Top Ten Best ATV Heated Grips

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Adding some heated grips to your ATV is essential if you often ride in cold temperatures. Cold can numb your hands and slow down your reflexes. Heated grips will also make the handles of your ATV more comfortable. They are very easy to install and are a must-have accessory if you live in a cold climate. Here are a few product recommendations to help you find the best ATV heated grips.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We compared different heated grips for ATVs and motorcycles and rated the products according to these criteria:

  • Easy to install. You should be able to install these products within a few minutes without any special tools required.
  • Temperature control. We looked for heated grips that come with different heat settings, and that lets you easily adjust the temperature.
  • Durability. We gave higher ratings to the products designed to last.
  • Comfort. We looked for products with features that will make your ATV more comfortable, such as cushioned grips.
  • Reviews. We looked at reviews to make sure these heated grips meet shoppers’ expectations.

Top Ten Best ATV Heated Grips

Here are some of the best heated grips we found.

Western Power Sports Heated Grip

Western Power Sports Heated Grip - Black
  • Warms up to steady heat when engine is running
  • Quality rubber is resistant to low temperatures and resists cracking
  • Easy to use sealed controls

These heated grips are designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions. The quality of this product makes these grips a great choice if you are worried about frostbite.

The grips are made from rubber. They are durable and the rubber is textured to improve your grip on the handles, even when you are wearing gloves.

These heated grips are designed to be installed on an ATV with a thumb throttle. The controls are sealed in a small box that you can attach to the handlebar.

The controls include an on and off switch, and a high and low setting. The grips heat up quickly and deliver steady heat.

However, you need to glue the grips to the handlebar. This makes the grips difficult to remove, but this product is perfect if you want to install heated grips permanently due to the quality of the rubber and steady heat.

Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip

Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip
  • Plug & Play connectors
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Handlebar mounted dial switch

These heated grips feature a dial switch with two heat settings. The grips are covered in a thick layer of rubber with textured dents.

You can mount on the dial switch on the handlebar to adjust the heat without stopping. These heated grips are great if you are looking for an affordable product.

Some shoppers say the high setting is too hot even with gloves on. It might be best to only use these heated grips on the low setting and to choose a different product if you need grips with a more reliable high setting.

The dial switch, easy installation, and comfortable grips make this product a good option if you want heated grips to be more comfortable.

Heat Demon 215049 High.Low ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit With Round Rocker Switch

Heat Demon 215049 High/Low ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit with Round...
  • "fits all atv makes and models with a 7/8"" handlebar"
  • two (2) heated clamp-on grips - no adhesive required for installation
  • comes with a 3-position (off, low, high) round rocker switch

​These grips are designed to work on any ATV with a 7/8” handlebar. They are easy to install thanks to the clamp-on design. You can also easily remove the heated grips if you no longer need them.

The controls include an on/off switch and a high temperature setting. It’s a rocker switch so you can easily turn the grips on and adjust the temperature without stopping.

The wires are sturdy and well-insulated. The product has received excellent reviews.

These grips are more expensive than other products but represent a great investment thanks to their sturdy design. The grips aren’t as padded as other products, which makes them ideal if you want to install heated grips without adding any bulk to the handlebar of your ATV.

QuadBoss Heated Grips

Quadboss Heated Grips
  • Chances are you're all too familiar with this question: What are you going to do with it? Whether it's your spouse,...
  • Your quad doesn't have to look like or perform like every other quad that came rolling off the assembly line.
  • You can MAKE IT YOURS.

​These QuadBoss heated grips are a great budget option. We like the cushioning that makes the grips more comfortable.

The wires come with connector elements so you can easily install the heated grips and connect them to your ATV’s battery. There is a small clip you can attach to your handlebar to keep the temperature controls within reach.

The best thing about these heated grips is that there are five heat settings to choose from. The brand has a great reputation, and these grips are easy to install as long as your ATV has a thumb throttle.

We highly recommend this product if you want affordable heated grips with different temperature settings.

BikeMaster Heated Grips

BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)
  • For twist throttle applications
  • This new elegant grip design with revolutionary heating structure delivers heat faster than ever. The new five-level...
  • Elegant, open-end grip design make the heated grip both functional and stylish

The BikeMaster heated grips are an affordable option. These grips have received excellent reviews and are suitable for ATVs and bikes.

These grips are compatible with twist throttle bikes and ATVs. Most heated grips for ATVs are designed for thumb throttle models.

The textured grips feel very comfortable and add some cushioning to the handles. The controls include an on/off button as well as five heat settings.

The grips are designed to fit over 7/8” handles. They are made from a resistance rubber material that is perfect for extreme temperatures. We highly recommend these heated grips if you have an ATV with a twist throttle.

Oxford OF768Z Heaterz ATV Heated Handlebar Grips

Oxford OF692Z Heaterz Premium Sports Heated Handlebar Grips
  • Soft, ultra-grippy diamond tread is inspired by race grips for comfort and feedback
  • The intelligent heat controller uses a sealed-for-life welded case construction for long-term durability and...
  • Ergonomically engineered grips

​These high-quality ATV heated grips are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. These heated grips are perfect if you are riding in areas where frostbite can be an issue.

The temperature controls include four different heat settings. The controls are digital, which means the temperature adjustment is more precise than with other products.

The kit comes with high-quality insulated wires and battery connectors. Shoppers say that installation takes time and some people have a hard time with getting the grips to slip over the handles.

The installation process is a drawback, but these heated grips are ideal if you are looking for reliable grips with different temperature settings.

Kimpex Black Deluxe Heated Grips w/Thumb Warmer Kit

​These Kimpex heated grips are designed for 7/8” handlebars. They come with cable ties and heat shrink tubes to help you keep the wires out of the way once the heat grips are installed.

This is a nice addition since most heated grips only come with the wires you need to connect the grips to the battery. The kit also includes a dial with four temperature settings.

These grips are a good option if you need a reliable and affordable product and don’t want to shop for additional accessories to secure the wires to your ATV.

2018 Honda Fourtrax Foreman 4x4 Heated Grips

Honda 08T71-MGS-A30 Heated Grips
  • Smaller, more integrated controls
  • Reduced grip diameter
  • Requires accessory wire harness and heated grips attachment kit for installation

These heated grips are an official accessory for the Honda Fourtrax Foreman 4x4 ATV. However, they fit standard ATV handlebars.

This is a high-quality product from Honda that we recommend if you use your ATV in an extreme environment. The grips are more expensive compared to other products but you won’t regret this investment.

These push-on grips are easy to install and don’t require any adhesive to be secured to the handles of your ATV. The controls feature LED indicators to help you keep track of the heat settings, and you can choose from five different levels of heat.

Note that these heated grips are only compatible with thumb throttle ATVs.

Koso Multi Adjustment Heated Grips

Koso AM10711F 7/8" + 7/8" Multi-Adjustment Heated Grips
  • For thumb throttle
  • Low Battery Warning protect to ensure the motorcycle have enough power to start the engine
  • With Heated thumb

​Koso is an excellent choice because the brand offers different heated grip designs. You can choose between a 7/8” twist throttle heated grips, 1” twist throttle grips, and 7/8” twist throttle grips.

The heated grips come in a kit that includes the adhesive you need to secure them on the handles of your ATV. You will also get insulated wires and shrink wrap tubes.

There are six different temperature settings, and the control dial features some LED lights so you can easily see which setting the heated grips are on. The product also includes an auto-shutoff feature.

The only downside of this product is that the temperature control dial is meant to be glued on the handlebar of your ATV, but this is something you can easily customize by attaching a small clip to the back of the dial.

Symtec Heat Demon ATV Handlebar Grip Heater Kit

Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit
  • Fits all ATV makes and models with a 7/8" handlebar
  • Two (2) heated clamp-on grips and one (1) adhesive-backed silicone thumb warmer
  • Dual-Zone Controller - select your thumb and grip heat levels separately

We like this grip heater kit because it is customizable. The kit includes two thin heating element that you can wrap around the handles of your ATV, some wires, and a simple switch to turn the heating elements on and select a high or low setting.

You can then shop for rubber grips and install them over the heating elements. This is a good option to consider if you can’t find heated grips you like. The heating elements are thin enough to fit under standard ATV grips.

You might be able to remove the original grips of your ATV, install the heating elements, and replace the grips over the heating elements.

The basic temperature controls are somewhat of a drawback, but this is still an option worth considering if you want to customize your ATV grips.

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For ATV Heated Grips

Are you thinking about upgrading your ATV or motorcycle with some heated grips? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Benefits of ATV Heated Grips

If you need to ride your ATV in cold temperatures, your hands will get cold even if you wear gloves. Heated grips will keep you comfortable and prevent numbness.

Heated grips are a must-have feature if you live in a cold area where frostbite is a possibility. This accessory will help keep you safe since you might not be able to brake quickly enough if your hands are numb from the cold.

Keep in mind that the wind-chill factor is a thing when riding an ATV or motorcycle. The temperature might not be extremely cold, but the wind-chill factor can numb your hands once you pick up speed.

Heated grips are very easy to install. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade your ATV, and you can easily remove the grips when you no longer need them.

Features To Look For

two people riding an atv with atv heated grips

Image by byrev via

Make sure the heated grips you choose are compatible with the size of the handles on your ATV. ATV handles either have a 1 1/8” or 7/8” diameter.

You should also look at the temperature control options on the heated grips. Some grips are very basic and only come with an on/off switch. It’s best to choose grips that let you adjust the temperature.

Make sure the temperature control feature is easy to access. You should be able to turn the heated grips on and off and adjust the temperature without having to stop.

Pay attention to the material and texture of the grips. Cushioned grips can be more comfortable. Textured grips are best since you will be riding with gloves on.

Inspect the wires included with the heated grips. Make sure they are properly insulated, easy to install, and won’t get in the way when you are riding.

An auto-shutdown feature will make the heated grips safer to use.

You should also look at the price, quality, and durability of the heated grips. It’s crucial to invest in reliable grips if you need to ride in extreme temperatures. You can save money on the long-term by investing in heated grips that will last several years.

If you are shopping for grips you will use occasionally and want them to be more comfortable, a more affordable set of heated grips can be a good option.

Look for grips that are easy to install. Most ATV heated grips can be slipped over the handles of your ATV and quickly connected to the battery of the vehicle.

These tips should help you find the right heated grips for your ATV or motorcycle. The products we have listed above are worth considering but don’t hesitate to shop around to explore other options.

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