tao Tao – Rhino250 Adult Size ATV

➥ Check Price

Tao Tao doesn’t design ATVs just for children, which is why we’re excited to share this adult model with you. Featuring a manual clutch and reverse, the driver is always in control and can travel at speed suitable to them. Boasting a powerful 200cc engine and four-speed manual transmission, this can move fast and comfortable – even on rough surfaces. As a result, it’s not suitable for children below 16 years as it’s more boisterous and powerful than the above options. The front bumper is a beautiful protective feature to take the impact in the event of an accident. There’s also a kill switch on the handlebar to cut off the engine quickly if you need to.

Features and Benefits

  • It has a foot guard
    (This protects the rider’s legs from touching the tires)
  • It features a luggage rack on the front and rear
    (This is an excellent feature for storing accessories as you’re traveling to your destination)
  • The lights offer a unique and appealing design
    (There’s a considerable amount of attention gone into the detail and design of this ATV, so it’s pleasant to look at)
  • It has an automatic transmission
    (This makes operating it much more comfortable than a manual transmission)

  • There is an array of safety features
  • It features a reverse gear
  • It arrives nearly fully assembled
  • It features a front and rear kart for practical storage
  • There’s a great deal of legroom to make it a comfortable ride

  • Can be hard to adjust from an entry-level ATV to this powerful model
  • It is higher off the ground than other ATVs which can make it difficult to get onto if you’re below 5 feet
  • With many safety features and components, you’ll need to inspect the vehicle before riding it regularly

This Tao Tao ATV is great for 16-year-olds and older. With a powerful engine and more significant throttle, you can travel at faster speeds than entry-level ATVs. Plus, it can handle more terrain and rougher surfaces.

Which Tao Tao ATV Reviews Caught Your Eye?

Tao Tao ATVs is a brand you can trust. With an extensive range of four-wheeler vehicles, you can find the perfect match for children and young adults. Before finalizing your decision, consider what you’ll use the ATV for and its primary purpose. We also highly recommend bearing in mind the driver’s preferences and characteristics. Are they an adrenaline-junkie? Or, would they prefer a slower ATV for cruising? Once you consider the purpose and driver, we’re confident there’s something for everyone from the options above.

Which Tao Tao ATV caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments, and also share your experience of this brand.


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