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One of our responsibility as ATV owner is to give maximum protection to our four wheeler. The perfect way to execute this is through the use of the best ATV cover. Covers for ATV is made with different materials and they have different uses such as the waterproof and UV. resistant cover which is used for Outdoors, Vented and breathable covers for dust and rust protection, and rip-proof and tight fitting for towing.

The best ATV cover is separated into two categories, outdoor and indoor. However, some covers can be used for both outdoor and indoor covering.

Types of ATV Covers

Indoor: The important things you avoid for indoor covers are scratch, dust and rust protection. The dust protection comes from a snug fit which protect the ATV from dust. It has elastic edges and straps around the bottom which makes it the perfect fit.

Scratch resistant cover is perfectly okay with a softer material just like cotton. Some other materials can scratch the ATV. So, therefore, if you are choosing a nylon cover, you just have to ensure it has a non-scratch inner lining.

Outdoor: If you will be using the cover for outdoor use, then you should consider going for the waterproof and UV resistant. They are made of heavier nylon or PVC which makes scratching inevitable so you have to be more careful.

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ATV Covers – The materials for different needs


  • Nylon: Good for protecting your ATV. But in case you are more concerned about the scratch, you can opt for the ones that come with a soft lining. Note: they don’t have good UV resistant so they perform low when used as outdoor covers.
  • Cotton: This have a soft and flexible surface which helps to effectively keep dust off. It has the propensity to hold moisture during humid weather condition.


  • Canvas: This material is durable and reliable and it is water resistant.
  • Microfiber: This material is very soft and offers breathability. Also, it is well suited to tighter form fitting different style of covers.
  • PVC: This material is effective in keeping your ATV from water but it can’t stand the UV
  • Tyvek: This is a new material for ATV covers and it is very good with its features such as water resistance, UV resistance, and breathability

Important things to consider before buying ATV covers

  • Elastic edge: This helps you to secure your ATV with the cover from the bottom to prevent winds from getting underneath and to protect it from dust from penetrating from the bottom
  • Security straps: the cover you get should either have an elastic edge and if not, these security straps work better than the elastic edge because it fits tighter.
  • Waterproof: When water gets too much on your ATV, it has every tendency to rust easily. So this feature is what to consider if you want to prevent your vehicle from rust.
  • Breathable: This allows mist to escape during high humidity.
  • Venting: This helps to prevent rust and keep the body of your ATV safe during windy condition.
  • UV protection: It helps to protect your vehicles from sun and rays.
  • Color: this depends on a person’s preference.

All the factors listed above will help you in making the right decision. So, let’s check out top choice of the best ATV covers you can choose from.

Recommended Best ATV Cover Reviews


1. MadDog GearAll Weather Protection ATV Cover

DO you own an ATV and you are in need of a cover to keep your ATV safe but confused on the type of cover to get? MadDog GearAll Weather Protection ATV Cover fits your need. This is a cover that is designed to give maximum protection to ATV. Nothing is as very important to taking good care of your ATV and one perfect way to achieve this is through the use of covers.

This can be used both outdoor and indoor to protect the ATV from sun, dust and harmful sun or UV rays. It has an elastic edge that fits the ATV snugly and it comes with a storage bag. It has a year warranty which means you can choose to return it if you are not satisfied with the performance.

  • It is big enough to cover the ATV perfectly
  • It is a heavy duty cover
  • It can be used on other vehicles too
  • It is made of quality material
  • None at the moment

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2. Heavy Duty Waterproof ATV Cover Fits

This is a big cover for ATVs and it comes with a camouflage color. It is one of the best covers for ATV on the market because of its design and the material it is made off. You can get your ATV secured and protected with the use of this weather protective fabric.

It is a heavy duty Cover that protect your ATV from rusting due to its water resistant feature. It protects the ATV from dirt, sun, bad weather condition, tree sap and some unseen elements. This is very good for those who own an ATV, riding mowers and tractors. It comes with a storage bag in which you can easily fold and store when not in use to keep it safe, it has an adjustable trailering strap and a shock hem.

It falls among the category of covers that resist mildew and this is an option to look out for when purchasing a cover for your ATV.

  • It is a good cover for ATVs
  • It has an adjustable strap
  • It keeps your ATV safe and protected from damaging materials
  • It can only be used as an indoor cover
  • It can’t stand the sun and UV for long to avoid tear and wear

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3. Badass Moto Gear ATV Cover

This isn’t just one of the cheap cover but a great deal to get your ATV safe and secure to increase its year of usage without less or no worries. This cover protects your ATV form the sun, mildew, dust, birds, dirt, pollen, wind and rain. It uses a high tech waterproof coatings with an integrated trailering system.

It has a durable elastic strap at the bottom to ensure it covers very well and latches buckles for extra protection against wind. It has a zippered access panel that lets you easily reach the tank and cockpit of your ATV easily without stress. It has an added feature of Hi Viz Bold Yellow Stripes which makes Your ATV visible in the dark.

  • You can easily reach for the tank without removing the cover
  • It is strong and durable
  • It can be used for outdoor and indoor covering
  • It is effective in keeping your ATV safe from materials that can damage it
  • None at the moment

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4. Honda ATV Outdoor Storage Cover Black

This is a Honda ATV cover specially made for those who have ATV from Honda. It has the logo of Honda on it and this doesn’t mean you can’t use on any other ATV.  This is an outdoor cover and it is an extra-large size which means it can easily cover ATV of different sizes.

The heavy-duty coated polyester cover is useful in keeping your ATV from the sun, UV, rain, dust and other materials that can cause damages to your vehicle. The cover is made with double stiches which makes it durable and strong enough to withstand any force or wind.

  • Shock cord to ensure a snug fit
  • It is an extra-large cover
  • It can keep your ATV secure when not in use
  • It is an outdoor cover
  • It fairly inexpensive
  • It doesn’t fade or wear easily
  • None at the moment

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5. LotFancy All Weather ATV Cover

Talking about quality and durability, you can’t overlook LotFancy All Weather ATV Cover. This is made of 300 x 300D woven nylon which makes it very durable and strong enough to handle anything thrown at it. The cover comes in three different sizes and the one you choose is determined by the kind of ATV you own.

It has all it takes to keep your ATV free and safe from any weather condition such as rain, snow, and dew. It has two air vents with Velcro closures to ensure moisture escape. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with the cover, you can return it as it has a money back guarantee within the first year of use.

  • It is a durable universal cover
  • It has a bag to store your cover whenever not in use
  • It is one of the best cover to keep your ATV safe and secure
  • It has a money back guarantee
  • None at the moment

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6. Guardian by Dowco - Outdoor ATV Cover

I added this to my top choice list because it works for both outdoor and indoor. As the name implies Guardian, this effectively guards your ATV against rain, sun, UV, dirt, dust, birds, scratch from the external source, wind, and water. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. But I will suggest you make use of it as an indoor cover because it has the tendency to wear and tear if exposed to too much sun and UV.

However, it is water resistant and has an elastic hem for the snug fit. It is made from Dowco which is known for producing quality products. This is a good option for those who have ATV and more concerned about keeping it safe with the use of a cover.

  • It is water resistant
  • It has two years of warranty
  • It is durable and reliable
  • It has an elastic hem which makes the snug to fit very well
  • It is fairly inexpensive and affordable
  • None at the moment

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7. Black/Grey XX-Large Deluxe ATV Storage Cover

This ATV cover produced by classic Accessories utilizes high-quality ProtekX3 fabric and it is water resistant in which it has an exterior coating designed to handle any weather condition. It keeps the ATV safe from sun, rain, water, UV, dirt, dust, birds and abrasion. This is designed to fit any kind of ATV as it incorporates quick adjusting straps, buckles and tension panels to keep the cover on the ATV tight while trailering.

It has dual air vents which reduce the inside moisture and wind lofting. You don’t have to remove the cover on the ATV before having access to the tank, it is accessible through the zippered panels.

  • It has two-year warranty
  • In comes with a storage bag
  • It has an elastic cord hem for a fast and tight fit
  • It has dual air vents which reduces moisture on the ATV
  • It has split rear panel for easy installation
  • None at the moment

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8. Rain-X 804526 Black X-Large ATV Cover

The very first thing that caught my attention about the cover is the seven years warranty. It shows the level of quality and trust the producers have with their product. This cover is designed for outdoor use and has all it takes to ensure you vehicle is secure and safe against all odds.

It is water resistant, has UV protection, it has full elastic hem using the heavy duty shock cord, it has double air vents and a double stich felled seams. It comes in a black color and it is very rugged and strong which means it won’t wear or tear easily.

  • It comes with extra-large size which means it can cover any ATV
  • It is fairly inexpensive
  • It offers maximum protection to the ATV
  • It is very strong and durable
  • None at the moment

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9. FH Group AC705OLIVE-XXL Waterproof Cover

Do you need a versatile Cover for your ATV and other vehicles you have in your parking space? This is one of the covers you should consider. This fits most ATV vehicles, motorbike, and scooter. It comes with a portable bag in which you can easily store your cover whenever not in use.

It has heat reflective feature and it is UV resistant which makes it stand against cold and hot weather condition. It has features such as high density, abrasion resistant, waterproof, abrasion resistant from pain, scratch and UV rays.

  • It can fits any vehicle
  • It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is large and works perfectly on any ATV
  • None at the moment

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10. Guardian By Dowco - Outdoor ATV Cover

This is another cover of Guardian by Dowco but this doesn’t come with black color but a camouflage color. It has all the qualities and features like the one with the black color with the only difference of size. This comes in XXXL size and can fit any vehicle perfectly.

It is water resistant, made of quality materials, strong enough to handle wind and any weather condition. It is very easy to install and easy to store whenever not in use.

  • It has elastic hem for perfect snug it
  • It is very easy to use and install
  • It covers the ATV perfectly
  • It is big enough to fit any kind of ATV
  • None at the moment

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Having one of the best ATV cover for your vehicle isn’t an option but a necessity for those who love to keep their vehicle safe and secured. I’ve made the list of the best ATV covers you can choose from above with my focus on the features, pros, and cons. This guide will be able to help you in making the right decision.

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