Follow the 8 Safety Golden Rules to Ride your ATV Safely

Follow the 8 Safety Golden Rules to Ride your ATV Safely

When it comes to the point of riding an ATV bike safely, here’s what you should focus on? Commonly, you may think that it is easier to drive an ATV bike than a car. But to your surprise, it’s not. Though they both have four wheels, but it is more dangerous to ride an ATV bike than a car. It is even more dangerous to ride a quad if you are a newbie.

Now, coming to the main question that you may be thinking while coming across this article is “What about the fun part of ATV riding?” For a solution of this problem, you should thoroughly read this article.

Ordinarily, if you are an entrant in the world of ATV riding then it is recommended to Take some ATV Rider Course and ATV Safety Training. It is also recommended to follow the 8 Safety Golden Rules for making your Experience of ATV riding more cautious.

1. Always wear safety equipment.

When it comes to the fact of wearing the ATV safety equipment, you should not justify it. Now, wearing some safety gears like goggles, boots, gloves, and of course helmet while riding a Quad is as important as seat belts in a car.

Even if the temperature outside is 100-degree celsius, and you are feeling extremely hot and uncomfortable, It is strongly advised to wear safety equipment on an ATV. It may feel awkward as a beginner but you will admire the quality of protection that you get. Because of the truth that mishaps are not planned and they appear accidently, it is suggested to wear safety equipment.

2. Always ride on a permitted road.

At this point of the article, it would be very important to justify the fact that riding on a non-permitted road can be hazardous. Riding on the right trail which is permitted by the government of the state could be the best decision that you will make for your body parts.

If you are not riding on a permitted road, then it is highly expected that another vehicle would hit you when you are enjoying the ride of your ATV. You should always keep in mind that Quads are made for off roads and not for crowded markets. Therefore, you should choose the best trail for your better experience in ATV riding.

3. Do not try to drink and drive.

A very common term which you would see on boards while riding any vehicle is “Don’t Drink and Drive”. This is the fact that is applicable for all vehicles even for a tricycle. It is a universal truth that driving is a word which totally impairs with the terms ‘Drinking and Drugs’.

If you are trying to drink and drive an ATV then, please stop it before you break your bones. Riding an ATV under the influence of drugs and other alcoholic objects can put your life in jeopardy. So, if you love your life and want to live it more, then try to stop this process.

4. Not more than one rider.

You may ignore this term, but to your knowledge, this term is as important as other rules in the article. To the truth, it is correct to say that riding a quad with your friend which is equipped only for one rider could be a task that is done by goons. So, if you want to ride a quad with your friend or relatives then you should buy an ATV which is compatible for two peoples.

You may find enjoyment in the process of screaming and shouting on an ATV with your friend, but it is also a risky task to perform. Hence, you should never ride two-seaters on an ATV compatible only for one seater.

5. Choose an ATV that’s right for your age.

Generally, you may feel outrageous while choosing the right ATV compatible for your age. But, it very important to do that. As a general rule, a person older than 16 years should be riding an ATV having an engine of 90-100 cc.

Supporting this fact you should not buy an ATV of 200 ccs with an age of 8 years. You may lose the control and balance of the four wheeler and may found yourself lying on the road with broken bones. Therefore, It is a great risk to ride an ATV which is incompatible to your age.

6. Oversee riders which are younger than 16 years.

It is an excellent task to perform. Guiding your younger ones is a process that will not only help you to add new friends but also prevent you from a scene of lack in leadership. Taking inspection of the Quads which is going to be used by riders under the age of 16 years could help them a lot from preventing the risk of getting injured.

For this act of kindness, they shall ever be grateful. And it is also advised to younger ones to take help from their seniors. They should understand that taking help is not a shameful task.

7. Ride on an approved trail.

Again, it is already seen above that how it could affect your health if you are not riding on a permitted trail. This fact holds a great importance on the rules and regulation for riding an ATV bike safely. Now, it comes to the point that “How to choose the correct trail?”

Generally, choosing the correct path is not so difficult. You just have to browse on the internet and you will find many such trails which are permitted by the government and is totally safe to have fun. Therefore, the recommendation for this rule is higher than any other rules in the list.

8. Take a hands-on ATV rider course.

To ensure your safety as a beginner, in your carrier of ATV riding, you should first take some lessons on riding a Quad. This could really help you a lot and you could walk easily on the path of becoming a professional in this field.

You could find many sites or even trainers that are ready to help you on this problem. Leaving the risks of injuries you may find a better control and balance on your Quads. It may take few months to complete the course, but it is better to take lessons than spending time on the bed of hospital.

The Final Verdict

In context, it is a well-known statement that safety is the major priority in any sports. It is a great point to say that the rules listed above are totally obvious and are must follow regulations. Most of them are practical and could help you from preventing injuries. Also, these house-rules will make you feel more grace with a secure experience.