How to Clean Your ATV, Make it Look Like New Again!

How to Clean Your ATV

Getting on your ATV is fun and excitement. You took your vehicle to wherever places you want to get to, and since you don’t determine the surface of the terrain or the condition of the driveway, little can be done on how to reduce the dust and stain that get clogged on your ATV.

However, there are important things within your reach to do on your ATV. After getting home from mudding or after several uses of the vehicle and you take to notice that it is dirty, it is imperative that you take it out to wash and ensure it is clean before your store in your garage.

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Let’s take you through how you can quickly clean your ATVs after mudding.


You just got back from your trip with your ATV, and you can’t even describe the color of your ATV because it is covered all over with mud. The very first thing you have to do is to get it to the tap where you can presoak the ATV to get rid of the hardened stain and clay that surrounds your ATV.

Just in case you don’t know, presoak process is not to immerse the ATV inside the water. It involves spraying your machine with water that forcefully gets out of a running hose. When it seems as though the ATV has been soaked, you can do it over because some stubborn mud takes time to get off the vehicle and the second to the third round of presoak process will make other sections easier to do.

Clean Your ATV

Water Blast

Now that you have pre-soaked the ATV you will realize that some of the hard mud must have been softened due to the continuous blast of water. Now, the next step is to start the first forceful blast. Mind you, and the presoak is to make the blasting easier.

You have, and the best way to achieve that is through the use of a pressure washer. The perfect one to choose is the gas-powered washer as it helps to make work more comfortable with the excellent and excellent result. Electric pressure is also an option to consider since it is better off the use of a hose and a nozzle.

One of the things that determine how effective the washing turns out is to spot the forceful setting and the best water pressure that suit you. Don’t be tired of blasting as it might take a longer time to time to get the mud off the ATV. But be assured the blasting will make the use of a sponge and brush more comfortable to use on your ATV without any debris or dirt escaping the dealing.

Soap and Sponge

Most of the time, the use of a quality pressure washer allow you to skip the step of using soap and sponge. However, some parts of the ATV can easily escape the effect of blasting, and the best way to deal with them is through the use of sponge and soap.

It is advisable that you make use of any of the best detergents or solution that is ideal for washing ATVs and get a soft sponge that won’t leave a scratch on your vehicle and use to clean. Scrub all the surfaces of your ATV gently and give more attention to the seat, frame, arms, wheels, and mostly the part of the vehicle that are of plastic.

Some part of the ATV will prove too hard to wash just like the tire and wheel; you can make use of a hard brush to get rid of the clogged dirt. Also, always start with the use of detergent on those areas as the chemical properties there will help to break down the residue and help the cleaning become easier.  During this process, you can as well blast the ATV with water to get the detergent and stain off the vehicle.


The next phase of the process is to dry the vehicle. There are different means to clean and dry the ATV, and your method might entirely be different from that of your friend so no worries. Some might choose to leave their vehicle in the sun and allow the sun does the justice and some love to clean without depending on the wonder from the sun.

The use of an air compressor is another method to clean your ATV as you can get some handy type in the market and use with ease. It will help you to blow off the water off of your vehicle, and it will be ready for use. Leaving water on the car is an open opportunity for rust so it is imperative that you clean and dry and if you can’t get the handy air compressor, a towel is a perfect option for you.

Spray or Shine

Most people don’t care for their ATV the way they do for themselves. After having your bath and cleaning the body with a towel, the next thing is to apply lotion or cream to moisturize the skin and the same can be done to your ATV.

It isn’t a good thing to skip, but most people do because they don’t entirely have the interest of their vehicle at heart. The process of shining your vehicle will make it look good just as if you just purchased it. The best thing to use is the plastic polish.

There are many polishes you will find in the market that you can use. All that you need to do is to get to the market and get one of the best for your vehicle. Don’t allow your vehicle color fade or wear just because you’ve not been polishing it.

The spray isn’t something that will stay permanently on your ATV, and it doesn’t stop you from using your vehicle that day. All it does is to improve the look of your vehicle. However, you must never spray on some areas such as the seat and your control section such as the accelerator and brake system.

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