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Cheap go karts also referred to as go-cart is an open wheel car which comes in different shapes and forms from motor-less models to high powered racing cars. The go-kart enables any individual to get involved in go-karting or kart racing.

The history of karting: The go-kart was invented by Art Ingles in the U.S in 1956, and since then it has become a popular form of recreation all over Europe and the U.S. The vehicle is used for fun as some use it for a competitive race. Most people think go-karts are a toy, but they are vehicles that must be operated with care and some auto racers train with go-karts before getting involved in the primary race.

What are the Types of Go Karts?

Go kart vary widely so having the fundamental understanding of all the types of go kart is the first step toward being involved with karting.

Soapbox Cars or Gravity Racers

The go-kart is engine-less, but they work by depending on gravity to pull them down a hill in a sprint race. Under a normal condition, a soapbox car can travel at more than 70 miles per hour. The kart requires chassis, brakes, and body with quality tires to work very well.

Off-Road Go Karts

These karts are not designed to be used on roads but to off-road such as on the beach, in parks and terrains that are not busy with vehicles.

Micro Karts

This type of kart are engine powered but lack a body. It gives support to the driver above the chassis and tires.

Super Karts

This type of kart is just like racecars because it has the excellent speed to itself as some can go up to about 125 miles per hour or more.

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How to Choose The Best Go Karts? – Important Thing to Consider

Go kart won’t work without the interrelation of some part. So let’s take a study of the automated system of the cheap go kart to understand the different section and components and how each works.

The Chassis

The chassis of a go-kart is known as the skeleton on which the whole body of the kart rests. The frame determines the structure, appearance, and size of the kart. A go-kart can have open versus closed frame, straight versus offset chassis.

  • The open chassis doesn’t have a safety feature
  • The closed chassis has a cage to protect the driver
  • A straight chassis have the driver positioned in the middle (center) of the vehicle
  • An offset chassis is very common with long-distance racing
  • The parts of the chassis include Engine mount, Frame, and seat support.

The Body

The body of kart encloses all other parts of the vehicle, and this may include the hood, doors, and fenders.

The Engine

The powertrain of the vehicle is the combination of the engine and transmission. The engine is known as the source of the power that. The type of engine that can be used in a go-kart is the two or four-stroke gasoline engines, and the can efficiently offer 5 to about 50 horsepower.

Some of the go-kart runs on the electric motor which is powered by batteries that are rechargeable. An electrically powered go-kart can be used indoor because it lacks pollution emissions and it reduces the impact on the environment. Some vital part of the engine you must know is the piston, camshaft and cylinder head.

The Ignition

It is precisely what gets the vehicle engine to combust and start burning fuel. The parts of the ignition system you have to be familiar with are the distributor cap, the ignition coil, and spark plugs.

The Cooling System

This doesn’t mean air conditioning, but it’s a system that keeps the engine from overheating and conditions that can cause damages. The parts of the cooling system are the radiator, the fan, and thermostat.

The Transmission

It helps to transmit the engine’s power to the axles and controls the speed of the kart. It is done with the help of the gears, clutch, and gearshift.

The Steering

It allows the driver to control the kart to any direction just as with a car. The steering system includes the tie rods, steering column, and box.

The Tires

The tires support the weight of the kart and allow the vehicle to keep moving on any terrains. The tires are laced round the rim, and the parts involved with the tires include the hubcap, rim, and tire.

The Braking System

The brake system offers a platform to stop the kart by the application of friction to the wheels or tires. It must always be in good condition as it is crucial for the safety of the kart and the rider.

Recommended Cheap Go Karts you can get Online with Great Quality

5. Tao Tao EK80 Kids Electric Go-carts

The Tao Tao EK80 Kids Electric Go-carts design is enough to tell you it is a premium go-kart with flashy structure. The car is the best go kart because it can be used for different applications. It can be used for racing as it has all it takes to withstand whatever is thrown at it. It can also be used for fun by kids who love to race or drive a motorcycle.

Getting your kids on a standard motorcycle is a form of endangering them as some have not what it takes to handle the motorcycle and which can turn out to be hazardous. Does that mean kids are restricted? No, this is why you can always get them quality kart such as the Tao Tao EK80 Kids Electric Go-carts to get them familiar with the basis and rules of driving a motorcycle.

The Tao Tao EK80 Kids Electric Go-carts is perfect for teaching your kids how exactly to ride a motorcycle as it has almost the same feature a motorcycle has. The go-kart runs on the 800W power of 48 voltage battery, it comes with a great tensile steel frame, and the speed of the kart is adjustable. The kart has well-constructed tires to ensure you have a smooth ride. The brake system is good enough and reliable to stop the kart if need be to do so.

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4. Coleman Powersports CK100-S Go Kart

Do you need a tough heavy duty kart that can withstand the nature and style of your race? The Coleman Powersports CK100-S Go Kart is sure an option to consider as the kart is well designed to handle even the toughest situation. The go-kart is built with heavy duty 16 and 13 gauge tubular construction, with adequate clutch and chain drive. It can withstand years of fun on different trails for all ages.

The kart is very secured and safe to use. It is well equipped with parts to ensure that you are comfortable in the kart with the use of the fitted seat that can accommodate individuals with different shape and sizes.

The kart is perfect for those who love to get involved in racing. You don’t just get the fun from riding the go-kart but it gives you a greater level of confidence to do things you can’t do with another vehicle. The kart is aimed at adults but can also be used by kids who enjoy riding as it is perfect and safe to start learning how to drive or ride with it compared to bicycles and standard motorcycles because of it is more secure.

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3. Coleman Powersports KT-196C off Road Go Kart

Do you need an automatic go-kart for racing or fun? Try out Coleman Powersports KT-196C Go Kart. The go-kart comes with a sophisticated design which makes it so appealing to those who knows the value of the kart. It has four strokes OHV 1 cylinder and 196cc engines of 6.5 horsepower which shows it has great speed to itself.

It works automatically which means that you can easily start the kart with the easy pull button start operation. It has a rack, great steering, and hydraulic disc brakes to ensure you get the best out of the go-kart. The kart can handle any rigor of the day. It has great tires that give the kart amazing stability as it can easily accommodate two people with the wonderful seat that is designed to boost the comfort level and ensure riders are safe.

The go-kart is made of solid steel frame and can be used for different applications. It is aimed at adults who love karting as it will not only get you the fun and excitement you deserve but it will also boost your performance.

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2. Coleman Powersports KT196 Gas-Powered Off-Road Go Kart

The Coleman Powersports KT196 Gas-Powered Off-Road Go Kart is aimed at an adult that loves to get involved with racing or love riding for fun. The go-kart is a premium kart that is well designed with quality features to get you the best rising experience you will forever appreciate.

The go-kart can be used for karting and also by riders who love to get along with motorcycles but doesn’t know how to go about it. The kart can be used to learn the fundamental basis of riding motorcycle.

It is an off-road vehicle that can also be used in places like the beach. For example, you want to feel the natural air and have a moment of privacy; then you can get into your kart and head straight to the beach. Also, the kart is a perfect tool to teach your kid how to drive or ride karts as it comes with two seats that can accommodate you and your kid so that you can drive and at the same time teach your kid how to control and drive the kart.

The go-kart is powerful and reliable with the 6.5 horsepower with a top speed of 31 MPH, and it can accommodate 400 pounds weight, and it is fully automatic which means it is very easy to start and use.

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1. Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go-Kart

Are you interested in your kids getting involved in physical activities like riding go-kart and at the same time you are concerned about their safety? Then you can consider Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go-Kart. The kart is aimed at children for ages 5-9 years as the kart grows with your child.

With the Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go-Kart you can supervise your kid’s movement and training with the use of the Actev app. The App connects to the arrow via wifi connection and then allows you to remotely stop the kart, reduce the speed or create a safe driving zones for your kids.

The kart has adjustable speed limit up to about 12MPH and also an emergency button to stop the kart on the off chance that your kid is likely to get injured. It operates on two 250W electric motors with standard batteries that are included to support more added time of driving the kart. The kart is made of strong steel chassis, pneumatic rubber tires, and reliable braking system.

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10 Best Go-Karts For Kids

10. Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart - Green

The Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart is a wonderful vehicle that is well designed with quality materials. It is quite pleasing to the eye with its sporty design, and it has amazing lighting which gives smooth driving experience to the driver. It is aimed at young racers, and its quick lighting response and sharp handling make it very easy to handle for young racers.

The Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart – Race Green comes with 3 point steering which helps racers to enjoy quick and responsive steering, it has adjustable bucket seat which is compatible and fits multiple kids if different height, it has raced styled pedal with rubber wheels which makes it very easy to move and the 8 ball style kid brake which is responsible for putting the kart to a stop so as to avoid accident.

The kart operates just like a recumbent bike, but the difference is that it isn’t stationary because it has a backrest to ensure your kid is safe and enjoy a smooth ride. The use of the Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart is to encourage kids to get involved in physical activities, to build strength, endurance, coordination and help in the development of motor skills.

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9. BERG Toys Girls Buzzy Bloom Kids Pedal Go Kart

The BERG Toys Girls Buzzy Bloom Kids Pedal Go Kart is a perfect go-kart for you female kid because of the structure, design and the color of the kart. It is the perfect tool to get your child involved with activities to increase their level of focus and concentration, increase their level of confidence, increase their strength and help in their development process.

The go-kart can be used both indoor and outdoor for your child. However, this isn’t restricted to females but can also be used by males. It is just ideal for female kids because of the general belief that the color pink belongs to a female. The BERG Toys Girls Buzzy Bloom Kids Pedal Go Kart comes with great pedals and four solid EVA tires which guarantees durability, stability and ensure that you kid is safe while riding the kart.

The kart is well equipped with adjustable handlebars and fitted seat which accommodate your kid comfortably. The kart is recommended for kids ages 2 to 5 years, and it has a small basket where you kid can keep things safe.

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8. Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

The go-kart is an ultimate car that is designed with powdered coated steel frame. It has cast aluminum wheels with an upgraded rear axle to ensure increased smooth steering. It has variable speed, and with the transmission, you can easily move the kart and get the best out of it.

The kart has a hand operated rear brake which gives you child the maximum drift control. The kart has to itself the speed rate of about 12 MPH, it has tuber tires, and it operates on battery as a power source. The 24V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system can charge up to about 12 hours, and it has a battery charger included with the kart on arrival.

The kart isn’t fully assembled on arrival which means you will have to assemble the rest yourself. Your child will surely appreciate the kart as long as he/she loves physical activities. It is a platform to get your child become psychosocial, and it will help them in decision making. It helps in building their self-confidence and boost their strength level. On the off chance that you have more than one kid, you can get two karts and let them get competitive with it awarding the winner as this fosters the love in the family.

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7. Razor Crazy Cart Shift Black

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is a great car with amazing drifting capabilities. The kart is fun to use for your kids as it is ranked among the best go kart both online and in the market. It uses the steering wheel instead of the drift bar you will find in some karts. Therefore, it makes you experience real-life drifting in an automobile style.

The kart enables your kids to drift effectively once they understand the basis of the kart and the rules on how to ride it. It is such a perfect gift for your kid’s birthday as it will be much appreciated because most kids love to try out something new especially those that love racing as a sport.

The kart is recommended for kids for ages 8 and above.it is powered by hub motors instead of a chain drive which makes it run efficiently at the speed of 8 MPH which is enough to get you the best drifting experience. It has an onboard battery that powers the kart for up to 60 minutes when fully charged therefore allowing your kids ample time for fun. The kart is made of quality materials with great design and seat to give your kids maximum support and ensure their comfort and safety as it can accommodate any kids with the weight around 80 to 120 pounds.

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6. Berg Toys Licensed BMW Street Racer Pedal Go Kart

Do you need a quality kart for your kids to help them develop their skills in racing? Does your kids fancy racing as a sport and desire to get involved? The perfect way to set them on course to get them the Berg Toys Licensed BMW Street Racer Pedal Go Kart. The kart is sure a better place to start with learning how to ride a vehicle.

It is the basis or the fundamental process whereby most automobile riders choose as a learning platform towards becoming a good vehicle rider. The kart is well designed and fashioned with quality materials to ensure that your kid is safe and comfortable while using the kart. It’s most likely that your kid will spend much time on it which is why the manufacturer ensures it comes with a fitted chair with back rest to enhance the support given to your kids to enjoy the time used on the kart.

The kart comes with quality and sturdy rubber tires that don’t wear easily; it is stable to ensure your kids have smooth riding experience. The coaster break of the kart helps to reduce the speed or put the kart to stop to ensure your kid is safe during the use of the kart. The steering of the kart is easy to control, and the seat as well is adjustable so that you can set it to fit your kids sitting position and riding style.

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5. Razor Force Drifter Kart

The Razor Force Drifter Kart is a sophisticated car that comes with the design of a car with bike features. The kart is such a wonderful tool that is the most purchased online because it is designed and manufactured by a trusted and reliable brand Razor.

Razor is known for the production of quality products, and the Razor Force Drifter Kart is among the best product they are always proud of. The kart has to itself the speed transmission of up to 12 MPH with high torque and chain drove motor. The kart is made of high-end steel frame to give stability to the shape and structure of the kart. Mind you; it has variable speed which means it your kid can select the rate at which he/she wants the kart to work.

It has hand operated rear brake like a bicycle does and it moves smoothly with the help of the front wheel with solid rubber tires. It comes with a bucket seat/shoulder strap to ensure your kids are safe on the off chance that it suddenly collide with anything that can lead to an accident. The seat is a fitted one to ensure your kid is comfortable with the use of the kart and it runs in two 12V sealed lead acid that is rechargeable once it runs out of charges to power the kart.

Fortunately, the batteries are included which means you don’t need to purchase it elsewhere. Your kids will appreciate the kart as it gives them the platform to improve their coordination, balance, focus, strength and endurance level with the use of the kart.

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4. Berg Buddy Pedal Kids Go Kart

Are your kids birthday around the corner and you are yet confused on how to throw a surprise birthday gift that he/she will appreciate? The Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart is an option to consider. It will be a memorable birthday for your kid as most of them love to get something new and alluring during their birthday.

Mind you, you are not getting a toy that won’t add value to your kid but a secret weapon to get the best out of them and help in their development process. The kart is aimed at young kids to help them increase their endurance level, strength and boost their self-confidence. It is advisable that one should get their kids to get involved in physical activities as it is a major way help them develop some skills that are needed for life survival.

The kart has adjustable steering wheel which makes it very easy for your kids to operate the kart without stress. The go-kart is equipped with BFR-HUB system which gives your child the platform to move forward and reverse easily. It has swing axle to ensure your child get smooth riding experience and it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

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3. Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

The Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is aimed at kids from age 8 and above. The kart is electrically powered which makes it perfect for children with coordination and self-confidence issue. According to some studies, some people suggest the best way to help children who are overweight and obese is to let them get involved in physical exercise.

Physical activity plays an important role in keeping an individual fit and in good shape which is why you need to get you kids involved. There are many you can opt for, but on the off chance that your kids love racing or would love to get a bicycle as a gift from you, I will suggest you get them Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart.

The kart is safer than bicycles because it is designed like a car which has four wheels to ensure your kids doesn’t have issues with balance while driving. The go-kart has speed up to 12MPH, and it is made of quality non-destructive steel. It operates with the use of two 12 V rechargeable batteries which can run for 12 hours when fully charged. The front wheel of cheap go karts is made of quality material with solid rubber tires to enhance the stability of the cheap go kart.

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2. Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

The Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart is a standard vehicle that can be used by motorcycle riders to get familiar with the basis of riding. The go-kart is sure a perfect car to get involved in karting as it has all that is needed to hit the ground running. The go-kart can be used as indoor and outdoor activities as it isn’t restricted to indoor use but must be used off roads.

The go-kart comes with a premium design that is acceptable and allows young riders to move forward and reverse with the use of the brake, forward and reverse hub system. You can move on any terrains with the help of the big and strong rubber tires with hybrid threads. The tires ensure that the kart keeps moving without any interruption to so that you enjoy the experience of riding.

The tires enhance the balance of the kart because the whole body rest on it and its firm grip on the ground ensure you don’t slip off or lose control while riding. It has a comfortable seat that is strong to accommodate above 120 pounds of weight, and it is adjustable to fit the different type of riders. It is firmly locked so that you don’t get discomforted to enjoy the use of the go-kart.

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1. Razor Dune Buggy Go Kart

The Razor Dune Buggy is an amazing go kart that comes with a sophisticated design in which can be used by adult and kids to get the fun of riding a vehicle without getting on the road. The go-kart can be used the indoor and off the road. It is aimed at an individual of ages 8 and above with the weight capacity of 120 pounds.

The go-kart can reach the speed of up to 10 miles per hour with the aid of the 350-watt motor. It works excellently with the help of the eight knobby pneumatic tires that ensure you have a smooth ride. The kart has a bucket seat with back rest to ensure that you are comfortable and doesn’t have back pain after riding and also, it has a seatbelt to keep you glued to the kart so that you don’t fall off on the off chance that you collide with anything.

The go-kart is fully furnished with a powdered coated tubular steel frame with protective padding and floorboards made of diamond plate. It has hand throttle to get the kart moving and a reliable brake control system to ensure you can put the kart to halt when need be. The go-kart is a perfect deal for parents who love to get their kids involved in physical activities that can build their self-confidence, strength, and coordination.

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Benefits of Go-Karting

Boost Confidence

Driving go kart enhances your confidence level which makes you feel positive to attain any feat. It helps you to learn and know how to overcome fear and harness your strength to achieve the positive.

Keeps you off Worries

There is a general belief that physical activities can help you deal with depression and one of the events is go-karting. The sport is tremendous fun which means you get happy and excited as long as you get involved in which will help you to shake off all worries and be more relaxed.

It Aids Concentration Level

One of the things you need to ride go kart is maximum concentration. Failure to concentrate might lead to an accident which is why you need to give full concentration as you drive.

Strengthen One’s Reflexes

Go kart is designed in such a way to test and ensure your reflexes is strengthened. Therefore you need to know how to control the vehicle and how to navigate the terrains with various turns and twists

Strength and Stamina

Getting involved with go-kart regularly will help to improve your strength and stamina. Your triceps and biceps in your arm get involved in the activity, and that helps to strengthen the muscle and increase its tone. The endurance nature of the sport is said to also help in improving the stamina levels.

Increase Oxygen Flow to the Body

Adrenaline is released during physical activities and goes karting is sure to also play a role in dilating the blood vessels with then increases the amount of oxygen in circulation. The more oxygen you have in circulation, the more you feel energized.

Essential Life Skills

Riding go-karts put you in control and this teaches you to have a responsible attitude and also learn how to make decisions.

How to Make an Electric Go Kart?


The comprehensive guide and the list of the cheap go karts in this article is a product of adequate research and review from different websites and experts and consultation with some of the brands to ensure you don’t find it so challenging to make a decision and also get the best product and enjoy your time while riding.  Whichever decision you make, ensure you have safety gears in place for yourself or your kids such as the helmet, knee and ankle pad with goggles to keep you safe from unseen circumstances.

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