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Safety boots are not an optional accessory for any heavy duty job in which riding of ATV isn’t an exemption but an essential gear if indeed you have the health interest of your feet at heart. It is imperative that every ATV rider must get any of the best ATV boots and use whenever they ride the vehicle. Either mens riding boots they both serve the same function.

The ATV boot plays a lot of roles that are entirely unknown to some people such as preventing fatigue, it helps to prevent burns, it helps to protect the feet from harsh weather condition, it helps to protect the feet from the puncture, it helps to prevent slips, trips, and fall.

All these are the primary reasons you should always wear an ATV boot whenever you take your vehicle on the driveway.

What are the essential things that you have to consider when choosing an ATV boots?

Best Mens Riding ATV Boots

(1) Safety and security

It is imperative to consider your safety and comfort whenever you want to get any boot. Read the review carefully and make research on the boots. Of course, what is the value of wearing a boot that will cause more harm to you? Such occurrences can be avoided only if you get the right boot that will fit you perfectly

(2) Comfort and hygiene

Check to see if the boot is made of materials that will enhance your comfort if not you are advised not to get it. Some will come with foam around the ankle and collar region to offer optimal support, and some have a wicking system in place to get rid of moisture in the boot.

(3) Durability

Consider you are going to use the boot for a very long time; you need to get the one that can withstand everything thrown at it both in summer, winter and fall season.

Recommended Best ATV Riding Boots For Mens

Alpinestars Men's Tech 1 AT Boots

Don’t be discouraged with the design and appearance of the boot as some think it is bulky and will be quite challenging to move. Surprisingly, the boot is made is not difficult to move as it is made of lightweight materials which makes it a perfect safety boot for every ATV rider.

It is resistant to abrasion, durable and incorporates anatomically profiled copolymer to offer the optimal support and protection for your feet. It is ideal for anyone irrespective of the type of the feet and arch you have.

You are unlikely going to complain of pain when standing, walking or running because the safety boot is constructed in such a way to give the full support to your foot. The design incorporates microfiber front and rear flex to enhance the adequate front and rear movement.

The ATV boot doesn’t just give support to the feet of the user but the manufacturer has the interest of users at heart to them, and they incorporate a bio-mechanical central blade system to give optimal support to the ankle. Also, around the ankle and collar region is soft multi-density foam that makes it comfortable to wear with the shock absorbing system.


  • It has wicking system to help keep moisture out of the boot
  • It has a good clasp system
  • It fits different feet perfectly
  • It is perfect for different weather conditions

  • It takes a while to break in

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O'Neal Mens Riding Boots

Now that you’ve considered the importance of having an ATV boot, one of the best to consider is the O’Neal Rider Boots. If you ever want to feel comfortable and more relaxed when riding your ATV, then it is essential that you get the best boot that will keep your feet secured from any potential harm.

Why exactly should you choose O’Neal Rider Boots? This safety boot from O’Neal for different kind of riders has injection molded plastic plates incorporated in its construction to protect the user’s feet against impacts that can damage the feet.

It has a metal shank, and its operation is to give shape and support needed for riders to operate their ATV without hassles. It is quite comfortable to wear but it takes time to break in as most people who have experience with it complains it is stiff and never loosen up.

However, it has snap lock adjustable four buckle closure system, metal toe guard to protect the sole and adequate grip to enhance the use of the boot. The interior design incorporates air mesh, heel support system and cushioned insole for additional support.


  • It comes with a synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage
  • It is one of the best as it offers support to the feet and heel
  • It protects the feet from external impacts

  • It is stiff and too compact
  • It takes time to break in and loosen up

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Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

You wouldn’t know how imperative a safety boot is for riders until you see the need for it. An ATV said he would forever be grateful to his safety boot for protecting his feet after he got involved in a nasty accident. I don’t think the safety boot deserves any accolade because that’s precisely why it is created.

I choose to agree he did the right thing by having his safety boot worn in the first place. That is precisely what the Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots will do to you. It is designed to protect your feet from any impacts and ensure it remains healthy.

The outer design of the boot is made of full grain oil treated leather for its upper construction, and the rubber sole incorporates molded plastic to offers maximum protection which makes it a perfect choice for adventure, hunting, and hiking.

The boot has shin and ankle TPU molded plastic for protection and extra soft polymer padding with memory foam which makes it lightweight and more comfortable to move for anyone. It has anti-bacterial properties to ensure the boot is safe to use.


  • It has Plastic gear pad protection
  • It comes with an Adjustable Velcro closure
  • It has Replaceable and adjustable GH plastic buckles
  • It is breathable and has a waterproof feature

  • It is not recommended for use with kick-start bikes or bikes with aggressive motocross style foot-pegs

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Fox Racing Comp 5 Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Irrespective of your level of riding ATVs, there are some vital accessories that you can’t leave out of the kits, and the safety boot is part of them. If you are confused in deciding the exact boot that will fit you for safety measure, the Fox Racing Comp 5 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots is the best for you.

It is men’s boot and can be used by both beginners and professional in need of a quality boot that can withstand any rigor and impacts of the track and offers comfort for long hours for users. The design of the boot shows it has comp five which offer comfort and support to riders.

It makes riding more comfortable to do without the need to feel pain or become unease when on the vehicle. The boot has alloy buckles which makes it easier to operate with secure closure to give a perfect fit. It has a reinforced shin plate, and medial guard gives you excellent coverage. It offers all-day comfort and support, Race-bonded outsole, Soft touch aluminum buckles for secure closure. The plastic shin plate and medial guard provides excellent coverage for whoever wears the boot.


  • It fits perfectly, but you have to get the right size for your feet
  • It gives optimal support to your feet
  • It is safe with a suitable closure system
  • It is lightweight and durable

  • It has no major setback

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AXO Drone Rider Boots

The boot is the product of the combination of value and quality. Its construction is of high-quality materials specially selected for their strength, weight, and value. It comes with optimized plastics that ensure they are light and enhance the support needed for the feet and heel.

The boot incorporates one buckle height shin plate wraps across the shin and the instep to optimally guide the front part of the foot. It has a tapered vinyl and foam gaiter that wraps the top of the boot, and it is to offer a barrier which resists dirt from entering the boot.

The boot has four replaceable PU molded buckles float on their bases which allow unrestricted alignment. The boot has it takes to resists wear, and it doesn’t take time to break-in. A width sculpted and shaped wrapping toe box incorporates slip resistant shifter ridges. Thick synthetic leather covers the inner side of the boot guarding it against heat and wear. The steel shank adds comfort and support.

Furthermore, the sole of the boot is attached to the upper part of the boot using a time-tested welted construction. A stain-resistant mesh lining is combined with durable synthetics providing a non-slip interior.


  • It is easier to break in
  • It doesn’t retain moist in the boot
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It offers maximum support to the feet and fits perfectly with the help of the buckle

  • It has no significant setback

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Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Oiled Leather Boot

The quality boot is a masterpiece that is ideal for different use. If you are a rider and needs a fitting boot that will give you rest of mind every time you walk, stand, run and ride your ATV. The boot is built to provide full support to the feet and heel and make riding easier to do.

The construction of the boot constitutes of the upper part which is from oiled grain leather on the lower central panel and suede leather on higher central panel both with heat press texture for superior grip. The boot has a front and rear which are of lightweight microfiber to enhance flexibility and comfort.

It incorporates lateral ankle closure system that includes two polymer buckles, and the closure of the boot consists of a ratchet with memory foam for support and a quick release and locking system with self-aligning design for secure and precise fit. It has drystar membrane layer between upper and lining for proven performance in severe weather conditions and the heel support system makes it perfect for the different type of feet.


  • The boot can be used in any weather condition
  • It has a wicking system to keep moist away
  • It is safe and comfortable to use
  • It has a good closure system

  • None

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Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8

It looks more like a military boot is the Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot that is made of synthetic material. It is one of the men’s boots that will get the nod over the rest in the market. It is designed in such a way to meet the need for support and safety.

Of course, there are many boots better than this, but you can’t find any that has the rugged look and texture of the boot. It makes it ideal for all kind of work without any sign of discomfort or pain. The safety boot comes with a rubber sole with a shaft that measures about seven inches from your arch.

Also, there are different types of feet and arch, and the good side of the boot is that it can be used by all kind of feet, but you need to choose the one that fits you.  The boots offer optimal support to the feet.


  • It has ScentBan to control the scent
  • It has an UltraDry waterproofing system
  • It is safe and comfortable to use

  • It takes a while to break in

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We’ve been able to share with you some of the best ATV boots you should consider in the market while on the hunt for a quality boot. We could come up with a quality article on the mens riding boots based on our research and surveys, and we will like to hear your experience with any of the boots in our comment box below.

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