How Does a Winch Work? – Everything You Need to Know

A winch is a mechanical device that is being used to pull out any device. It has been a savior to some people in most cases whereby there is needs to pull out the automobile from the mud or a hole. Some say it is a hauling or lifting device. The bottom line is that whichever name you call it, its function remains the same and it helps to save time and energy.

Without much ado, let’s go through the best and easiest way to use a winch. Many people keep asking how exactly does a winch work and if you are that kind of a person, you are just at the right place and about to find the answer to your question. - shop now!

But before then, it is imperative that you get familiar with the winch before you get to use it. So let’s check out some parts of the winch you need to know.


Check out some parts of the winch

The Cable

It looks quite impossible for you to pull a device without the cable and that is why the wires are very strong to withstand the force and pressure exerted.

The cable is usually made of steel wire or a synthetic wire. It is the tension on it that allows it to pull the device from where it is.

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The Motor

This is the engine of the winch just like every automobile has its engine and the winch can’t work without the motor.

The Drum

The drum comes with a cylindrical shape, and it is precisely the place where the wires are wrapped. During the process of pulling the device towards the anchor point (this will be discussed later), the cable will rewind to the drum.

Gear trains

The gear on the winch helps to pull heavier loads, and the goal is to make things so easier for users. The point is that not all winch comes with the great train, but the ones that come with it gives the user leverage when it comes to pulling heavier devices.


The power of the winch can either be AC or DC. The winch powered by AC need a wall outlet where they get the power to run and the only setback to this is that it is limited. But those with DC makes use of batteries and doesn’t have a limitation because they can be used anywhere.

Now it’s time to discuss how to use the winch

Choose an Anchor Point

The very first thing you need to do is to locate your anchor point. The anchor point is the object around where you will fasten the wire before using the winch. To make this work effectively, you must ensure that the anchor point is straight thereby connecting the place where the device you are about to pull is.

To make the winch work without hassles, you must ensure that the anchor point is attached to any stationary object such as a strong wood or tree. Just in the case that you can’t find a heavy object to use, you can make use of another car.

Choose a winch line

Another key point to consider is the winch line. You need to pick a route in which you intend to draw the line of the winch. It has to be a V-shaped line starting from the winch to the anchor point, and it has to end at the recovery point.

Attach the remote

The remote is to ensure that the cord doesn’t split, so you have to ensure it is connected to the designated port. The best thing is to ensure that it is stretched to the safest place inside the vehicle.

Unwind the cable

Through the use of the remote, you have to release some wire and then pull it closer to the anchor point you’ve chosen.

Note: you need to ensure that there isn’t any obstruction on the way.

Add to a strong pulling structure

The puling structure has to be strong so that it can be a metal chain, so you connect one end to your car and the other to the anchor point.

Hook the cable chain

Now that you have all set pull the device backward, and by then you must notify the tension on the line. Take note that the pulling must be in a straight line.

Start winching

With all set, you can start winching. Tow the cable back to the drum using the remote control, and this will get your device or vehicle from where it is.


Winch device can be used to pull, tow and clear depending on what you need it for. It is very resourceful, and it is advisable that most people with the car, truck, UTV, and ATV must have the tool.

You wouldn’t get a notice about your vehicle getting into mud or in the hole, but the best tool to save yourself from the situation is to have the winch.

The winch is a versatile device, and as useful it is, it might cause a lot of hazards if not used in the right way. To ensure the safety of the user, it is advisable that the user has his/her gloves on to protect the palm while dealing with the cable and the other part is that you must ensure that there is no obstruction on the way between the anchor point, where your car is and the safety zone.

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