Best ATV Mud Tires of 2018 | (Trusted Reviews) & Comprehensive Guide

There are as many ATV tires available as there are types of terrain on planet Earth. Trying to pick one that will best meet your needs regardless of terrain can be tricky, but most research shows that there is a best-all-option based regardless of how and where you use your ATV. Let’s take a look at what a good set of cheap Best ATV mud tires can do for you.

Introduction to Best ATV Mud Tires

When it comes to riding your ATV unless you have very specific uses for it you need to put a good set of mud tires on if you want to ride safely over most if not all terrain. Mud tires provide significant additional traction, which helps prevent unsafe riding situations over rugged terrain.

It is essential to keep a   quality set of tires on your ATV, as worn tires start to play traction tricks on the road, or leave you stuck in muddy or wet conditions. For better control on steep inclines, snowy conditions, or slushy trails, mud tires offer the best of all worlds for even the most passionate ATV enthusiasts. Here are some important points to ponder when shopping for mud tires for your ATV.

Important Considerations

Tread Design

Mud tires differ from other types of ATV tire because of their directional tread design, deep lugs, and unique lug placement that are designed to direct mud away at a diagonal from the center of the tire.   That way, as the wheel spins, those arrow-shaped patterns on the tire enable your tires to dig deep and grab hold.

So as the mud is directed up and away from the tire, you get more traction and keep moving forward. There are also mud tires with treads that make for a smoother ride on hard packed surfaces as well, so you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice a comfortable ride when you switch to mud tire treads.

The key to choosing a good tread is balancing tire durability against wear with performance on hard corners. If you keep that balance in mind, choosing your mud tires becomes a much easier task.

Best ATV Mud Tires

Bias-Ply Tires

Biased ATV mud tires are just about everywhere you look when you go to a tire dealer, which truly expresses their popularity for different applications. Essentially, bias tires are constructed with cords or fabrics and increase overall strength by running diagonally across the diameter of the tire with overlapping plies, or layers.

They are especially popular with ATV sporting enthusiasts as they provide superior weight and rolling resistance; however, there are some minor drawbacks. Better traction leads to lower speeds and increased fuel consumption, but the increased manoeuvrability and safety of the majority of bias tires makes the drawbacks well worth their cost.

Ply Rating

When you shop for ATV tires, you need to look carefully at the individual ply ratings to understand how the tire is designed to be used. Sports riders tend to choose tires with lower ply ratings because of their better traction and control, especially on high inclines with a minimal load.

ATV owners who are looking to pull loads in muddier or slushier conditions are fans of higher ply ratings since they are better suited to hauling weight over a distance with consistent traction. 2-ply ATV tires meet the minimum safety requirements and are much softer for riding over soft, muddy surfaces.

The best ATV mud tires are usually 6-ply are designed to shift serious weight over rough terrain, and they have the added benefit of being more puncture resistant and longer-lasting than lower ply count tires.

How to Change an ATV Tire

Recommended Best ATV Mud Tires Review



Sun.F A033 ATV Tires will be the best companion of yours, if you want to hit any type of road. Regardless of the types of roads- muddy, sandy, made of gravel or snow as well as street roads, you will get the best experience of riding by using these tires. 6-ply high-quality rubber makes a durable structure of the tire which enables this tire to carry heavy loads.

The rubber is also designed to increase the life of the tread. This non-directional tread provides good grip of the road as well as enables flotation during sharp curves. Riders will enjoy the excellence of these tires while riding to the country, mountain or desert expeditions.

It will not only ensure the safety of drivers but also safety of the passengers who want to have an adventurous ride. The deep tread pattern of the wheels will ensure the grip of the road in both mud and snow. You will be certain that your ATV is fully loaded with this set of wheels, if you choose Sun.F A033 ATV Tires.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General SpecificationsFront SpecificationsRear Specifications
Total Quantity: 4Size: 25x8x12Size: 25x10x12
Tire Model: A033QTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 12 x 6.5 PlyRim Size: 12 x 8.0
Tire Material: RubberRating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 25Overall Diameter (in): 25
 Side Wall (in): 6.5Side Wall (in): 6.5
 Tread Depth (in): 0.83 (21mm)Tread Depth (in): 0.83 (21mm)
 Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)Max Load (lbs): 737 (335kg)
 Max PSI: 28Max PSI: 28
 Weight (lbs): 21 (each)Weight (lbs): 28 (each)

  • Provides exceptional performance.
  • Can ride any type of surface.
  • Gives years of service and takes a longer to wore out in any road condition or in any weather.
  • Reasonable price comparing to the market.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Worth the price of the product according to durability.
  • Tread of these tires grip very well to avoid slipping.

  • If you prefer thicker wheels, you may not like these tires.

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With a directional “V” angled knobby tread design, Sun.F A048 ATV Mud Tires will provide you with high performance in mud and loose dirt. It will work as a perfect replacement tire for your quad ATV, Go Kart, UTV, Golf Cart or Lawn Mower.

To resist your tire from punctures and abrasions, heavy 6 ply rated construction is used. This exclusive tire has a self-cleaning action to have an improved traction over rough terrain. You will get superb side bite and traction with added protection to rim and sidewall because of aggressive shoulder knobs.

The SunF corporation has enabled this tire with all the facility you need to have a comfortable ride in mud and loose dirt.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General SpecificationsFront SpecificationsRear Specifications
Total Quantity: 4Size: 26x9x12Size: 26x11x12
Tire Model: A048QTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 12 X 7.0Rim Size: 12 X 9.0
Tire Material: RubberPly Rating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 26Overall Diameter (in): 26
Side Wall (in): 7Side Wall (in): 7
Tread Depth (in): 1.18 (30mm)Tread Depth (in): 1.18 (30mm)
Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)Max Load (lbs): 737 (335kg)
Max PSI: 14Max PSI: 14
Weight (lbs): 24 (each)Weight (lbs): 30 (each)

  • You will get a set of 4 tires.
  • Tires are covered under 1-year warranty.
  • It is resistant to both punctures and abrasions.
  • Self-Cleaning action included to provide you improve traction over rough terrain.
  • Extremely Aggressive shoulder knobs provide superb side bite and traction.
  • Added protection to rim and sidewall.
  • Performs highly in mud and loose dirt.

  • Rim(s) not included.

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Quadboss QBT673 30X10-14 6-Ply Front/Rear Tire

No other Mud Tire in the QuadBoss line of tires is as aggressive as QUADBOSS QBT673. It can be undoubtedly said that this tire will suite you the most, if mudding is a part and parcel of your life. The load capacity provided to you by the manufacturer of this tire is 1200 lbs.

This tire is empowered with a built-in rim guard. This rim guard will not only protect the wheels of the tires from both dents and dings but also will enhance the performance. You will find Directional tread in this tire which enables optimal traction.

This optimal traction has made these ATV tires different from its competition in the market. 6-ply rated design will ensure that you get the value of your money through the durability of this tire. This ATV tire comes in variable sizes from 30”-34”. In addition, this tire has Up to 2 in. of tread depth.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General SpecificationsFront/Rear Specifications
Total Quantity: 2Size: 30x10R-14
Tire Model: QBT673QTY: 2
Tire Type: Tube or TubelessRim Size: 8 in
Tire Material: NylonPly Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackWeight (lbs): 53.25 (each)
Tread Depth (in): upto 2
Max Load (lbs): 638 (290kg)

  • An aggressive mud tire to provide you the best experience of mudding.
  • A built-in rim guard to protect the wheels of the tires.
  • Directional tread for optimal traction.
  • 6 ply rated tires to enhance durability.

  • None

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The Terache AZTEX tire is your ultimate solution for travelling in both mud and snow terrain. If you like to have an aggressive tread design. This tire will be a perfect choice of you.

Extra DEEP Paddle-Style knobs with the aggressive tread design will sling out anything (mud / snow) that comes its way with a view to keeping maximum traction on your ride. These tires can suit your Arctic Cat, Bombardier, John Deere, Honda, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki off-road vehicle and more.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General SpecsFront SpecsRear Specs
Total Quantity: 4Size: 30×9-14Size: 30×9-14
Tire Model: TE-AZQTY: 2QTY: 2
Tire Type: TubelessRim Size: 14 x 7.0Rim Size: 14 x 7.0
Tire Material: RubberPly Rating: 6Ply Rating: 6
Tire Color: BlackOverall Diameter (in): 30Overall Diameter (in): 30
Side Wall (in): 9.1Side Wall (in): 9.1
Max Load (lbs): 782 (355kg)Tread Depth (in): 1.57 (40mm)
Max PSI: 12 (80kpa)Max Load (lbs): 782 (355kg)
Weight (lbs): 41 (each)Max PSI: 12 (80kpa)
Weight (lbs): 41 (each)

  • Can be used in both snow and mud.
  • Have an aggressive tread design.
  • Can provide maximum traction.
  • Ultimate solution for travelling in both mud and snow

  • Rims not included.

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You will get the next level of mudding experience using The EFX Moto Monster true swamp Extreme Mud A/T ATV tire. This tire is an aggressive AG Style deep mud tread which is designed for extreme mud riding.

It will easily hook up, clean out as well as get you out of the pits. Each lug tread pattern is 2” with an extensive side paddle on the shoulder lug to keep an edge each and every time No matter how extensive the terrain is each side paddles will flow into a seamless wheel protector.

It will keep you wheels in perfect condition. An awesome reptile scale theme throughout the design with fierce eyes is added to have each and every revolution.


  • This tire has a 6-ply construction to provide you the best services.
  • There are gigantic 2” lugs
  • Rim protection is also ensured.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Unique tribal sidewall as well as design.

  • This item is not eligible for international shipping

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Maxxis M966 MudZilla Utility ATV F/R Rowl Tire is the ultimate ATV mud tire for you. This aggressive looking tire has pyramid-shaped tread blocks and long biting lugs. So, it is not only built to ride in the mud but also ride through mud.

You do not have to worry if the conditions are sloppy because it applies equally biting traction. The design of the tire has advanced sidewall outline white letter labeling design. Massive tread bars give maximum traction in mud. It also provides you with a smooth ride on hard-pack surfaces.

The specifically designed tread pattern is constructed to have more flexibility in mud accumulating areas. It has 6-ply rating for worry-free puncture resistance. Tire offers rim guard to have maximum wheel protection.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General Specifications:

Weight (Shipping):35.00 lbs
Size(L x W x H): 27.00 x 27.00 x 10.00 inches
Style:Both Mud and Snow
Section Width:10
Tread Model:Mudzilla
Construction:Belted Bias

  • Excellent mud traction is provided by tread depth.
  • Overall diameter emphasizes off-road durability
  • Extra-large aggressive tread design
  • Strong casing strength
  • Excellent traction both on dirt and mud
  • Deep wraparound shoulder bars protect the sidewalls and pull you through deep ruts
  • Tires feature raised outline white lettering.

  • When mounting oversized tires on your ATV, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.
  • The rim is NOT included.

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To have superior traction in the deepest mud, you can choose MAXXIS M961 MUDBUG ATV tire. This is enabled in this tire by 30 mm tread bar height. This comprehensive tread pattern delivers superior traction in mud. This superior traction will not sacrifice performance or comfort while riding.

It is one of the lightest mud tires on the market. The 6-ply rating of this tire ensures excellent puncture resistance. It has Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) technology which delivers strength, reduces weight as well as sheds mud. There is a Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) added to the overall tread lug strength.

It has the special capability of sweeping. As a rider you will be able to tackle the most extreme riding condition. You will find it very easy to mount but be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance. All tires are sold individually.

More Sizes are Available on Amazon

General Specifications:

Tire Size23x11x10, 25x8x12, 26x10x12, 27x8x12, 27x10x12, 28x10x12
Bias / RadialBias Ply
Rim Size12, 10
Tube / TubelessTubeless
Ply Rating6-Ply

  • Provides superior traction in the deepest mud.
  • Performance highly.
  • Comfort riding.
  • Lightest (26 pounds) mud tires on the market.
  • Puncture resistant 6-ply rating.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Delivers Strength, Reduces Weight, and Sheds Mud.

  • None

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With Ultra-deep 1.5-inch tread depth and 6-ply design, ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire is ready to hit the roughest trails with ease. This tire is Designed for high performance in the mud. Its extreme aggressive tread pattern works wonders while you rip through not only the deepest but also nastiest bog.

In addition, it is constructed using an extended-wear rubber compound. This rubber compound ensures longer durability and wear. These tires are best for you, if you are rigorously looking to shift some serious weight and seeking to have powerful traction.

While doing that it will not sacrifice the quality of your ride. In terms of performance and quality, you aren’t going to find any better. In spite of astounding off-road abilities, the Mega Mayhem is still enough well-mannered to behave on flat or hard surfaces without causing any sort of discomforts.


  • Unique tread pattern behaves well on harder surfaces.
  • It has 8 different sizes to chose from.
  • Delivers exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics as well as balanced cornering traits.
  • Attractive design.
  • Unquestioned durability will make sure to count every penny.

  • Loose feel to the rear.
  • It is not eligible for international shipping.

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If you love driving into the deep mud hole but hate getting pulled out, a perfect solution for you is the Super ATV Terminator Tires. I will recommend SuperATV’s Terminator as the most aggressive mud tire on the market.

This tire has kept the name of real terminator by having the ability to take you to those places where other tires can only dream of going. 6-Ply construction of this tire is designed for ultimate off-road performance. It will guard you against all the thorns and terrain.

With its 2” angled tread design, the tire diverts not only mud away but also provides improved grip and traction. It Features a load capacity of 585 @ 7 psi which has kept behind all its competition. To protect the wheels from dings and dents, these tires have a built-in rim guard.

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  • 6 Ply ratings
  • 2″ tread depth
  • Load Capacity: 585 @ 7 psi
  • Built-in Rim guard

  • Unmatched grip when the going gets tough
  • Built in rim guard to protect wheels from dings and dents
  • Unique tapered tread for self-cleaning
  • Provides a long durability.
  • Most aggressive

  • Not at the moment

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ITP Monster Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 30x10-14

These massive mud tires “ITP Monster Mayhem Mud” live up to their name in every imaginable respect. Intended for Utility 4x4s and UTVs, this 30 inch wide tires provide exceptional grip even in the deep muck along rivers and creeks as well as in deep snow, making them a great choice for long hauls.

However, even with their monster treads, they still deliver a smooth ride on trails and flat terrain as well, keeping you comfortable on your long treks through the backcountry and up and down mountainous trails. Best of all, their 6-ply construction makes them suitable for hauling cargo or riding solo.

I’d recommend these tires for anyone that is looking to maintain deep traction in any conditions whether they are riding solo off-road or trekking through open country.


  • It is compatible with 4X4 or UTV
  • It moves smoothly on any terrains and in the mud
  • It is an awesome tire that can find its way in the mud and rocks
  • It last longer because it doesn’t tear or wear easily
  • It is reliable and durable when in use
  • It give the ATV more stability

  • None at the moment

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The Final Verdict

Since I am a fascinated mud rider of my own, I have tried to explain the best ATV mud tires for you. While choosing tires to purchase, you should consider the tread design, ply ratings and bias ply tires.

If you want to have my opinion to choose a set of the best ATV mud tires, I will inspire you to choose Sun.F A033 ATV Tires because of its withstand capability to take a lot of stress on the road. Happy riding!

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