What’s The Best ATV Rear Rack? Top Eight Brands Revealed

If you need some extra space on your ATV, then an ATV rear rack can be an excellent add-on for carrying supplies for hunting, camping, or whatever activities you want. But which brand offers the best product? On this list, we take a close look at the ten most popular brand’s product and rank them from best to worst, so you know which one is right for you.

Best ATV Rear Rack Brands Comparison Table

Finding the perfect ATV rack is by no means an easy task. Indeed, if you are not careful during the buying process, then you could end up with an overly-complicated, inefficient rear rack that damages your vehicle. As such, you should perform thorough research on which ATV rear rack fits your needs the best. Luckily, to get you started, we assembled ten of the most popular brands that produce rear racks for all- terrain vehicles.

How Do We Select the ATV Rear Rack Brands on This List?

Rage Powersports ATV Rear Rack-Mounted Steel Mesh Surface Cargo Storage Basket

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We rank the ATV rear rack brands on this list by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of their top products. Specifically, we look at three distinct areas: construction, functionality and overall price. For each specialization, we ask a series of questions that help us determine some of the areas where the brand’s product shines and the other regions where it needs improvement. We then assign the product a rating out of five stars. Here are some of the questions we ask for each brand:

  • Construction — What material does the company use? What are the dimensions of the rear rack? Is the product hard to construct and install?
  • Functionality — How does the ATV drive with the rack on it? Does the frame hold all of the supplies put in it? How heavy is the product?
  • Overall Price — How much does the brand’s product cost? How does it compare with the price of nother brands? Is it a total good value?

Top Eight ATV Rear Rack Brands

Here are ten of brands that produce rear racks for ATVs, ranked from the best to the worst. However,keep in mind that these are still subjective ratings that we apply to these products. In our opinion all of these racks offer dependable features — some offer better features of values than others.

J&P Cycles

Guide Gear makes its rack out of heavy-duty steel with the following dimensions: forty inches wide, nineteen inches long and five inches thick. The steel comes with a smooth powder coating that protects the product from scratches and rust. What is more, assembling the product is easy — especially compared to some of the more complicated models on this list. An elevated arm makes sure that the rack will not drag on the ground with low hanging vehicles. However, the broad nature of the frame might cause some lighter vehicles to tilt back a little. As such, it suits the heavy models of ATVs best.

Great Day MLDR65 Rack (Mighty-Lite Deep)
  • Fits most Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat and other brands of ATV's
  • Never rust and will provide years of dependable service
  • Adds very little to the weight of the vehicle while providing an incredible hauling capacity

Great Day offers the ATV driver both a front and rear rack with their set, which doubles the space capacity of your vehicle. The product is both dependable and versatile Specifically; this brand works well with the following ATV makes Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha. However, it will fit most all-terrain vehicles with a mounting rack on the back. In case something happens during shipping, or an accident occurs, the product. Comes with a five-year warranty The basket is forty inches by twenty-nine inches and thirteen inches deep. Great Day makes their ATV rack out of the same aluminum material that the United States Air Force uses — a document that provides superior strength with a light, twenty-eight pound, weight. A particularly lovely aspect of aluminum as a rack material is it does not oxidize — so you need not worry when engaging with a wet environment. However, the lightweight nature of the rack does not interfere with the handling of the ATV as much as other brands since it is light on the suspension. The Great Day MLDR65 Rack costs two hundred and thirty dollars.

Titan Ramps ATV UTV Universal Rear Drop Cargo Basket Rack Hunting Easy...
  • Includes all mounting hardware and bolts durable powder coated finish to withstand the most demanding rides
  • Lightweight design won't bog down your ATV's power
  • Length: 41" Width: 22"

This mesh rear basket rack looks sharp and compact on almost any model of ATV. Indeed, the intense look makes the rake feel more natural on an all-terrain vehicle. The product is forty-one inches by twenty- two inches regarding length and width and can hold thirteen inches of storage safely. While the Titan ATV UTV universal rear basket can keep more items than the previous two models, it weighs considerably more — roughly forty-two dollars. Like Guide Gear’s rack, Titan uses heavy-duty steel with a powder- coated finish. The Titan ATV UTV universal rear basket costs one hundred and thirteen dollars. Some people also reported that the product vibrates a little bit when you use it. While this does not seem to affect most people’s experience with the product, some customers say that their Titan racks split when they hit bumps with too much weight on their vehicle. This flaw becomes even more frequent if you modify the holes on the Titan rear rack, which many users say they did. As such, you should remain cautious while installing and driving with it.

Goplus ATV UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack Detachable Steel...
  • 【Strong And Durable】Heavy duty steel construction with black powder coated finish for long lasting durability to...
  • 【Ideal Mesh Design】makes this product super light and won't tax your ATV's power. Four side surrounded fine-meshed...
  • 【Easy To Install】 includes all mounting hardware and bolts. Universal design with plenty of tie-down point options...

The Goplus ATV UTV universal rear drop basket rack resembles the Titan ATV UTV global rear basket regarding appearance very closely. Indeed, the schematics are almost precisely the same: forty-one inches by fourteen inches, with thirteen-inch carrying capacity. However, the Goplus model costs a bit less than Titan’s — at one hundred and three dollars, it is a ten dollar savings. However, this minor discount might come with a decrease in quality that might dissuade some buyers. The materials used on this product are not as good as the Titan’s regarding durability and functionality. First off, the paint peels very easy on the Goplus rear rack. As such, you will need to take great caution in keeping it out of wet environments. Otherwise, the metal will rust over quickly. Others note that the universal nature of the rear rack’s size leaves too much room for many ATV. As such, you will probably need a drill for making custom holes on the product. However, one properly secured, must individuals reported that it is well-made enough to stay put when riding.

Kolpin 53350 ATV Rear Drop Rack Basket Convertible 3-in-1, Black, 43"...
  • 3 Racks in 1. The convertible welded basket can be used with the rear rack extension in either the dropped or raised...
  • Welded, expanded mesh basket easily transports up to (3) 5 gallon buckets, tools, and more
  • Universal fit design includes all the mounting hardware you need for easy installation to ATV Tubular racks

​If you only want to carry around some tools on your all-terrain vehicle, then the Kolpin convertible rear drop rack makes an excellent companion for your vehicle. The basket is not as thick as some of the other frames on this list, but it does allow for three different positions when installing: front, back-raised, and back-lowered. Unfortunately, some individual reported that the twenty-eight-pound product did not meet their standards of quality.

Many had a difficult time keeping the rack secured on the ATV. This problem seems to be the case with most Honda models, so if you own one of these, then you should probably look at a different rack. Others reported that the company made the frame cheaply and split after heavy use. The Kolpin Convertible rear drop rack costs one hundred and thirty-three dollars.

Black Widow ATVRB-3922 ATV Rear Rack-Mounted Steel Mesh Surface Cargo...
  • Great for transporting gear, supplies, cargo and small equipment
  • Works with most ATV tube-style rear racks
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy install

The Black Widow ATV-3922 rear rack is undoubtedly the most affordable rack on this list — costing only one hundred dollars. At twenty pounds, it is also the lightest rack you can purchase. As such, it supports loads nicely. However, the open design of the product means that some more significant items will not be source unless you tie them down. Indeed, everything needs to be tied down when you use this ATV rear rack, which might not be ideal for the average user. However, for anyone looking for a simple, barebones product, this one is your best option.

Toolsempire Rear Rack ATV UTV Universal Back Cargo Carriers Basket...
  • Rear Rack Dimension:41"x14"x12.6"
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight design won't bog down your ATV's power

The Toolsempire rear rack resembles the Goplus ATV UTV rear rack exactly regarding style, size, and shape. It also has the same quality issue that the Goplus has — loose mounting frames and a design that does not cater itself towards certain ATVs. Unfortunately, this lack of quality costs more than the Goplus  model. While the Toolsempire rear rack remains a pretty solid choice, we cannot see any reason why you would buy it over the Goplus model.

CURT 18101 41 x 26-Inch Universal ATV Cargo Carrier, Black Steel
  • EASY TO USE. Adding cargo space to your ATV is easy with this ATV cargo carrier. It offers more security for items than...
  • ENHANCED SECURITY. This ATV hitch carrier keeps your items secure in the field and on the trail, featuring 6-inch high...
  • EASY TO CLEAN. This ATV carrier is easy to keep clean even when hauling messy items such as firewood or dirty tools. It...

The Curt 18101 towing wire offers the same streamlined design as the Black Widow. With a shallow and lightweight design, it is easy to install and stay in place established. If you only need to transport a few coolers, then this style of simple wiring should suit all your needs. However, in addition to the security problems that accompany the Black Widow rear rack, the Curt models cost eight dollars more, with no included features for justifying the price rise. As such, we recommend the Black Widow over this model.

​ATV Rear Rack Buyer’s Guide

Rage Powersports ATV Rear Rack-Mounted Steel Mesh Surface Cargo Storage Basket

Image via Amazon

If you never bought a rear rack before, then here is a helpful buyer’s guide. Every ATV driver has different  needs when it comes to their vehicles. Some prefer carrying more weight, while others might want some more lightweight models. As such, there are some important considerations you need to take into account when shopping.

Here are some questions that will help you narrow your search parameters by determining what features you want out of your product:

  • ​How much equipment do you plan on carrying and can the rear rack hold all of it?
  • ​Do you prefer a light frame that can hold less weight, or a heavy frame holds more?
  • ​Do you want just a rear rack, or do you prefer a rear/front combo?
  • ​If the rear rack you order does not fit, do you own the necessary equipment for making adjustments?
  • ​Do you want to use the rear rack on your car too, or just your ATV?

​​​​​The way you answer these questions determines which ATV rear rack fits your specific needs. For example, if you plan on carrying a lot of equipment, then you will want a sturdy frame like the Guide Gear model. Or, if you want a lighter frame that gives less weight and does not obstruct you driving, then the,Black Widow fits your needs better than the Guide Gear. Similarly, the second rack potential of Great Day's equipment will help even out the weight distribution on your ATV which allows for a better amount of balance during your ride.We hope this article helped during your ATV rear rack buying process. While the intricacies between a lot of these products do not matter, you want to avoid sketchy brands how to put profit over safety. A shoddy rear rack might malfunction mid-ride, which could cause injury or even death. As such, you should not cut corners when shopping around. Choose one of the reliable products on this list, and you should be good.

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Happy riding!

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