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Exhaust muffler isn’t just an essential part of your vehicle; it is an integral part that sometimes determines the state and the condition of your vehicle. You don’t have to break the bank to get an exhaust system for your car as you can quickly get cheap ATV exhaust that is of high quality.

When combustion occurs in as a result of the flow of oxygen and fuel to your car engine, there comes the production of gases which needs to be released out of your vehicle, and the only means is through the use of exhaust system. It helps to get rid of the smoke.

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The action ensures that the engine keeps running smoothly without any issues or setback. However, there are things that you need to consider.


The price you are willing to pay determines what you get. We have the mind of those who can’t afford an expensive exhaust system but in need of a quality one. It’s why you can trust our decision with the list of the best to choose below.


Some exhaust system comes in such a way that it is easier to install without the need of anyone and some require the availability of an expert because of the technicality involved.


Consider this too as some come with heat shield, anti-corrosion properties, and long lifespan. All this are to be considered whenever you find yourself in the market for a new exhaust system for your ATV.

Best ATV Exhaust

Recommended 7 Best ATV Exhausts Within Cheapest Price in 2018

Annpee carbon fiber 1.5-2 inc inlet exhaust

To maximize your vehicle’s power and performance, you need a working exhaust muffler and the annpee carbon fiber 1.5-2″inlet exhaust muffler with removable DB killer is the best option to consider.

It plays a significant role to ensure that gasses don’t stay in your vehicle cylinder which is one of the reasons why your vehicle sound good and work effectively. If the gasses got stuck in your engine,  the vehicle engine gets damaged.

It is a universal muffler in which it can be used for motorcycles and scooters with 38-51mm diameter exhaust pipes requirement. It comes with movable db killer with the size of 365mm and connection diameter of 51mm. All that is needed to get it fixed on your vehicle is included in the package.


  • It is made of a high-quality aluminum material
  • It is universal and can be used with any vehicle in alignment with the specification of 31-55 in diameter

  • It requires professional installation

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Kolpin stealth exhaust 2.0 with heat shield

If you are familiar with some ATV accessories, by now you must have known that Kolpin is one of the trusted brands in the industry. Kolpin is known for the creation of different products, and one we are to discuss is the Kolpin stealth exhaust 2.0 with heat shield.

The good about the exhaust system is that it helps to reduce the noise of your vehicle up to 5 to 7 decibels which is why you should consider it. There is likely going to be a fine or suspension for driving a vehicle with too much exhaust and noise, but that can be avoided with the use of the Kolpin stealth exhaust 2.0 with heat shield.

The exhaust as well comes with heat shield, and it fits most four-stroke ATV/UTV and it is not compatible with john deere xuv 550/850, Yamaha Viking, honda pioneer or 2014-current Polaris rangers due to more massive exhausts.


  • The exhaust has a heat shield
  • It keeps the sound of your motorcycle low
  • It is durable and resistant to corrosion

  • None

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Big Gun Exhaust 07-1132 ECO ATV Silver Slip-On Exhaust for Honda

The exhaust by Big gun isn’t superior in the market, but it is sure one of the best that can get your vehicle work efficiently without violating noise and smoke regulation. It was designed to meet the need of all vehicle owners.

It combines power, quality sound, and excellent performance all in one exhaust. You don’t have to break the bank to acquire it. It is easier to install on any bike or automobile. It is ideal and perfect for ATVs and dirtbike.

It is made from stainless steel tubing of 049 and a brushed aluminum muffler canister 6061. The exhaust is compatible with Honda TRX 450R (06-09). One of the accessories that determine the longevity of your vehicle and the performance is the exhaust system, and that is why you need to consider using the best from the bunch of those in the market.


  • It is compatible with Honda TRX 450R
  • It is safe and reliable to use
  • It works excellently to keep your vehicle in good condition

  • It has no significant setback

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Hwbnde Universal 38-51mm 1.5-2 in Motorcycle Scooter Exhaust Muffler Pipe

The Universal Hwbnde Universal 38-51mm 1.5-2 in Motorcycle Scooter Exhaust Muffler Pipe is a dynamic exhaust system that fits for Dirt Bike, Street Bike, Scooter, ATV, Quad And Any Other Bike Motorcycle With Pipe Diameter 38-51 mm.

The muffler is made of aluminum CNC, and it has a stainless steel connector. It features a silent killer and offers a different sound effect. Leaving gases in the car engine will lead to damages, and that is why you need a good and quality exhaust system to get rid of the gases.

It also affects the sound of your vehicle irrespective of the vehicle you are using. It helps to ensure that you don’t violate the rules and regulation of waste and vehicle noise.


  • It is a universal exhaust muffler
  • It works excellently
  • It ensures that your engine works well reducing the risk of damages

  • It has no setback

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KKmoon 51mm Universal Motorcycle ATV Frosting Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Muffler

The KKmoon 51mm Universal Motorcycle ATV Frosting Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Muffler is one of the best to consider for your vehicle.  It is highly resistant to heat and has anti-corrosion features. All that is needed to fix the muffler to your vehicle is provided.

However, you might need the assistance of an expert to fix on your vehicle.it has a universal connection which makes it compatible with most vehicle and automobile. It is a perfect fit for ATVs as it helps to make your motorcycle roar with outstanding sound.

It is made of stainless steel which means it can withstand any condition and with the heat shield, users are safe even if they mistakenly come in contact with it while the vehicle is running.


  • It comes with the spring and all that is needed to install it
  • It is useful and makes your vehicle sound good

  • None

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Universal Exhaust Muffler Pipe For Dirt/Street Bike

From the name itself you can quickly tell the function of the exhaust muffler as it works universally. It merely means it can be used on a different kind of motorcycle. It is ideal for all type of vehicle but ideal for dirt or street bike.

If you are in the hunt for a new exhaust muffler for your vehicle, it is one of the best to consider as it is equipped with all that is needed to keep your vehicle engine running thereby taking good charge of expelling the gases produced from combustion.

With the exhaust muffler, you can be assured the law can’t bust you for violating the rules and regulation of noise management and smoke on the driveway.


  • It is one of the best exhaust mufflers with smooth operation
  • The exhaust muffler is more natural to install
  • It is perfect for a different kind of vehicle especially ATV

  • It has no significant setback

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Iglobalbuy 38mm motorcycle scooter exhaust muffler

Cheap ATV Exhaust

Surprisingly you might have left some minutes before someone notices your movement with the use of this motorcycle scooter exhaust muffler. The iglobalbuy 38mm motorcycle scooter exhaust muffler is super cool when it comes to getting any of the best exhaust systems for your vehicle.

It is one of the cheap ATV exhaust you will find in the market with the capacity to do exceedingly what some other high-end price exhaust will do. It features a removable silencer and gives different sound effect.

The connection diameter of the exhaust is 33mm and 320mm long, it is made of, and you can be assured of extended use because it is durable with no rust or corrosion. The exhaust includes a mounting clamp, rubber belt, and springs. On a final note, it is compatible with different motorcycle especially ATVs and dirt bike.


  • It is compatible with different motorcycle
  • It comes with a mounting clamp
  • It has silencer

  • It has no significant setback

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It is imperative that you use any of the best exhaust mufflers for your ATV if indeed you want it to perform at the optimal level. There are different types in the market, but this article aims to share with you some of the standard ATV exhaust you can choose in the market for your vehicle.

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