ATV Mower: The Top 7 Models Revealed

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Before you run out to call a professional landscaper, or if you have a lot of ground to cover on your property, check out the best ATV mowers. Coupled with the right accessories, you’ll save your back, cut your time in half, and get the job done right. Read here to learn more.

When you need a quality ATV mower, you want it to be constructed from reliable parts. You want a mower from a company that has a reputation of creating durable equipment that gets the job done well.

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The best ATV mower doesn’t come cheap but coupled with an ATV; you can quickly knock out the work typically left to a farm tractor or riding mower. ATVs, similar to UTVs are a fantastic and versatile piece of equipment to have to maintain your grounds, go joyriding or have adventures outdoors.

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Thanks to the many additions that can be mounted to the front or rear of an ATV, proud owners of an ATV can do a myriad of tasks with a few pieces of essential equipment.

Even though it is possible to tackle many landscaping or farm jobs using an attachment and an ATV, some things still need to be done with a tractor. Ideally, if you are working with more than 4 acres, you will want a sizable mower with a larger cutting dimension and more blades.

Swisher and ProMow are some of the best brands of mowers for an ATV, so we made sure to include some models on our list. We also considered adding a European mower, just to mix things up, and display the difference in design and quality for mowers.

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No matter what mower you decide to grab for your ATV and landscaping needs, make sure to execute routine maintenance of your ATV. You will need to know how much your ATV can handle, make sure it is broken in, and have enough tools and liquids to keep things running smoothly.

Consider how noisy or quiet specific models of mowers can be, and how it will impact your overall experience. You may not need to splurge on a mower with loads of horsepower if something lower will suffice.

Don’t break your bank, but don’t bargain hunt either, as most mowers come with a warranty ranging from one to two years.

Tow Behind Mowers

We focused mostly on mowers which could be towed behind an ATV, as they are inexpensive to maintain and there is no gas or oil required. Depending on the type of space that needs maintenance, you will choose between three different types of mowers.

  • Rough Cut
  • Finish Cut
  • Reel Mower

Unlike an electric or gas push mower, a mower for an ATV allows for a more comfortable experience when taking care of the grass.

You can sit and relax, enjoying a beverage or listening to music while executing landscaping on an ATV. You should be confident that your mower attachment will chop down any overgrown weeds, twigs, and leave the grounds looking pristine, and not take ages to accomplish.

Investing in a quality mower is the first priority, but following, you need to ensure routine maintenance is carried out to keep your mower in working order.

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If the yard space you need to mow is under an acre, a tow behind mower might not be the most economical choice of equipment.

Areas that require a manicured appearance, with the flexibility to mow uneven areas with consistent power should be tackled with a tow behind mower.

Consider well how much horsepower a mower brings to the table, which impacts fuel costs and the environment. Know the turf you need to cover before grabbing a mower, so you don’t select one that covers too little ground, or way too much for a tight squeeze.

Be prepared for whatever maintenance or upgrades may be needed. Some mowers may require using a different hitch setup for adjusting, or may not come with a battery included.

If ordering online, be careful with the product weight and dimensions, as you might be better off getting a mower in-person.

How We Choose Our Ratings

We took a long look at reviews from real people like you, and the results that they achieved with their choice of a mower. We added mowers for rear or front mounting and considered how much acreage each option could clear in a few hours. Overall, you should find an ATV mower on this list that meets or exceeds your needs for the investment.

Top 7 Best ATV Mower Models

Before you can pick the perfect mower for your ATV, you need to assess the needs of your property. Some mowers are more adequate for farm work, while others are just right for landscaping your grass. Check out this list of the best mowers, with options suitable for various budgets.

Swisher RC11544BS 11.5 HP 44-Inch Rough Cut Trail Cutter
  • 11.5 HP (344cc) Briggs & Stratton recoil start engine
  • 44" welded, 11-gauge steel tow- behind cutting deck
  • Single-point cutting height adjustment - 4" range

This mower is a reliable attachment for cutting large swathes of grass and is strong enough to cut through dense brush, weeds, and twigs with ease. A twin set of heavy duty cutting bars quickly dispatch any rough brush, as they swing back and forth to create a mowing action.

The included hitch allows you to connect this mower to your ATV to cut to the left, right, or directly behind. The cutting deck measures 44 inches in length and is constructed from 11-gauge steel.

People that have gotten this mower like that it lasts well beyond a 1-year warranty, and it comes at a great price.

If you have an area that is overgrown and needs some attention, with 11.5 horsepower, this mower takes everything down in its path. The cutting height of 4-inches is single point.

This mower cuts well, but be advised you may want to upgrade beyond the pin hitch system.


  • Tow-behind style mower with recoil start
  • Includes remote operator control console
  • Cutting height of 4-inches with two swinging blades


  • For sizable projects
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
  • Durable 20-inch steel deck
  • Powerful 12 amp motor cuts through the toughest grass
  • Unlimited run-time with AC corded power

The Greenworks 25022 is a plug-in electric lawn mower with a twenty inch wide cutting deck. That width is bigger than what is available on most similarly priced electric lawn mowers, and it’s comparable to what is available on many gas powered lawn mowers as well

There are a number of excellent features provided with the Greenworks 25022 that make it a solid electric mower that is perfect for keeping smaller lawns looking great all summer long. It is designed with an extra wide, 20 inch cutting deck that will allow you to finish cutting your lawn in fewer passes and less time.


  • A high-quality mower that is front loading
  • Wide cutting width of 40-inches
  • Fits most ATVs


  • Expensive and takes a lot of time to ship to America because foreign

Built with 14.5 horsepower and a 2.5-gallon fuel tank, this powerful mower is ready to cut whatever comes its way. This mower is meant to cut up brush or woody materials with a rough cut up to 3-inches in diameter.

Overgrown ditches, wooded areas, and fields are a perfect match for this mower.

The 14.5HP Briggs & Stratton Engine uses a 12-volt battery with an electric start system. The cutting height is single point adjustable, and two heavy-duty swinging blades mow down grass under the 11-gauge welded steel deck.

The cutting height ranges between 2.5 to 6.5 inches, and the deck can be positioned in multiple ways. If you suddenly come across an obstacle while mowing, the stump jumper and break away blade feature protect the mower.

Riding around on 16-inch pneumatic tires, they are built to resist punctures and smoothly glide over rough terrain.

As a safety precaution, operators can use the remote operator control console to engage or disengage the blades, as well as maintain full control over the mower.


  • 14.5HP engine helps power through mowing jobs
  • Built to handle overgrown brush
  • 12-volt electric start


  • May leave grass behind and require some modifications for optimal performance
Promow Pro3 Pull Behind 3-Gang Reel Mower
  • Acres per hour 2
  • Horse power needed 7
  • total width 4-Feet 1-inch

A gang reel mower like Promow can range from covering a cutting area of 18 inches to 11 feet in diameter. These mowers are not the most budget-friendly, as the cost goes up with bigger mowers.

Any oversized task is a welcome sight for this mower, with only a few drawbacks. Namely, tight squeezes are not handled well when towing this mower behind.

This mower operates at a lower speed, unlike a workhorse 14.5 HP mower, which lends to the greens having a desirable carpet-like finish. The rotation of the blades act like multiple pairs of sheers, expertly mowing down the grass to a presentable even appearance.

Attach this mower to your ATV and get a cutting width of about 49-inches, with five blades and heavy-duty tubular frame. This mower requires only 7HP to pull, which makes it energy efficient. Tackle greens up to 4-inches in length with a mower that covers uneven terrain with reverse, zero turn, or full flex.

Maintenance on this mower isn’t too bad, requiring routine sharpening and some lubrication.


  • No noise or exhaust
  • 5 blades and 49-inch cutting width
  • Gang reel style


  • Cannot add any more blades to the mower
Promow Gold7 Pull Behind 7-Gang Reel Mower
  • Acres per hour 5
  • Horse power needed 16
  • total width 11-Feet 4-inch

If you have a homestead or a small landscaping business, you’ll be happy you invested in this large mower. Take on mowing in less time, and leave your turf with more moisture to keep the greens healthy.

The cutting deck measures 116-inches in length, and it is designed to mow four acres in an hour. Constructed using steel, each coil has five cutting edges, and 18-inch ball bearing reels. This mower leaves grass nice and low, with a cutting height of 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

If you want to give your greenery the look of a golf course, this mower is here to do the job.


  • Creates desirable scissor cut for golf course finish
  • Plenty of blades and designed to mow uneven terrain
  • Mow 4 acres in an hour


  • Low HP
Swisher RC11544BS 11.5 HP 44-Inch Rough Cut Trail Cutter
  • 11.5 HP (344cc) Briggs & Stratton recoil start engine
  • 44" welded, 11-gauge steel tow- behind cutting deck
  • Single-point cutting height adjustment - 4" range

When you have a tough job to mow, you pull out this mower. Tackle overgrown brush and pastures with a cutting deck that measures 97-inches in length. The cutting height is adjustable between 3 to 7 inches, and 14.5HP provides enough power to cut through obstacles.

If the mower hits something immovable, the blades come with stump jumper and two breakaway blades for safety.

You’ll need to pick up a battery for this mower, but it includes a remote operator control console.


  • Great for large areas that need mowing
  • Adjustable cutting height of 3 to 7 inches
  • Includes remote operator control console


  • Made for commercial jobs and expensive

No products found.

Built with heavy-duty steel, this mower is ideal for tackling campuses, parks, or homes with large yards.

The rear discharge cutting deck provides a desirable finish after cutting, provided that there is frequent maintenance of the grounds. The floating 3-piece hitch mount is designed to glide over uneven terrain, and not miss out a thing.

The blades are made from alloy steel and heat treated, and the blade spindles are made from cast iron. Rubber wheels help this mower chug along without snags.

Suitable for farms or homesteads, this mower comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Ideal for farms
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Floating 3-piece hitch with rear chain structure


  • Need to get gearbox and oil

Buyer’s Guide

When you select a mower for your ATV, remember not to take on more weight than your vehicle can handle.

Depending on the terrain you need to tackle, choose the right mower accordingly. Areas like golf courses or athletic fields could use clipping with a gang reel mower. A finish cut mower is a better move for a grassy area that also contains occasional twigs, pine cones, or other debris that need shredding.

Yards or areas of grass that suffer from severe overgrowth require a rough cut mower, which is built to handle breaking down vegetation with a powerful motor.

Don’t price shop for a mower and end up with a poor choice for your landscaping needs. Give your property the ideal look and feel it deserves with a mower that can adequately provide routine maintenance.

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