Tao Tao ATV Reviews 2018 | 10 Best TaoTao ATV for Riders

I am an ATV lover. But it was hard for me to have one for myself because it used to come with a big price tag. Honda was the best brand at that time but as I say expensive. Later on, comes the Tao Tao with its economical price ATV with all the premium features. I have tried it myself and also bought it for the children. We have a great time with it. So, people who are like me, I am writing this Tao Tao ATV reviews for them. Hope this will be a significant share in their life, and help them to buy one. Let’s go.

How we write this Tao Tao ATV Review

Writing any review mainly stands on three undeclared rules. By following this rules, we used to write the reviews.

Always try out the product or service before writing

Before writing this Tao Tao ATV review, we have used a big team to research and collect real-time information about the products. They have used all the automobiles themselves for an extended period to know the real impact.

Research and take essential notes

We used to take essential notes about the product in regular impact. Besides, all the pros or cons used to be discussed before pointing out. We also researched many websites and collected information.

Talk with the regular users and experts about the product or service

We have talked to experts and daily user of the ATV’s before writing about them. The crucial points, they provide us will also be an important part of this review.

Tao Tao ATV Reviews

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Things to consider before buying one

It is a tough decision to take that you are going to buy one off-road vehicle. Still, if you choose to buy one, but have a bad one in hand. It can be a total waste of money and worst experience for anyone. So, you should know the right way to choose one.

First: always make sure the brand you are going after have excellent customer service. The reason, it can be needed at any time even with the best.

Second: do enough online research and go for a specific one. Otherwise, it will become hard to choose if you know decidedly less about them.

Third: Figure out which specification and features are top in your list and go after that. Fourth and the last, read the customer reviews of the product from online store carefully. It will let you know about the real user’s pros and cons that they are facing with their one.

Tao Tao ATV Reviews 2018


10. ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

As it is fully automatic, it can be a perfect choice for new young riders. They will find it comfortable and safe from the first day of their journey. It has dual brakes hydraulic disc. It has claimed the high speed of 40mph and use regular gases as fuel. My experience with this kid-oriented ATV is pretty impressive.

Features and Benefits

  • It has a front brake and a rear drum brake
    (Its front hand brake and rare foot brake will provide you full control over-ride, and both can be used to stop)
  • It has a built-in remote kill switch
    (This feature will help you to kill or prevent the automobile remotely by cutting off the engine ignition)
  • It has rear mono adjustable shock
    (It will add stability and flexibility in your riding)
  • It has front dual adjustable shocks
    (It will help you to withstand the obstacle of the road)

  • Perfect gas starter ATV for new young riders
  • Full control over your speed
  • It has a dual usable braking system
  • Its single tube steel construction can take the heavyweight, up to 250 lbs
  • The speed can be taken down up to 5mph for beginners

  • Lots of vibration in its top speed
  • The seat is also not well secured in place
  • Handlebar also have some issue

ATV 110b Fully Automatic ATV can be an excellent gift for your kids on their birthday. It will help them to have some fun with full security comfort.

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9. Tao Tao ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

This long-lasting Tao Tao ATV is made of durable material with big tough tires. This tire will provide you with a better grip to the ground. It has dual brake system with reverse capacity. I am pretty happy with its design and features. It is also secure to control and reliable to use.

Features and Benefits

  • It has the reverse capacity
    (You can go front and back with this automobile, just like cars)
  • It has big rugged wheels
    (It will provide you better friction on the road and make you more comfortable on the ATV)
  • It has air cooled, four stroke and single cylinder engine
    (This feature will give you good ride even in extreme weather)
  • It has two brake system, front hand brake, and rear drum brake
    (This two brake system helps you to stop in the ease with choosing any of it)

  • It has the reverse capacity
  • It is made up of long-lasting materials
  • Easy to control and move
  • It has the dual brake system
  • It comes with a six-month warranty

  • Speed is not up to the mark, max 25/30 mph
  • Little hard to start in cold weather

ATV TForce 110cc is a long-lasting automobile with comfortable and reliable riding ability. I can tell you with confidence that your kids will love it.

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8. Toa Toa Bull150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers

Bull150 is an all-terrain suitable ATV. It will give you comfortable and relax ride. Speed can be adjusted for better control and learning. It can take up to 198 lbs of weight. The air-cooled four strokes single cylinder engine is also smooth to start even in cold weather.

Features and Benefits

  • It is an automatic vehicle
    (With this feature you will get relief from dealing with the clutch)
  • It has CVT transmission
    (It allows the automobile to increase the power with smooth and rapid acceleration)
  • It has four stroke gear with reverse capacity
    (These two features together make it a complete vehicle)
  • It has a front hand brake and rear drum foot brake
    (Its front hand hydraulic brake and rare foot hydraulic brake will provide you better-stopping power than any other brakes)

  • It has two brakes, front hand brake and drums rear foot brake
  • It has the reverse capacity
  • It has sturdy wheels to give you right balance
  • It is suitable for all kind of terrain
  • It can govern the speed up to 5mph which is pretty impressive for beginners

  • Maximum speed is only 35/40mph
  • Its engine noise can bother you a little

You will find the chief enjoyment of this Bull150 ATV when you try it out on the road. It will be great fun and exciting experience for you.

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7. Tao Tao T Force Model 110cc ATV

Gas powered T Force 110cc is a new fully automatic automobile in the market. It has dual brakes with reverse capacity. The design is up to mark which makes it all terrain suitable. Maximum weight limit is 160/170 lbs. It has added unique remote, and push-button start feature to it.

Features and Benefits

  • It is all terrain suitable
    (You can hit all kind of roads with this new automobile)
  • It has independent suspension
    (It will allow each wheel to move vertically independently)
  • It has front hydraulic brake and rear drum hydraulic brake
    (Both these brakes together helps you to get more control and reduce accident tendency)
  • It has added remote and push-button start
    (This is a newly introduced feature in Tao Tao which makes the ATV starting method easier)

  • You can start this ATV remotely and also by just pushing button
  • It is fully automatic
  • It can be there for you in all terrain
  • It has dual brakes with reverse capacity
  • It has added independent suspension

  • Speed limitation, only 25/30 mph
  • Height limitation, more than 5.10” will have a hard time to adjust

These new ATV T Force can be a great partner for your kids. You can control both the start and stop of this vehicle remotely with its newly added feature. It is also safer than before.

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6. Tao Tao New ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

New TForce 110cc big rugged wheel is an automatic ATV with reverse capacity. Its dual brake system makes it safer than before. The wheel drive ATV has very high client satisfaction rate. With 300 pounds weight limit, it can be a ride even for bad roads too.

Features and Benefits

  • It has big rugged wheels
    (Rugged wheels help the rider to get better balance and comfort)
  • It has an air-cooled system
    (Engine can’t get too hot for this cooling gadget)
  • It has independent suspension
    (It will absorb shocks and reduce tilt and unwanted movement)
  • It has a speed governor
    (With this governor, you can govern your speed down up to 5mph)

  • It has better balance and control
  • It has a key fob with two buttons, runs & stops
  • It has the dual brake system
  • Its engine has an air-cooled system
  • It has a six-month warranty

  • The speed limit can make you sad, max only 25/30mph
  • Little hard to start in cold weather
  • It also has a height limitation

ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels can be a safe choice for your kids. It will indeed bring happiness to their life.

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5. Full Size Atv 125cc Semi Auto

Atv 125cc Semi Auto is truly a different and advanced Atv in the market. It has dual brakes and transmission. It can provide you with safety and better control performance on the road. Its suspension will help you to deal with unpleasant movement such as steeping in rocks or falling in road hole.

Features and Benefits

  • It is a semi-auto automobile
    (It means that it has both manual transmission and automatic transmission)
  • It has a speed limiter
    (This feature will prevent the vehicle to go out of the recommended speed)
  • It has added electrical start
    (It means that it can be started only by pushing a button)
  • It has two brakes, front brake & rear drum brake
    (It will provide you better control and reduce accident percentage)

  • It has a speed limiter
  • It has an electrical start method
  • It consists of dual brakes
  • It has independent suspension
  • It also has the reverse capacity

  • Sometimes need a battery replacement for better performance
  • Some client has an objection about engine smoke
  • Engine noise is not friendly

ATV 125cc Semi Auto can be a special gift for your adult kid. Without any hesitation, you can leave it to their hand and feel safe.

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4. Tao Tao – New 4 Wheeler Fully Automatic Engine

Tao Tao new 125cc is fully automatic with reverse capacity. It is certified from the trustee board. Its dual brake and speed governor makes it more safe and secure. During my practical Tao Tao ATV review period, I have some great time with it.

Features and Benefits

  • It has engine kill switch
    (It is a safety feature that you can use in emergency stop)
  • Throttle can be limited
    (A screw on the handlebar can limit the travel)
  • It has a speed governor
    (Its speed can be governed down up to 5mph)
  • It is fully remote control
    (You can use it to initial and stop the vehicle remotely)

  • Full one-year engine warranty
  • It is CARB approved
  • Speed can be governed down up to 5mph
  • It has the reverse capacity
  • It also has the dual brake system

  • Not enough leg room for tall riders
  • You may need to change the fuel and clean the carb after a short time

Tao Tao – New 4 Wheeler can be an economical choice for your kids. It can bring happiness to their daily life.

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3. ATV 110b1 Fully Automatic ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

Tao Tao 110cc Sports ATV is a gas powered and fully automatic. It runs in regular gas and suitable for all terrain. It has a weight limit of 80 lbs with a back rack to give you load taking advantages. The ATV assemble is not so hard, and kids will have a great time with it.

Features and Benefits

  • It has back rack included
    (It will help you to carry loads within the automobile)
  • It has a built-in remote kill switch
    (You can quickly kill the engine and stop the ATV remotely by the help of this feature)
  • It is fully automatic
    (It will help you to get relief from the clutch tension)
  • It is an all-terrain vehicle
    (Its tough tires make it an all road vehicle even though it does not have independent suspension)

  • It has speed governor built-in
  • It is suitable for all terrain
  • Fully automatic with metal Back Rack included
  • It has an electric start and kills switch too
  • It also has one-year engine parts replacement warranty

  • It has no reverse capacity
  • It does come with the spotlight
  • Not CARB approved and not available in California (not disadvantages for all)

Tao Tao 110cc Sports ATV is a kid-oriented safe automobile. You can plan a surprise gift for your kids on their birthday or Christmas and make them happy.

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2. Tao Tao Brand Utility 110cc engine ATV

Tao Tao new ATV Brand Utility is a vehicle that ran with a 12-volt battery. It needs only a charge to be with you, no gas or oil is necessary. It has a weight limitation of 200 lbs and age restriction for below three years old kid. I can assure you that the ATV is entirely comfortable and safe for you.

Features and Benefits

  • It is an all-terrain automobile
    (It can be your kid’s leg even in tough roads for its good designed tires)
  • It has the dual brake system
    (Its front hand brake and rare foot brake will reduce the accident tendency and also provide better stoppage performance)
  • It runs by 12-volt battery
    (So there will be no place for you to concern about the regular gas input, only make sure you charged it well when you go outside)

  • It has a dual brake system, front hand brake & rare foot brake
  • It is suitable for all type of terrain
  • Reverse capacity is available
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Easy to assemble for use

  • Have some noise and vibration issue
  • It is not street legal ATV, only can be a ride in off-road
  • Not available in California (a drawback for Californian)

Brand Utility 110cc engine vehicles are for those who want an ATV gift for their kids in reasonable price. It can be a daily partner for kids with full safety and security.

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1. Brand New Tao Tao – Rhino250 Adult Size ATV

Brand new Rhina250 is an adult size durable Tao Tao ATV. It has more control and security than ever before. Its four gears engine and big tires make it smooth and flawless. You can reserve 4.2 liters of fuel in one shot. The max speed is 40 mph with 198 pounds weight limitation.

Features and Benefits

  • It has front brake & rear drum brake
    (Its dual brake together makes it easier to control over halt and acceleration)
  • It has a speed limiter
    (This will provide you more control over the speed of the automobile)
  • It has the reverse capacity
    (It will help you to make the backward movement more easily and frequently)
  • Independent suspension is also available
    (It will help you to get better control in rough terrain)

  • It is durable in regular maintenance
  • It has the reverse capacity
  • Shock absorber absorbs all the shocks
  • Suitable for all types of terrain
  • You can attach snow plow with it

  • Seats are not well designed and have different issues
  • It is not remote control
  • It is also not automatic

Tao Tao – Rhino250 Adult Size Atv can be an excellent vehicle for adults. It also can be a significant gift for them too.

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Tao Tao ATVs are available for both kids and adults. Most of them are CARB certified and have fantastic client satisfaction rate. They are an all-terrain vehicle with a powerful engine which can take heavy loads. It can be an excellent choice for your kids and yourself too. We have tried to give our best to simplify your hard work at choosing one. Hope this Tao Tao ATV review will also help you to buy one. If you like this Tao Tao ATV review, don’t forget to comment and share them with your friends.

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