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When it comes to buying accessories for your ATV or UTV, whether it’s cargo kit or new tires, you need to make sure that you are getting the best value for your hard-earned money. Here is a brief buyer’s guide to getting you started on winch shopping, as well as some recommendations based on trade reviews and customer feedback for popular best ATV winch models.

There are few ATV accessories as useful in a tight spot as a winch. Whether you are pulling yourself out of whatever you got stuck in or haul a particularly heavy load from the bush, winches are something of a multi-utility attachment for ATV owners.

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The important thing to remember is that you need to carefully consider your needs when purchasing a winch.

These considerations may end up saving you a lot of time and heartache in the long run when you really need your winch to come through in the clutch.

Here are some important items to think about when finding the right winch for your ATV or UTV.

How much does your ATV weigh?

Winches are rated for between 1,500 lbs. and 4,500 lbs. in terms of their overall pulling weight. The big question is, how much power do you need to get the most use out of your winch without spending too much on an overkill winch that pulls way more weight than you need it to?

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It’s actually fairly simple. Let’s say you have an ATV with a curb weight of around 1,600 lbs. Curb weight is measured by where your ATV/UTV tips the scales with all required fluids for operation and a full tank of fuel.

Obviously, buying a 1,500 lb.-rated winch for your ATV that weighs 1,600 lbs. is just not going to cut the mustard, so you already have a much clearer idea of where to start with your winch choices.

What else do you intend to haul with your winch?

Once you have established what your vehicle’s curb weight is, now it’s time to consider what kind of work you intend to do with the winch when you aren’t pulling yourself out of ditches or deep mud wallows.

Hunters especially need to think about how they want to use the winch since they may be using it to string up the game for field dressing or to haul their kill out of the bush to be processed later.

Either way, you are going to need a more powerful winch if you tend to go for elk or mule deer that need to be hauled in after a successful hunt.

Best ATV Winch Reviews

What type of terrain do you ride over?

It is possible that you don’t routinely ride over terrain where vehicle recovery is necessary, especially if you have a more stable ATV that does not become stuck easily. Also, no winch in the world is going to do you much good if you ride over terrain frequently where there is nothing to attach a winch when you do get stuck, so you want to make sure this factors into your decision making process.

How to Install an ATV Winch?

Recommended Best ATV Winch Reviews


1. Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg

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This high-efficiency electric winch offers 1.6 HP of pulling power and is rated up to 3,500 lbs, making it ideal for load hauling, vehicle recovery, or field dressing game in the wild. It comes standard with 50 feet of-of 13/64’ steel wire rope that can more than handle any and all of your winching needs on the trail, around the farm, or when you are on a hunt.

Best of all, Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs this model has a low-amp draw that will make running it off your ATV or UTV’s electrical supply a snap. I’d recommend this model for ATV/UTV owners that want a high quality all purpose winch that can handle most any job you can throw at it.

Product Specifications

  • Brake: Mechanical and Dynamic
  • Remote: Handlebar mounted toggle & 10′ Handheld Remote
  • Motor: Sealed 1.3 HP (.96 kW) Permanent Magnet, 12V DC
  • Gear ratio: 140:1


  • This has a mechanical load holding
  • It has a dynamic brake
  • It has the capacity to load power in and out
  • It operates with a sealed magnet motors
  • It has a synthetic rope and wire
  • It has a strong and durable hook with thimble
  • It’s user-friendly and the handle bar mounted toggle switch


  • Few complained of the mounting plate

Why this is not a problem

You just have to ensure the winch you get is compatible with the ATV or UTV.

2. Warn 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch - 2500 lb

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Designed for multipurpose use from the ground up, the Warn ProVantage 2500 can handle every job from hauling felled timber to plowing snow. It even comes with a fairlead plate for snow plows right out of the box, making it an ideal choice for those who use their ATV or UTV for more than just trail riding and hunting.

This model is fully sealed to protect it from even the harshest of the outdoor elements, and all accessories and moving parts are coated in a durable and corrosion resistant black finish.

Equipped standard with 50 feet of 3/16 inch wire rope, you can easily get plenty of utility out of this winch without having extra accessories. The ProVantage 2500 is best suited for the utility ATV/UTV owner who needs a winch for all seasons and then some.

Product Specifications

  • Motor: 12V DC, 0.9 hp (0.7 kW) Permanent Magnet, Sealed
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent
  • Finish: Black powder coat
  • Brake: Roller disk
  • Gear ratio: 154:1


  • It has aircraft-grade wire rope or lightweight synthetic rope
  • It has a permanent magnet motor that delivers quiet,
  • The rope doesn’t wear easily with the use of the double powder coated hawse
  • It has efficient gear train
  • It has a stainless steel fastener
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is lightweight and also durable to pull ATVs out of the mud


  • It doesn’t work  effectively on ATV bumper

Why this is not a problem

The ATV bumpers are not designed to hold bolt pattern spacing.

3. Champion Power 4500 lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch

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With a reputation that lives up to its name, the Champion Power Equipment 14560 is built for both quality and built-in wireless remote operation. It’s 1.6 HP motor can get most any job done, and it comes standard with a 38-foot super-duty aircraft cable that terminates in a rugged latched clevis hook.

An included a roller fairlead for use with snowplows or other winch utility accessories are just one of many bonuses included accessories that make this winch an exceptional value that will handle any and all jobs you can throw its way at home or out in the field.

This is the winch of choice for SxS, ATV, or UTV owners who need a powerful winch that can handle heavy duty use under any circumstances.

Product Specifications

  • Motor: Permanent Magnet 1.0 hp (12V DC)
  • Gear: 153:1
  • Cable: 49 ft. x 5/32 in. Superduty Aircraft Cable
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • The with has a mounting channel
  • It has a strong and sturdy power contactor
  • It has a wireless switch
  • It has a remote system
  • A quality galvanized heavy-duty aircraft cable
  • It comes with a roller fairlead
  • It has a free spooling clutch and a cam action


  • None at the moment

4. Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch - 2000 lb

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A nicely compact winch that offers tremendous utility for its size, the makes an excellent addition to any ATV. With its 50-foot 5/32-inch wire rope and included roller fairlead, this winch is both versatile in its utility for other winch accessories and strong enough to handle most any trail or field work.

Like all Warn made products, this winch is fully sealed against the weather to help you get the most out of your investment for years to come. This winch is a great option for trail riders who want a good vehicle recovery winch that can also handle some lighter winching chores.

Product Specifications

  • Gear: 155:1
  • Brake: Dynamic gear brake
  • Motor: 12V DC, 0.9 hp (0.7 kW) Permanent Magnet, Sealed
  • Finish: Grey powder coat
  • Fairlead: Roller
  • Gear train: Differential planetary


  • It has the power to pull heavy duty in any situation
  • It has unique stylish and sturdy design
  • It resists corrosion with its resistant finish
  • It has a good powder coated hawse fairlead to reduce the wear of the rope


  • None at the moment

5. Superwinch Black 12 VDC ATV Winch - 4000 lb.

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A premium offering from Superwinch, this two-ton rated model includes everything you could want or need in a heavy-duty winch built for heavy lifting and heavy hauling. As with all Superwinch models, the Superwinch LT4000 has a sealed low-amp draw permanent magnet motor connected to 50 feet of 3/16” steel wire cable.

Some additional finishing touches that make this an exceptional value though is the included handlebar mounted rocker switch and the wired remote, significantly expanding your options for operation and the overall versatility of this winch.

This winch is an excellent choice for hunters or utility ATV users who frequently have to drag or lift heavy cargo on the trail or around a big property.

Product Specifications

  • Gear ratio: 166:1
  • Brake: Automatic, 100% Load Holding
  • Gearing: 3-Stage Planetary
  • Breaker: Circuit Breaker Protected


  • It has maximum line pull of 4,000 pounds
  • It has a roller fairlead and 50′ of 3/16″ steel cable
  • It has a sealed permanent magnet motor
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It is quiet in use and reliable
  • This is a super power Winch with the capacity to pull out heavy duty trucks


  • It doesn’t have a mounting plate

Why this isn’t a problem

This doesn’t connote that the winch is of low quality as all you need to do is to purchase a mounting plate when you are in need of one.

6. Champion Power Equipment 3000 lb. ATV Winch

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When it comes to mid-range winch options, Champion Power Equipment makes the model 13004 a very attractive choice for trail riders or hunters that need a multi-purpose winch on lighter ATVs.

With its included handlebar rocker switch remote and included roller fairlead, this winch is equally adept at hauling your ATV/UTV out of trouble as it is at operating a snow plow.

While it isn’t rated for exceptionally heavy ATVs or UTVs, this winch does provide superior performance on lighter chores and makes a good option for trailer riders who want a rescue winch that can also shift felled/cut timber and drag it out of the way.

Product Specifications

  • Permanent Magnet motor
  • Gear: 153:1
  • Synthetic Rope


  • It has a mounting channel
  • It has roller fairlead
  • It has Free spooling clutch
  • It is durable and easy to use
  • It has the capacity to pull heavy duty ATVs.
  • It has a mounting kit that weighs 3,000lbs


  • None at the moment

7. Warn 89030 Vantage 3000 Winch - 3000 lb

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Yet another fine offering from premier winch maker Warn, the Warn89030 Vantage 3000Ib has everything a utility winch user could want or need for dragging, pulling, lifting or snow plowing.

It’s included handlebar rocker switch and wired remote expand your options for users on the trail or on the farm, and the smooth operating gearbox and fully sealed motor both provide consistent and reliable service in any weather conditions.

Warn makes winches for serious riders, hunters, and workers, and the Vintage 3000 definitely delivers the goods for all three categories of ATV/UTV owners.

Product Specifications

  • Gear train: Differential Planetary
  • Fairlead: Roller
  • Gear ratio: 155:1
  • Motor: 12V DC, 0.9 hp (0.7 kW) Permanent Magnet, Sealed


  • It is reliable and durable
  • It has permanent magnet motor
  • It has smooth planetary gear trains
  • It has lightweight synthetic rope
  • It has corrosion resistant finish
  • It is a workhorse you can always depend on


  • It doesn’t come with a mounting plate kit

Why this is not a problem

You can always get a mounting kit to enjoy the best of this Winch.

8. VIPER Midnight 4500lb ATV/UTV Winch Kit

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Designed primarily with the trail rider in mind for lighter duty winch chores like vehicle recovery and lighter weight load lifting, the Viper Midnight 4500Ib offers more in versatility and flexibility thanks to its 50 feet of 3/16” synthetic Dyneema rope line with an aluminum hawse fairlead.

Since the rope is inherently more flexible than steel cable, the number of jobs the Midnight can handle makes it ideal for trail riders or hunters that need a winch for their time out in the wilds.

While I would hesitate to use this winch for some heavier duty chores like dragging timber or pulling heavy sleds across the rough trail, this winch is a good option for those riders looking for an all-purpose winch with some additional flexibility.

Product Specifications

  • Synthetic Rope
  • Sealed permanent magnet motor


  • It is durable and easy to use
  • A lightweight motor
  • It is free from corrosion
  • It has the capacity to pull out heavy ATVs from the mud


  • None at the moment

The Final Verdict

In terms of overall value and quality, my first choice for an ATV/UTV winch has to be the Warn 2500 ProVantage. It’s got enough power to satisfy the needs of the average ATV/UTV rider, and the build quality and accessories are all top of the line.

Additionally, owners with experience using the Warn 2500 ProVantage swear by its reliability and durability over time. When the time comes for you to put a winch on your ATV or UTV, make your first choice a Warn 2500 ProVantage, and enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind that come with owning one of the best built and best-rated winches on the market today.

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