Top 7 ATV Storage Box Brands Revealed

ATV with a mounted ATV storage box for tools and other items

You take the time to invest in getting a reliable ATV, so you need an ATV storage box that matches in quality and provides ample capacity.

When you need to haul tools, hunting supplies, or other types of gear, the right ATV storage box makes things a breeze. An ATV is perfect for venturing off the beaten path and exploring the great outdoors, so a storage box needs to have enough sizable compartments for tackling the day. - shop now!
Black Widow Locking ATV Cargo Box

A storage box is a must unless you don’t mind saddling yourself with a backpack to hold your possessions.

ATV riders should be prepared and make sure to have the following in their storage box.

  • Basic tool kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Winch and tow strap
  • Extra gas

Being prepared by gathering essential items will make riding out on an ATV a lot more fun. Having specific items stowed away in your box frees your mind to focus on enjoying the terrain, and not left stressed and scrambling over any minor incidents.

Accidents can happen, so ATV riders should have a helmet, first aid kit, and tools to fix or change a flat tire.

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Best Uses For ATV

An ATV is a versatile piece of equipment that can help accomplish a lot of tasks. ATVs are excellent for transporting supplies, mowing grass, raking, plowing snow and towing wood.

man driving his atv through shallow water

If you want to see America, riding on the back of an ATV is a great way to venture the roads less traveled. Some of the ideal locations to go trekking on an ATV include the following.

  • Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia
  • Baxter State Park in Maine
  • Imperial Sand Dunes in California

Know what you want to get out of your ATV, and take steps to conduct routine maintenance for longevity and optimal performance. ATVs are a powerful workhorse to have, whether you use it for work, play, or sport.

Maintain Your ATV

dirty atv
  • Routinely check on your ATVs oil, make sure the gas tank is full, and wash your baby as needed.
  • You don’t have to leave mud stains caked on the body or tires to prove that you are an outdoor enthusiast.
  • Regularly check on the CV belt, and make sure the air filters are clean.
  • Before you decide to push your ATV to the limit, give your vehicle some time to get broken in first, so you know your limits.
  • Look for loose parts that could some tightening up, and be mindful about the tire pressure before you plan a trip to the trails.
  • Always remember to be prepared by towing an extra can of gas, because you never want to end up running on empty. If the well runs dry, the engine can suffer.
  • Know your limits when it comes to how comfortable you are with riding conditions. It is possible for your ATV to get stuck in mud or snow, so you will want to invest in a quality winch to help get you out. It is essential to keep a tow strap in your storage box, in case you need to remove an obstacle, or you want to drag back a trophy from an outdoor excursion.
  • When you go for a ride, make sure to keep water, in case you need to cool down overheating parts.
  • You can ride on a flat for a little while if you have to, but it is better to keep an air compressor and patch kit to fix tire problems on the fly. If you are off-roading somewhere deep in the woods and get stuck, you’re going to have to be resourceful about extracting your vehicle. Hopefully, if you are riding with a friend, someone has a tow strap or winch, when you can’t call AAA.
  • Aside from wearing protective clothing and a helmet when you go out on your ATV, equip your storage box with a tool kit.
  • A multi-tool like a Swiss Army knife is a must, as well as vise grips, duct tape, zip ties, and a small flashlight.

How We Choose Our Ratings

We compiled our list of the best storage boxes for ATVs after carefully examining construction materials, durability, capacity size, and reviews from real customers. Most of the boxes we chose were appropriate for rear mounting, but we also considered storage boxes for the front.

Top 7 ATV Storage Box Brands

Most ATV riders might prefer a rear mounted storage box because they leave plenty of room for a comfy backrest right beside the cooler. We selected these brands of storage boxes for ATV because of their high ratings with real people, brand reputation, and cost-effectiveness for various budgets.

Black Widow Locking ATV Cargo Box
  • Locking storage box enables you to store extra cargo safely on the back of your ATV or UTV
  • Weatherproof tongue and groove seal provides protection from all weather conditions
  • Four U-bolts for easy mounting and rear reflectors for nighttime visibility; includes a built-in cushioned backrest for...

Enjoy riding around in your ATV in all sorts of weather conditions with confidence, when you outfit your vehicle with a rear-mounted cargo box from Black Widow.

This storage box is meant to be rock solid, thanks to its thick plastic construction, and it’s waterproof. One downside is that this box might have issues staying locked, but it provides plenty of room for your gear with some to spare.

Instead of reflector stickers, this box comes with bolted through reflecting plastic. There is enough storage space for a full-face helmet, and the sealing helps keep out dust, debris, and water.

At the widest point, this box measure 35 inches in length, and from front to back it stops at 20 inches. The lid is recessed, and the depth is 12.5 inches.

The latches on the box are stable enough to keep dust out for the most part, but it won’t deter anyone with sticky fingers on a mission to break into your box. If the sealing seems a bit inadequate, that’s an easy fix with a thicker gasket.

Rear passengers will appreciate the included rear seat pad, so traveling on uneven terrain with bumps and jerks isn’t too uncomfortable.

Four U-bolts make mounting this storage box on your ATV easy, and the rear reflectors improve visibility when riding at night.


  • Waterproof with sealing and latches
  • Rock-solid construction of durable plastic
  • Plenty of room for your stuff


  • This box doesn’t lock to deter theft
Polaris Lock & Ride 69 QT Cargo Box
  • See product description below for vehicle fitment or to verify fitment for your specific vehicle, please contact us, and...
  • Lock & Ride Technology for tool free installation, removal and cleaning
  • Injection-molded UV resistant polyethylene

Let’s face it, when you’re out zooming around the trails on your ATV, you want to keep the refreshments ice cold and ready.

Not only can you use this cargo box to keep clothes, smartphone, or gear nice and dry, but you can insulate drinks.

This box was constructed with three inches of thick foam, heavy duty latches made from rubber, and a seal on the lid. You will have plenty of room for whatever you need to take along for the ride, thanks to the 30-liter capacity of this box.

All the hardware you need to install this box is included, and it comes with a built-in drain plug. Pack this baby with ice and drinks, or keep your box at the ready for the catch of the day.


  • Insulation keeps beverages cold
  • Plenty of space with 30-liter capacity
  • Waterproof with a sealed lid to keep out water or mud


  • Made for drinks
KIMPEX 458000 Black Nomad Trunk Rear
  • Loading capacity of 115 liters (ex., 2 off-road helmets and many tools);
  • Modular and easily removable side compartments to store bigger equipment or for direct access.
  • Gas tank bracket at the rear of the trunk.

There’s plenty of room with this spacious storage box for an ATV, so you can stow away two helmets and the gear you need to stay prepared. The modular design allows you to remove the side compartments if you need more room for larger equipment.

You can easily customize this storage box when mounting it to the rear of your ATV. There are lots of attachment points to place straps to hold the box down and keep things secure.

The ergonomic design of this storage box includes angles and a seat rest to keep riders comfortable. Loading capacity is 115-liters for this box, so you’d be hard pressed to run out of space.


  • Ergonomic design supports a comfortable ride for passengers
  • Customizable modular design with plenty of attachment points
  • 115-liter capacity leaves plenty of room for gear, gas, helmets, and tools.


  • Might be too large for some ATV owners

Wes Industries designed a storage box with comfort and style in mind but didn’t skimp out on giving riders plenty of room to stash away tools or drinks.

This box boasts that it is capable of being adapted to fit most ATVs, has loads of storage capacity, and comes with a built-in wind protector for hands. Nighttime visibility is enhanced once you outfit your ATV with this storage box and seat combo, thanks to the rear brake light on the cover.

The lid includes a key lock, and an elastic strapping system holds everything in place, aside from the mounting.


  • Rear brake light enhances nighttime visibility
  • Adapts to fit ATVs
  • Tons of storage space


  • Be cautious about the wiring and shorts
UWS ATV-BLK Black ATV Chest with End Pull Handles and Beveled...
  • Multi-purpose 32-inch, 2.7 cubic foot storage chest suitable for home, garage or ATV use
  • Aluminum one-piece tub and lid designed to support heavy loads, absorb tool drops and prevent leakage
  • Patented foamed lid creates a rigid wall between outer aluminum layers to help prevent bending or warping

When you want something more utilitarian to stow away tools, oil, and light gear, this box might be the right choice for your ATV.

This storage box can be mounted on the front or rear of your vehicle, so you can keep all the useful things close at hand when trekking through muddy trails.

The aluminum constructed box is meant to handle heavy loads, absorb the shock of tool drops, and resist leaks. The patented lid style resists warping or bending, and the included stainless steel lock provides security and resists rust.

ATV riders who install this box get 2.7 cubic feet of storage space from a heavy duty chest that is built tough.


  • Attractive black finish and aluminum construction
  • Well-made design resists warping
  • Insulated lid and plenty of space with lock protect items


  • Doesn’t include a seat rest
ATV TEK ASPBMOB Arch Series Camo Padded Bottom Bag
  • The Arch Series Cargo Bags take ATV bags to a whole new level!
  • A tubular steel frame offers superior strength and durability.
  • It also maintains a weather tight seal, performance, and appearance...a true hybrid design, and an ATV TEK exclusive.

This oversized storage attachment for an ATV is more of a bag than a box, but we couldn’t resist adding it for comparison sake.

The construction materials offer a weather-tight seal, keeping your items safe and sound from the elements. The 5-way lid and TEK system compress against the steel framing, providing a seal that keeps out dust, dirt, and debris.

The included backrest and seat are removable, and there are removable drink holders for rider convenience. The fabric that resists damage to your gear tucked safely inside is made from tarpaulin, which doesn’t allow for fading or mold growth.

This storage unit is available in black or camouflage and makes a perfect addition for going hunting, camping, or hitting the trails for the day.


  • Plenty of room with plastic reinforcements and steel framing
  • Waterproof fabric protects items
  • Strong and durable construction materials and design resist elements and damage


  • Not a pure metal or plastic storage box
Black Boar ATV Front Storage Box, Inludes All Mounting Hardware...
  • Easily attaches to the front of your ATV to create additional storage space
  • Constructed of durable impact resistant polyethylene material
  • All mounting hardware included, compatible with most tubular racks

While most storage boxes are advertised to be mounted to the rear of an ATV, this box from Black Boar mounts at the front.

This unit is made from a durable polyethylene material, and the included lock is rust resistant and comes with keys. Riders can enjoy storing their items in a box that offers 2.3 cubic feet of storage space and is water-resistant to prevent damage.

This box weighs a mere 14.5 pounds, compared to more behemoth storage offerings for an ATV.


  • Front mounting box creates additional storage space for gear
  • Rust resistant lock comes with keys
  • Dust and water-resistant design


  • Not a rear mounting storage attachment

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you enjoy taking your ATV out for hunting or spending recreation time on various terrain, you will want to choose a storage box that fits your need. Storage boxes are available in soft or hard forms, provide ample space for a helmet, gear, or camping supplies.

Pick the right ATV storage box that meets your capacity needs is aesthetically pleasing with a camouflage exterior or includes a cooler for a libation when you need it most.

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