Best ATV Mud Tires | (Trusted Reviews) & Comprehensive Guide

Best ATV Mud Tires

If you’re known for traveling through off-road conditions regularly, it might be time to update your tires to ATV mud tires. These have an aggressive look and excellent performance abilities. By working in a variety of conditions, they keep you focused on what’s ahead than the dangerous weather conditions ahead. Consequently, you get much more fun out of our ATV, as you can vigorously ride through mud pits with little worries.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying ATV Tires

To purchase the best mud ATV tires for your needs and lifestyle, we’ve created a list of important considerations. Bear these in mind before making your purchase to ensure you get the best value for your money. - shop now!

Tread Pattern

First, choosing the best tread pattern for your lifestyle is the most critical factor to consider. Everyone drives on different terrain, so keep your locations and environment in mind when researching ATV tires. For example, opting for large ATV mud tires is great if you often travel through thick rain, mud, and snow. However, if you only experience light spouts of dirt, then this high tread pattern can make handling difficult.

The more full the tire, the larger the tread pattern is which will increase traction and stability. This increase usually means an increased price also. When you use wide tires, your braking efficiency reduces as a matter of the weight of the tire. Therefore, only purchase the highest tread pattern if necessary. If you’re doubtful about the size to go for, opt for mud ATV tires suitable for a variety of terrain, and not just one aspect, such as mud.

Best ATV Mud Tires

Bias-Ply Tires

If you’re serious about your time in the mud, invest in bias-ply tires for your ATV. Bias-ply tires offer a textile production for a criss-cross design. This design helps to conform to tough terrains and a variety of other conditions, such as mud and snow. Bias-ply tires are specifically designed for off-road conditions, so they offer excellent grip, traction, and handling to make your driving experience fun and most importantly, safe.

J&P Cycles

As bias-ply tires are designed for the most robust scenarios, they come in a sturdy casing and have stiff sidewalls to keep you safe as you travel around corners at speeds. Another significant advantage is that they’re reasonably priced and much lower than other ATV tires – such as radial. So, if you’re prone to traveling in off-road environments and uphill, bias-ply tires are a great go-to for you.

Ply Rating

When looking at the best must ATV tires, you’ve likely seen lots of mentions about ply rating. This type of rating refers to the strength of the tires according to the number of layers of cotton fabric on top of the tire. These layers are applied at an angle to one another in a crisscross motion to increase tension and improve handling. The higher the ply rating, the larger the load capacity. The lower the ply rating, the softer the tire and less responsive it is to conditions.

To differentiate which ply rating you’re looking for, consider the types of environments you find yourself around. Do you drive through excessive mud? If so, look for a ply rating of at least six. Any lower and you put yourself at risk of not easily getting out of a muddy situation.

How to Change an ATV Tire

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Recommended Best ATV Mud Tires (Review)

It’s essential to consider the above factors to purchase the best mud ATV tires. The best mud ATV tires are designed for your safety and can grip through mud, snow, rain and rough surfaces. The lugs on ATV mud tires are positioned directionally and spaced farther apart than regular tires. This is so mud and debris won’t settle within the tires but will fall through the cracks.

Here are some of the best mud ATV tires you can purchase. Each of these tires made this list because they can handle hard terrain and have excellent grip and traction.  

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Searching for the best ATV tires for your vehicle might seem like a daunting task, but these SunF tires are suitable for almost any ATV. There’s virtually nothing that can hold you back when you apply these tires to your ATV. Travel with a high performance throughout the desert, mud, dirt, rocks and even uphill and downhill. You can also rely on these tires for excellent traction in an array of weather conditions. To get the best out of your ATV, it’s essential that you monitor their tires every few months (or depending on how often you use your ATV).

If you intend to use your ATV on a farm, it’s likely you’ll encounter punctures. Therefore, these types of tires are designed to have high puncture resistance due to the use of six-play materials. These materials combine to provide high-quality tires which won’t let you down. They’re also compatible with numerous famous ATV brands, which makes them versatile and a great go-to. Also, thanks to the full tread, these are the best mud ATV tires for smooth acceleration and simple handling while you’re behind the wheel.

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General SpecificationsFront SpecificationsRear Specifications
Total Quantity: 4Size: 25x8x12Size: 25x10x12
Tire Model: A033QTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 12 x 6.5 PlyRim Size: 12 x 8.0
Tire Material: RubberRating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 25Overall Diameter (in): 25
 Side Wall (in): 6.5Side Wall (in): 6.5
 Tread Depth (in): 0.83 (21mm)Tread Depth (in): 0.83 (21mm)
 Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)Max Load (lbs): 737 (335kg)
 Max PSI: 28Max PSI: 28
 Weight (lbs): 21 (each)Weight (lbs): 28 (each)

  • Easy to wash, thanks to the tread amount
  • Suitable for all weather conditions – including sudden rain and deep snow
  • Great tires to use around the farm, or even for snow plowing
  • Present themselves in a polished and modern design for a stunning appearance
  • The tires have equally as good traction and control on flat surfaces


  • With an exceptional amount of traction, these ATV mud tires can potentially damage lawns
  • The tires don’t look chunky or provide a sporty look


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Finding cheap ATV tires dedicated to high quality is hard. However, these tires, designed by SUNF can handle all types of terrain. With a lug depth and intense pattern, these features provide drivers with excellent traction control in an array of surfaces and conditions. The angled tread design not only provides excellent grip but enables you to travel at high speeds on trails. Also, with a six ply-rated feature, you don’t need to worry about punctures or abrasions happening while you’re on your travels.

By enabling drivers to have excellent control throughout their drives, they help to make driving fun again and more about the moment and less about worrying. These mud ATV tires respond excellent to all terrain and maintain an even braking system for maximum traction and control. As a result, you won’t skid.

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General SpecificationsFront SpecificationsRear Specifications
Total Quantity: 4Size: 26x9x12Size: 26x11x12
Tire Model: A048QTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 12 X 7.0Rim Size: 12 X 9.0
Tire Material: RubberPly Rating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 26Overall Diameter (in): 26
 Side Wall (in): 7Side Wall (in): 7
 Tread Depth (in): 1.18 (30mm)Tread Depth (in): 1.18 (30mm)
 Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)Max Load (lbs): 737 (335kg)
 Max PSI: 14Max PSI: 14
 Weight (lbs): 24 (each)Weight (lbs): 30 (each)

  • Designed by a well-established vehicle brand
  • Suitable for numerous ATV models and makes
  • Offer exceptional tread to suit an array of terrains and helps drivers feel safe
  • Suitable to use on desert, mud, rocky conditions and uneven surfaces
  • Won’t weigh your ATV down, so you can still travel forward with power


  • Mud is hard to clean out of the tires due to the tread and detailed pattern for grip

Quadboss QBT673 30X10-14 6-Ply Front/Rear Tire

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There are so many types of tires to choose for your ATV, which is why Quadboss developed tires which offer one of the most aggressive treads to protect your vehicle on different surfaces. These tires can handle almost any surface and terrain and are always prepared to take on muddy trails and mud pits you might find yourself. Specifically, with a two-inch tread depth, these are good mud tires for your ATV. Also, with a built-in rim guard, these tires won’t trap mud inside of them but remain easy to maintain. Also, this rim guard protects your wheels from dents and scratches you might experience in extreme types of terrain.

These tires open you up to a whole new world and provide freedom. You don’t have to limit your adventures anymore, because these tires offer excellent traction and stability for your vehicle. Also, with 1,200-lb load capacity, these tires are ideal for almost any ATV.

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General SpecificationsFront/Rear Specifications
Total Quantity: 2Size: 30x10R-14
Tire Model: QBT673QTY: 2
Tire Type: Tube or TubelessRim Size: 8 in
Tire Material: NylonPly Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackWeight (lbs): 53.25 (each)
 Tread Depth (in): upto 2
 Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)

  • Exceptional tread for muddy situations
  • Built-in rim guards to protect your vehicle and offer easy maintenance
  • Suitable tires for different types of terrain
  • Six-ply rated tires to enhance durability


  • Might look too chunky on small ATVs, or make the vehicle harder to steer


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Terache is a talented brand dedicated to creating off-road accessories and essentials for driving enthusiasts. These premium mud tires come in a full set with a ply rating of eight. Thanks to their extra-deep tread depth, they help you handle your vehicle in all types of weather. As a result, you can comfortably use them in mud and snow with no difficulty. Designed with tough carcasses, these are the best mud ATV tires which are resistant to punctures. As a result, you can continue having fun and exploring different zones in the country without worrying about getting stuck.

Finished with a resilient processed rubber, these are the best mud ATV tires to last a long time. This feature also provides excellent stability for a fun and more secure ride. These cheap ATV tires are massively underrated considering the different types of terrain and surfaces they can handle. When we looked at customer reviews, many commented that these mud ATV tires are the most aggressive types they’ve ever come across.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General SpecsFront SpecsRear Specs
Total Quantity: 4Size: 30×9-14Size: 30×9-14
Tire Model: TE-AZQTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 14 x 7.0Rim Size: 14 x 7.0
Tire Material: RubberPly Rating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 30Overall Diameter (in): 30
 Side Wall (in): 9.1Side Wall (in): 9.1
 Max Load (lbs): 782 (355kg)Tread Depth (in): 1.57 (40mm)
 Max PSI: 12 (80kpa)Max Load (lbs): 782 (355kg)
 Weight (lbs): 41 (each)Max PSI: 12 (80kpa)
  Weight (lbs): 41 (each)

  • The tread pattern reaches down the sidewall for traction on deep ruts and rough terrain
  • Excellent grip and offer a smooth ride
  • Easy to clean and mud doesn’t tend to get trapped in the mud flaps


  • Rims not included


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If you’re searching for the best mud ATV tires for your favorite vehicle, these EFX tires are an excellent addition for your ATV and UTV. They offer a smooth and enjoyable ride every time you get in your terrain vehicles. It seems like there’s nothing these tires can’t handle. For example, they can easily crawl uphill, climb rocks and perform exceptionally well in light and heavy mud. As a result, driving in tough circumstances becomes more exciting and less intimidating and frightening.

These tires have a six-ply construction which offers an incredible grip on almost any terrain. Also, traveling around corners becomes easier, and you’re less likely to pinch the sides or damage your tires. These extreme ATV mud tires enhance your driving experience and make positive changes to your ATV and UTV. As this brand appreciates that the reason you own an ATV is to have incredible off-road experiences, these tires are designed to help you achieve precisely that. Despite handling extreme conditions – from mud to snow – these tires are light to steer, and make driving fun and relaxed again.


  • This tire has a 6-ply construction to provide you the best services.
  • There are gigantic 2” lugs
  • Rim protection is also ensured.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Unique tribal sidewall as well as design.


  • This item is not eligible for international shipping


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Looking for the best ATV mud tires can be daunting, and it might seem like every brand promises an incredible experience. However, Maxxis have designed high-quality mud tires which offer stability and handle surfaces exceptionally well. Unlike other types of tire, these aren’t expensive or excessively noisy on the road. Although they’re big and heavy, they don’t create a loud volume which you can hear from inside the vehicle. Instead, they’re fuel efficient and one of the best rear tires you can purchase.

Constructed incredibly well, these ATV mud tires are designed to use on mud and snow and feature an aggressive tread. This tread offers a dominant performance which won’t ever let you down. Most importantly, these tires give you the off-road experience you’re hoping for and provide a secure ride for the driver and passenger(s). Cost effective, reliable and constructed well, these tires have so much to offer.

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General Specifications:

Weight (Shipping):35.00 lbs
Size(L x W x H): 27.00 x 27.00 x 10.00 inches
Style:Both Mud and Snow
Section Width:10
Tread Model:Mudzilla
Construction:Belted Bias

  • Excellent design and performance
  • Aggressive and resistant to punctures – even on tough terrains
  • The tires can fit most ATVs and four-wheel vehicles
  • They are energy efficient and also made in an environmentally-friendly manner


  • he rim isn’t included in the purchase


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Are you looking for rear tires which features extra-deep lugs compared to competitor brands? If so, these Maxxis M961 tires are suitable for you. Designed for long journeys, these tires push mud away from grooves, so there’s little evidence of trails in mud and snow. While on off-road conditions, these are one of the best mud ATV tires to handle different surfaces well and adjust accordingly. Designed well and designed by professionals, these tires put your safety first, thanks to their extra-strong materials and reinforced construction. But, despite this strength, the tires are light and easy to fit onto your vehicle.

If you’re regularly climbing uphill and experience punctures, these ATV mud tires provide excellent traction and stability for such conditions. Thanks to its high puncture resistance, you don’t need to worry about driving over rocks or uneven surfaces, as the tires are designed to handle almost everything. Finally, as these ATV tires have a reinforced carcass, the tires curve well and adapt to the road to improve the strength of the overall tire.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General Specifications:

Tire Size23x11x10, 25x8x12, 26x10x12, 27x8x12, 27x10x12, 28x10x12
Bias / RadialBias Ply
Rim Size12, 10
Tube / TubelessTubeless
Ply Rating6-Ply

  • Features a six-play rated material which helps to reduce punctures on the tires
  • Offers a smooth ride and provides excellent stability
  • The tires work well in muddy, wet and snowy conditions
  • High-quality tires which are resistant to tough terrains


  • As the tire width is average, the ride might be choppy when traveling at slow speeds


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These might be the best mudding tires for ATV vehicles. ITP specially designed these tires to handle mud, rain, and snow, so no matter where you’re traveling, these tires will always keep you safe and protected. Thanks to popularity, these tires are reasonably priced and look more stylish than previous models. With a deep 1.5-inch tread depth, the tires are easier to clean than ever before and offer a comfortable ride on even the most uneven surfaces. They can also prevent punctures, thanks to the six-ply construction.

Just by looking at the tires, you can appreciate the level of time and effort which has gone into the design. As a result, customers around the world are pleased with how they support terrain vehicles and help individuals to have fun in off-road conditions. The tread pattern is less aggressive than previous tires, but this indeed isn’t a disadvantage if you intend to travel on a mixture of smooth and uneven surfaces.


  • Lightweight to offer easy handling
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable enough to use on a variety of surfaces
  • An attractive and modern design which improves the appearance of your ATV
  • Available in a total of eight designs and sizes
  • As they’re lightweight, you can pick up speeds quicker


  • Need regularly replacing if you continuously use them on tough terrain


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These are one of the best ATV tires for trail and mud, and just by looking at the picture, you can appreciate that they’re ready to go at any point. Designed purely for use on off-road surfaces, these tires protect your vehicle against thorns and guard against all kinds of terrain. With an excellent grip and traction, your truck won’t slide on mud and rain. Designed with an emphasis on protecting your vehicle on wild trails, you can quickly get through mud holes and carry yourself out of difficult conditions with minimal effort. This protection makes them a great go-to for fun adventures.

Made from a fine-tuned rubber compound, these are one of the best mud ATV tires made to last for years. Some competitor products often need replacing if you’re regularly traveling through mud or heading uphill. However, SuperATV created tires which can take you on the wildest adventures.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon


  • 6 Ply ratings
  • 2″ tread depth
  • Load Capacity: 585 @ 7 psi
  • Built-in Rim guard


  • Two-inch tread depth for a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Made from a fine-tuned rubber compound for lasting tire
  • Easy to self-clean
  • Two-inch tread depth for excellent grip in wet conditions


  •  Need replacing after a few years, if used regularly

ITP Monster Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 30x10-14

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These ITP Monster Mayhem Mud are the best type of tires for ATVs and the Grim Reaper. These tires are designed to pull you out of any difficult situation you find yourself in. As a result, you’ll experience a much smoother ride of tough terrain with these tires, than without them. Although they might not be the lightest ATV mud tire, this is because they are sturdy and ready for anything.

These tires feature an extra tall 30-inch size for your ATV to help it stand away from the ground. This size is an excellent feature to keeping your vehicle out of danger and preventing any scratches or damage. They’re also puncture-resistant, so you can focus more on what’s ahead of you than any risks you may encounter. Compared to the above best mud ATV tires, this particular design is beastly and monstrous for the heaviest ATVs and the toughest terrains.


  • These tires are compatible with the strongest and heaviest ATVs
  • They look great and monstrous for a bulky appearance
  • There’s almost no terrain or trail these tires can’t master
  • Ideal for pulling along heavy vehicles


  • Difficult to go around corners at speeds above 45mph

What Makes the Difference Between a Regular Tire and a Mud Tire?

The best mud ATV tires are designed specifically for off-road conditions. Mud tires can handle traveling over rocks, mud, sand, and water. Their treads are much larger than regular tires which provides better traction and more stability. The monster truck Grim Reaper uses mud tires for this purpose. Mud tires are excellent on the ground and great if you own an ATV which you like to have fun with. Many mud tires also come with additional mud flaps for easier maintenance and to prevent any mud or debris from scratching or damaging your ATV.

On the other hand, regular tires aren’t equipped for uneven surfaces and through treacherous weather conditions. Instead, they’re designed for on-road conditions, so they require less weight and tread. However, you can still customize this type of tire by opting for traction which can handle ice. With safety in mind, these tires can keep you safe on typical road conditions. Regular tires also tend to offer a smoother and less noisy driving experience.

Which of These Are the Best Mud ATV Tires for You?

Don’t feel like you can’t ride on tough terrains and through mud or snow. The weather or environment shouldn’t dictate your route or enjoyment. Instead, the above products are the best mud ATV tires for the most severe situations and conditions. But, ensure you pick the right size tires for your vehicle, or you risk imposing your safety and not seeing the full benefits these tires have to offer. However, if you’re comfortable making modifications to your vehicle, then go ahead and raise it from the floor. Otherwise, stick to the correct dimensions.

Which of these is the best mud ATV tires for you? Share your thoughts in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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