How To Prepare For Winter ATV Riding?

Prepare For Winter ATV Riding

Winter season doesn’t go on too well with ATV riders as it creates lots of challenges among them. Does that mean winter will stop most ATV riders from using their vehicle? Well, some choose the option to keep their ATV in their garage during this season because of the damages it can cause to their ATVs.

The most intriguing part is that some riders love to get there ATVs on the road during winter not because they don’t have the interest of their vehicle at heart but because they have become mastery of how to handle the winter period through lots of practices and preparation.

All that said, some fundamental challenges can affect the vehicle from moving during winter, and it tends to start as a result of the drop in thermometer reading.

Without much ado, let’s check out some of the challenges you are likely to face when riding your ATV during the winter season.

How To Prepare For Winter ATV Riding


The very first issue we want to discuss is the fuel, and it contributes to the challenges because once moisture is in the fuel tank, the ATV won’t start.  The issue begins with the gas station, and it occurs as a result of some fuel tanks that have water in them.

Unknown to you, you get the fuel and set you ATV to action. However, whenever the temperature drops, condensation process will take place in the tank, and that will reduce the circulation of the fuel to the engine which means the ATV won’t be able to move smoothly.

To avoid such situation and experience smooth ride during winter is to check your fuel or make use of fuel stabilizer continually. You can do this by refilling your tank with fuel with the addition of fuel stabilizer.  Test runs your ATV for some minutes to ensure that the stabilizer circulates all through the fuel lines. It is advisable that you fill your ATV tank to about 85 percent to avoid condensation whenever you plan to store your ATV.


It is impossible to move your ATV once the cells are out of charges. During winter, the battery dies easily, and one of the best ways to avoid such occurrences is to remove the battery and charge indoor, and on the off chance that you don’t like to remove your battery, you can install a trickle charger on battery outlet.

Once the trickle charger is mounted permanently on the battery outlet, you can always ride your ATV in the winter because it will remain charged with lo cause to lose its charges. Apart from that, it helps to ensure that the connection of the battery is intact and in the right condition.


The essential material that keeps your ATV engine running is the engine oil. It ensures that the engine runs smoothly without any issue. It is advisable for every ATV rider to refill their oil section with fresh oil to ensure the vehicle works seamlessly at the start of the winter months.

It is essential that you go through the manufacturer instruction to know the type of oil you should use in cold climates as that will help you in choosing the right one for your vehicle.

What are the things to do with your ATV during winter?

Warm the ATV slowly

One of the acts to ensure your ATV remains in excellent condition during winter is to get familiar with the operation of the ATV and understand the language of your vehicle. The best way to understand what you ATV is saying is to give attention to the sound and the board light.

Also, it is advisable that you test run your ATV and ensure it is in excellent condition before getting it on the road. See to it that you check the battery outlet and ensure it is tight and in excellent condition, check the fuel gauge, the tire, and some other parts that could affect the transmission of the ATV.

Change the Filter

Just after the summer, the filter of your ATV will be filled with dust, and that can as well affect the operation of your vehicle. So it is imperative that you change the filter as winter approaches as your ATV will forever appreciate you for such action. If you can’t find the location of the filter, you can go through the manual that comes along with your vehicle to get the location.

The uses of ATV snow plow

One of the things you battle with during winter is the snows that occupy your house and terrains. The use of shovel has been for years, but it requires more energy and its time-consuming. The use of snow plow invention has been the savior for some year, and all it needs is to attach to your ATV and move around as the plow clears the terrains and make it easier for you to drive your ATV. With the presence of the snow plow in front of your ATV, you can always have a smooth transmission whenever you have your ATV on the road.

In conclusion, all that is listed in this article is the best way for every ATV riders to enjoy an undisrupted transmission during winter. You don’t have to park your ATV in your garage during winter; you can conveniently and efficiently make use of it if you can follow all that is said in this article.

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