Best ATV Sprayer Reviews | Which Sprayer Works Better?

In this article on the best ATV Sprayer reviews, you will find comprehensive information on all you need to know about choosing the right ATV sprayer for your present and future projects, important things you need to consider such as power supply, tank capacity, spray height, spray pattern, flow rate and the different materials ATV sprayer are made from.

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) sprayer is designed with the purpose of spraying water or chemicals known as pesticides for pest control in your garden, lawn or farm. The sprayer helps an individual to cover a broad range ground in less time. It can be mounted on any ATV or truck and its ideal for agricultural and landscape use, i.e., free cleaning and spraying of pesticide.

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Why should you own an ATV Sprayer?

Here am going to quickly discuss with you some important benefits of using this ATV sprayer before taking you through some essential things you need to consider before choosing any sprayer from the market.

It is best suited for large-scale use

Your control and the level of ground you can cover with the use of backpack sprayer is limited because of its capacity. You will quickly wear out and become weak; therefore the use of backpack is ideal for the small ground surface area while the use of ATV spreader is suited for large areas because it has a large tank and it can cover many areas in the little time frame.

Easy to use

Another benefit of the ATV sprayer is that it can be utilized by anyone, be it a beginner or a professional, unlike the backpack sprayer which can only be utilized by strong personal.

They are portable

You have every right to say “goodbye” to muscle aching and arm fatigued for using a backpack sprayer with the use of this ATV sprayer. This farming tool can be laid on any ATV or tractor and taken to the site where you intend to work. It is very portable, and you can adequately cover much ground without expending more strength.

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Now that you know the benefits of using the ATV sprayer let’s dive into the important things you need to know before purchasing any sprayer online.

How to Choose Best ATV Sprayer – Important things to consider

Choosing the right ATV sprayer is the right thing to do as this will not only save you lots of time and energy but also save you from an additional budget of changing sprayer frequently. Therefore, these are things you must put into serious consideration when making your decision.

Tank Capacity

The very first thing you have to consider is the capacity of the reservoir. This will dictate the exact number of times you will have to refill the tank when in use. You have to consider this if you have a large field to work on.

Selecting a small container can be a wrong decision if you have a large area to work on. So it is advisable you get a sprayer with a bigger tank if you would be working in a large field like the athletic field.

Power supply

The ATV tanks run on a battery system of 12 V. Most of the ATV tanks on the market get their source of energy from the 12 V batteries so you must counter-check your tank and see that it comes with a 12 V compatibility to avoid any operational issue.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of the sprayer enables you to have a comprehension of how rapidly the fluids will be leaving the sprayer. The flow rate determines the number of fluids be discharged. The faster the flow rate, the faster the release of fluids and the slower the flow rate the slower the release of fluids.


The flow rate of the sprayer is typically measured in GPM or rather gallons. It will be reasonable for you to go for those sprayers with adjustable flow rates with the goal that you can make alterations as per your tastes and inclinations.


ATV sprayer tanks are made differently, with some highlighting materials that are reliable and durable than others. A few plastics might be more impervious to chemicals than others. Therefore, it is essential that you consider the material the tank you are about to purchase.

The durability of valves as well varies from each other. Therefore, going for plastic valves is incautious as they aren’t dependable. It is advisable you get a metal valve and therefore never budget for valves again.

Spray height and pattern

Vertical sprayers are the best choice for large area spraying. This will help you accomplish your task at a faster rate by covering the work area evenly, and this makes it the most common sprayer.

How to Install ATV Sprayer?

Recommended Best ATV Sprayer Review


1. NorthStar ATV Broadcast Sprayer

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This Sprayer can hold chemicals of about 26 gallons and its best ideal for wide range lawn and garden. Northstar ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer brag a flow rate of up to 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM), operate effectively with a 12 Voltage battery with the 70 pounds per square inch (PSI) you have the full assurance of quick and effective liquid streaming.


  • The sprayer is made of Viton valves which make it durable
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to use
  • With 70 PSI, priming becomes quicker and easier to do.
  • It has a good lifespan due to the chemical and UV resistant polymer in the tank that keeps it intact.
  • The sprayer has a Honeywell Micro switch which guarantees the durability of the sprayer
  • The pressure switch of the sprayer is designed to slowly and effectively cycle the pump, thereby reducing the motor and switch wear


  • The strap can’t hold the sprayer when attached to some ATV machine.
  • The want of the sprayer is short
  • The drain cap of the sprayer has the propensity to leak

Why this isn’t a problem

You can go about with a tape to solve the problem with leaking and ensure your sprayer is compatible with your ATV machine to get the best outcome you desire


2. Fimco ATV Boomless Sprayer 25g

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You must have heard the phrase “Spraying made easy” that is actually what the ATV Boomless Sprayer 25 gallon is all about. The sprayer comes with full 30 inches spraying swath and it is perfect for all kind of spraying on mosquitoes, ditches, fence rows, pastures, gardens and farm.

The 3.8 GPM, 12V diaphragm demand-style pump can be used in the control of pest on small yards but carrying the sprayer all around the field might look too stressful and one can easily harm the back which is why it is ideal to use with automobiles like UTV or ATVs if any is available.

It has stainless wet boom which integrates the boom, hose and boomless nozzles. The spray tip on the nozzle has on and off position to ensure that you have the spraying of the content under control. The 25 gallon can just cover little ground so you need to understand it can only be used to cover small yards.

With the ability to adjust the pressure to the range of 45 PSI and the pressure gauge, the sprayer can adjusted by any user to either spray right, left, center or on all the three. The universality of the Sprayer makes it fit most ATV cargo racks and with the adjustable pressure with gauge, you can easily control the amount of substances that escapes out of the nozzle.


  • The hose is very good to use for anyone
  • Up to 45 PSI adjustable pressure range
  • It has no limitation to what can be used inside either chemicals or non-chemical substances
  • It is very easy to attach to any Vehicle such as UTV and ATVs


  • It is too small to be used on large yards

Why this isn’t a problem

It isn’t much of a setback because it works efficiently on large areas but you will have to keep refilling it.

3. BioLogic 6500 Chapin Outfitters ATV Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides, and Pesticides

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BioLogic 6500 Chapin Outfitters ATV Sprayer is ideal for a wide area of garden or lawn because of its 15-gallon corrosion proof tank capacity which makes it one of the best ATV Spreader.

Most gardeners love this sprayer because of its heavy-duty pump, and for those looking for the best pump for efficient performance, BioLogic 6500 Chapin is the best choice.

The sprayer operates with a maximum pressure of 70 PSI and a flow rate of 2.2 GPM. With its accompanying accessories such as the spray gun, battery clips, boom kits and moulded connectors, the operation of this sprayer becomes easier.


  • It comes with five-year warranty
  • It has an adjustable brass cone nozzle
  • It has an excellent flow rate of 2.2 GPM
  • It has a polyethylene tank
  • It comes with added accessories


  • The plastic valve of the sprayer can get damaged easily
  • The parts of the sprayer are scarce in the market

Why this isn’t a problem

The way you handle your sprayer determines its longevity.  Therefore, your duty is to ensure you take good care of the sprayer and keep in proper condition after use.

4. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Sprayer

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Chapin 97300 makes our list of the best ATV sprayer because it’s among the powerful and efficient sprayer with the capacity to deliver great performance in our garden.

Its heavy tank can withstand 15 gallons of the substance, and it is corrosion proof and portable as well. It operates with a maximum speed of 60 PSI and a flow rate of 2 GPM with the ability to spray effectively 26 to 30 feet.

Also, it operates with a double filtration system which makes work easier and faster, thereby saving you time and energy. Furthermore, Chapin 97300 comes with a full customer support in which you can easily call their number 800-950-4458 to get any issue fixed.


  • This can be mounted on any ATVs, lawn mowers, UTVs, and tractors
  • You can easily read the substance level with the translucent tank feature
  • Dual filtration system to cover much ground in less time
  • Refilling of the tank is very easy to do


  • When too much pressure is added to the shut-off valve, it can easily break

Why this isn’t a problem

This is an operational error, and it can be avoided by not adding too much pressure on the shut-off valve.

5. Precision Products TCS15 Spot 15-Gallon Sprayer

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Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer is designed for larger field projects. This sprayer can be mounted on an ATV, lawn mowers, UTVs or tractor and it operates on a maximum 12 V battery which is adequate for effective spraying of the liquid.

It has a 15-gallon capacity, and you can take your spraying work to a new height with the available 15 – foot hose and handgun. The 15-foot hose has a spray wand attached to it for maximum control when operating at a maximum pressure of 60 PSI.


  • It can be mounted on either ATV or tractor
  • It has an adjustable thumb control
  • It has a wand attached to the spray to control the spraying
  • It has a big tank to withstand up to 15 gallons of fluid


  • The clamp and screws can easily get loosened and lead to leaking

Why this isn’t a problem

This setback can easily be avoided as all you have to do to ensure you check your sprayer before use and make sure the screw is firmly in place.

6. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer - 8 Gallon, 1 GPM, 40 PSI, 12 Volt

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This quality Sprayer from Ironton is just the best choice for those looking to work on fence lines, pesky weeds, and on top of high trees. This ATV sprayer is fashioned with a 1 GMP pump, and it is resistant to chemicals and corrosion along with some accessories and components like Viton and Santoprene. The Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer can withstand 8 gallons of substances, it is easy to refill, it has an adjustable spray gun nozzle and runs on a maximum pressure of 40 PSI.


  • The tank is easy to empty and refill
  • You can easily monitor the level of the content in the tank
  • The tank is UV resistant which means it can handle any chemical


  • The hand wand of the sprayer doesn’t mist as it should
  • The pump can malfunction

Why this isn’t a problem

The pump can only malfunction if it is not rightly fixed. So to avoid such setback, just ensure the pump if fixed firmly in place to get the best outcome when using the sprayer.



ATV sprayer is used for spraying fluids such as fertilizer and pesticides for pest control. This tool is best used by farmers and gardeners and it has great advantages such as its portability, control and it’s user-friendly. This is ideal for those who intend to work in a large area and want to get work done effectively at a faster rate.

This is a comprehensive review of the best ATV sprayer we’ve done to make things easier for you to do. You no longer need to have a headache in selecting the best ATV sprayer that best suit your present and future needs, all you need to do is just to click on the “BUY OPTION” below each product to give a lasting solution to your farming projects.

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