Parents Guide with Starting Kids on ATVs | The Complete Guide

When it comes to determining children’s abilities, parents are the best to know this. They’ve been with their kids and knew what each of them could do. Eighty percent of kids out there will try to do the same thing they saw their parents doing.

If you are one of the parents that love ATV and ride either for fun, sport or other activities, sooner or later will your kids be interested in having their off-road adventure. It won’t be appropriate to allow your kids to mount on the ATV without your supervision. They are probably going to be at risk of getting injured since they have little or no knowledge of how to control the vehicle.

There is nothing wrong about getting your kids on the ATV, but it looks entirely wrong if you do that without giving them the proper training and teaching on how to drive ATV safely. Some states don’t support kids on ATV, and that’s because they believe most kids don’t have the skills to deal with the challenges of riding ATVs adequately.

Role as a parent

Your position goes beyond being a parent when it comes to teaching your kids how to get along with their ATVs. What then are your roles?


You can skip this responsibility by enrolling your kids at a learning center where they get to meet a teacher who will teach them the fundamental basic of riding ATVs. There they will learn the theory and practical ways to ride and all that is needed to know about ATVs.

Also, your kids will get to learn how to control, handle and the maintenance mechanism they are likely to have in place.

Safety advisor

The very first thing you must consider as a parent when it comes to allowing your kids to ride ATVs is their safety. It all depends on how trained and informed they are on the proper handling of the ATV and the use of some personal protective equipment.


Your kids need proper supervision while riding their ATVs and that can only be done when you are available. It is advisable that you allow your kids to practice and ride in your presence. You can be a source of motivation to your kids by riding along with them.

Starting Kids on ATVs

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Get them familiar with each part of the ATV

You are likely to find some of the best ATVs for your kids in the market such as the Yamaha, Honda or Tao Tao ATV and many more. It is imperative that you inform your kids about the different parts of the ATV and get them familiar with it.

Age and Engine size

One of the things you need to know about bringing your kids on the ATV is their age and the engine size. It is why you should never bring your kids on your ATV because of safety and comfort. You are to get the appropriate ATV with the engine size falls to the age group of your kids.

Age range and appropriate engine size:

  • Six years to 11 years should be on an ATV with engine size under 70cc
  • Twelve years to 15 years should be on an ATV with engine size under 90cc
  • Sixteen years and older should be on an ATV with the engine size of 90cc

The age range and engine size aren’t based on federal law but a measure to see to it that your kids have all it takes to handle whichever ATV they sit on.


Since enrolling your kids in a school or center where they can learn how to ride ATV comes on a high price, finding the right time to teach them is such a great and ideal call.

The ideal place to take out the training session is in an open field. After showing your kids the parts of the ATVs as the engine, brake, handles, and many more, you can now head straight to the training.


  • Begin the practice by starting with the initiation of the ATV. You want to be sure your kids can start the vehicle without your presence.
  • Practice the vehicle control, turning and braking
  • Teach your kids on how to deal with the handles
  • Teach on how to press the accelerator and apply the brake
  • Teach them how to bring the vehicle to a stop
  • Teach them during different weather condition such as when the terrain is wet and dry so that they can know how to move in both conditions
  • Teach them how to accelerate and monitor the speed of the ATV
  • Teach them the safe zone and how to maintain a specific speed

The training should go on and on until your kids are mastery of the basic training of how to handle ATVs. If your kids love to move the ATV out of your home to the main road, you need to teach them that as well by taking the raining further. Choose a day and a route that isn’t too busy to show them how to get on the road.

Safety measure

This is where I’m going to end the guide for today. The comfort and safety of your kids are so much important than getting them on the wheel. You have to ensure that they are safe whenever they mount on the ATV and that alone will keep your mind at rest even when they take the ATV out in your absence.

There are significant safety measures that you must put in place to ensure their safety while on the ATV such as:

  • The use of the helmet as that will help to reduce any impact on the ground whenever your kids fall off and that will reduce the risk of having a head injury
  • The use of hand gloves to ensure that their hand remains in excellent condition because you aren’t sure the ATV suspension is in excellent condition which means the vibration can occur quickly because of more harm while handling the handles
  • The use of goggles to protect the eyes and also the use of elbow and knee pad to protect those areas on the off chance that your kids fall off the vehicle.
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Ellen Hughes - July 26, 2018

It was nice that you suggested allowing your kids to ride an ATV while you’re there for them to make sure that that they will get a proper supervision and motivation that they need. My son said that he’s interested to learn to ride an ATV. It’s important for me to ensure that he won’t get injured while practicing because I don’t want him to have a bad experience in using an ATV. My goal is to remember all your tips once we rent an ATV that he can use while practicing.


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