Important Things to Know About ATV Insurance

An All-terrain vehicle also called ATV in short form is a self-propelled vehicle that is manufactured for off-road activities and it has different types of mini-bikes, quads, dirt bikes and utility terrain vehicles. On the off chance that you possess an ATV, getting ATV insurance is one of the most important things you have to do.

Many choose to believe it is of no importance since they only have to take it around in their farm and off the road. This doesn’t seem right because insuring your ATV can absolutely save you some bucks and give you maximum protection in many ways.

ATV Insurance

Here are vital things you need to know about ATV insurance if you have one.

Damages to ATV

The very first thing that insurance does is to cover the damages to your ATV. The insurance isn’t just limited to damages but also to changing of your ATV or purchasing a new one.  Getting a new ATV will cost you a huge amount of money but once it has been insured, you have less to pay for.

Personal Injuries

While driving ATV, you are susceptible to injury and this is why you should be under insurance. Injury is very common with those who drive ATVs. Insurance doesn’t prevent you from injury but thus takes part in your rehabilitation or recovery fee. Medical bills are rising today and not everyone has the financial capacity to visit the clinic but with proper insurance, you could end up just spending less for medical bill.

Property Damage

One other important benefits of having ATV insurance is that it covers property damage. Let’s take, for instance, you drive your ATV and you lost control and hit someone else building or property and it get damaged, your insurance will cover for the loss and not you. The repair might be too enormous for you to fix but with the insurance in place, you can put these fears to bed and enjoy riding your ATV.


Apparently, this could be the major benefit of the ATV insurance policy. Imagine yourself running into someone with your ATV and the person got injured. You don’t have to be the one to pay the medical bill if you have your insurance in place. But if not be assured you are going to spend much on getting the person on his/her feet again.

Now! Let’s take a good look at some things to consider before getting ATV insurance

On the off chance that you own an ATV for commercial or personal use, it is essential that you know the importance of insuring your ATV. Driving ATV might be fun and excitement but it thus has its uncertainties and part of it is the injury. However, many people have chosen to keep themselves secured with a specialized ATV insurance policy.

Not everyone needs ATV insurance just like those who will not be taking the ATV off their field. So, I will advise you ask yourself these important question as this will help you with your decision-making.

Will you take the ATV off your property?

Homeowner policies will only take cover for your ATV as long as it remains on your property. But a specialized ATV insurance covers your ATV both on and off your own property. Therefore, it is very important you consider this and give it a thorough thinking before making any decision. If you will be taking it off your property, as an ATV expert, I’ll suggest you get the specialized ATV insurance.

Will you transport it from one location to another?

Transferring your ATV from one place to another requires the use of a rack to easily move into the trailer and move to the site where needed. So if you will be moving it from your house to your site where you have to use ATV, you need to get an off-road insurance policy as this will protect your ATV while you transport from one place to another.

Will your ride the ATV on any state-owned terrains?

Not all states allow ATV on their trails and you should understand this. Many require that all ATV riders should have an insurance policy to ride ATV on state-owned trails. This will protect the user and covers the ATV against injury or damages.

Do you have the fund to financial damages?

ATV riders are prone to injuries and this is very common but there are ways to ensure it doesn’t lead to death through the use or personal protective equipment. Asides that, you are likely to damage other people’s property or get them injured and this will require you taking them to the medical center for treatment with the bill on you. This can be slashed or properly taken care of only if you and your ATV are on a specialized insurance policy.

How much will it cost me?

Many hide the fact that getting the ATV insured is expensive but trust me, the cost of paying for damages can be overwhelming. This is why it is important that you go for the insurance policy. The Insurance policy varies based on the size and type of ATV you own, where it will be kept, your driving record and other road factors.

Fortunately, ATV insurance policies are very affordable and very important for all ATV users.

There are different ways in which you can choose to insure your ATV and I’m going to dwell much here on the three key points.

You can add to your tenant or farm policy

Not everyone has all it takes get ATV insurance because of financial incapability. The good news is that you can still get your ATV insured with this method. In this method, you just need to add it to your home or farm policy and by so doing you get to choose the value and deductible.

Add as a second vehicle

Generally, ATVs are referred to a vehicle even though they can’t be registered as one. But they can be registered through this means. How? You register your vehicles like truck, cars on an auto policy and since you own an ATV, you can just add it as your second vehicle on the policy.


An insurance policy is very important for those who own, loves to ride ATV or their work requires the use of ATV. This has helped a lot of people in many ways and it has been a life saver for those under this policy.

Therefore, it is advisable that you get a specialized insurance policy to get your ATV insured and yourself protected from unseen circumstances.