What’s The Best ATV Hitch? Top 6 Revealed

If you are looking for an ATV hitch, finding the correct brand can be difficult. A list of the best ATV hitches available and their brands has been compiled to assist you in your search.

If you own an ATV, you have a dependable off-road vehicle capable of towing numerous helpful devices. The hitch you pair with your ATV is important, however. Some ATV hitches do not work with every product you want to pull behind your ATV, so it’s important to find versatile ATV hitches.

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Some ATV hitch brands are better are producing products like these than others. For that reason, this list will include some ATV hitches from different brands. Hopefully, this will allow you to have numerous options when choosing a final product.


How We Chose Our Ratings

All ATV hitches will be rated using a five-star system. Because these products are considered among the best in ATV hitches, a low rating will not necessarily indicate it is a bad product. Instead, it simply means that other ATV hitches on this list shine in more diverse ways, and may stand out that tiny bit more as the best of the best.

The rating takes into account the testimonies of users and testers of these ATV hitches. They also include the opinions and information gathered from other reviewers, as well as the producer’s comments and intentions. Finally, all of this information will be weighed alongside the experience of the reviewer to determine the final rating. Like all manufactured products, sometimes ATV hitches can be produced in a faulty fashion or show poor workmanship. This review looks to judge the overall product line, but if numerous reviewers note a particular fault or drawback, it may be noted in the review. In general, products which are commonly faulty should be excluded from this list, however.


Top Six Best ATV Hitches

These are the top ATV hitches of 2018 according to the information gathered for this review. The products are not listed in a particular order, but their star ratings should give some indication of which products performed better overall. The intention is to include only one product from each brand, but in the case of exceptional products, there may be an exception to this rule.

Towever 8-Position Class III/IV Adjustable Trailer Ball Mount

Towever 84181 Class 3/4 Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount with Hook (Black,...
  • This 3 ball tow hitch Work with 2 inches class 3 4 Receivers Hitch Tube for pickup truck hitch, Fits 1 7/8", 2" or 2...
  • Includes Three Black Hitch Balls 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches & 2-5/16 inches and a Hook for towing strap
  • Three towing Ball Capacities: 2000lbs, 6000lbs, 10000lbs; Hook capacities: 10000lbs. setup for truck, pickup, tractor...

The Towener Hitch with Ball Mount by Moose Racing can match with a two-inch receiver on any ATV. Moose Racing produces products for many different racing vehicles, and getting race-ready equipment into position often requires strong towing equipment.

This product comes with a hitch pin and mounting equipment to assist with the process. The ball mount design, reinforced tow loop point, clevis pin hole and tied down point are all designed to allow it to pull more weight than a traditional ATV hitch. The hitch itself weights an estimated six pounds and includes what Moose Racing calls Quiet Tek to reduce the rattling of both hitched devices. If you need to pull equipment behind your ATV, this ATV hitch should benefit you well.

The Towener ATV hitch receives a four-star rating. It is an excellent ATV hitch and can be adapted to several hitching holes to work with various ATVs. As a ball mount hitch, it functions well, but there were some concerns regarding its actual carrying capacity versus what Moose Racing said they intended it to haul. It would be difficult to push it to its limit to test this, however.

Connor Tri Ball Hitch 

Connor Tri Ball Hitch with Hook - 2" Trailer Hitch Chrome...
  • SUPERIOR HEAVY DUTY TOWING THAT FITS ALL 2" STANDARD HITCH SETUPS ✓ Fits Class III/IV 2" x 2" receivers, 7-1/2" usable...
  • ADAPTABILITY TO ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF HITCH AND TRAILER SETUPS ✓ 1-7/8", 2" & 2-5/16" chrome balls covers all your...
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY IN ONE HEAVY DUTY HITCH ✓ Ball Weight Capacities 2,000 lb., 6,000 lb., 10,000 lb. GTW- Tongue...


The Connor ATV 3-Way Receiver Hitch was designed to be the most versatile ATV hitch on the market. Whether it achieves that or not, Komodo made sure that by rotating the drawbar you could select whatever function you needed. This allows you to quickly switch between a ballpoint hitch, a clevis pin mount, or a tow hook to suit your needs.

The Connor ATV hitch can be used to haul equipment when you intend to hunt or fish. It can also be shifted for more utility purposes, such as pulling farming equipment or working in a yard. In an emergency in which the ATV itself is the problem, it can even be used as a heavy duty ATV hitch designed to pull the ATV itself as required.

The receiver accepts two-inch drawbars. It also attaches to any product that accepts a trailer ball. If you purchase a new Komodo ATV 3-Way Receiver Hitch, it includes mounting hardware. It also comes with a 3-way drawbar, a two-inch hitch ball, a bolt-on receiver if desired, and a clip and pin.

Connor ATV ATV3WH22 ATV 3-Way Receiver hitch with a two inch Hitch Ball receives five stars as an ATV hitch. Regarding versatility, this ATV hitch is capable of more than many of its rivals. It may lack regarding sturdiness or pulling power against some ATV hitches focused on those traits, but the number of situations it can be used in more than make up for these minor issues.

CURT 45006 Bolt-On ATV Tongue Adapter

CURT 45006 Bolt-On 2-Inch ATV, UTV Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapter
  • VERSATILE RECEIVER. This ATV hitch adapter bolts onto an ATV hitch tongue and equips it with a standard 2-inch x 2-inch...
  • NO-SWIVEL. This ATV trailer hitch adapter has a built-in, no-swivel base that locks onto the ATV tongue when the bolt is...
  • EXTRA D-RING. This ATV tow hitch receiver features a welded D-ring on top to attach a tow strap, tow hook, chain or rope...

Regarding durability and longevity, Curt ATV hitches are among the best. Curt ATV towing
products are created with the design goal of power, toughness, and longevity in mind. This is in
stark contrast to the versatility of some other products on this list.

The Curt 45006 Bolt-On ATV Tongue Adapter is covered in a black powder coat to prevent
rusting, scratching, and external damage to your ATV hitch. The Curt Tongue Adapter attaches
to the tongue of the ATV and provides a 2x2 receiver tube on the other end. This receiver
accepts a ballpoint shank or other towing accessories.

The Curt Tongue Adapter includes a stabilization plate to help prevent swaying in the load
pulled by your ATV. There is a strap ring welded directly to the tongue adapter as well, to
minimize space for any swaying or jerking.

The Curt ATV Tongue Adapter receives a three-star rating. While it is a strong and durable
product, the adapter must be paired with other Curt ATV products to provide additional towing
functionality. The lack of versatility and functionality is offset by its tough steel design, which will
last for years without showing any wear if you use it properly.

HiTow 3-in-1 ATV Towing Hitch Ball Mount adapter with 2" Ball , Hollow Shank

HiTow 3-in-1 ATV Towing Hitch Ball Mount Adapter with 2" Ball, Hollow...
  • Reinforced Tie Down/Tow Loop, Fits All Class III/IV 2 inch Square Receivers Hitch Tube
  • 1/4 inches Rise, 5-1/2 inches Length (center of hitch pin hole to the ball center)
  • Includes Permanently Attached 2 inch Balls, 1/2 inch Clevis Pin and 5/8 inch Clevis Pin Hole, Use 5/8 inch Hitch Pin Kit...

The Polaris ATV two inch receiver hitch works with Sportsman ATVs from their 450, 500, 570,
600, 700, and 800 line. While it may be a very capable ATV towing device, this limits which
ATVs it can adapt to considerably.

It is a frame mounted ATV hitch and is designed to pull heavy loads. While it is an excellent
choice for racers, those pulling trailers, and so on, it is a product that is best avoided if you
intend to pull hunting and fishing supplies, or other moderately sized products.

The product does come with installation and mounting equipment. Installation can be a bit
lengthy for an ATV hitch, so if you’re short on time, it can be a bit of a hassle to deal with. It is
also covered in a black powder finish to help reduce scratching and damage to the hitch.

The Polaris ATV two inch receiver hitch receives a one-star rating. It functions as an extremely
niche product, and while it is extremely capable at the role it was designed for, that's about it.

FERAL ATV Gear 1-1/4" Receiver, Draw Bar Hitch

FERAL ATV Gear 1-1/4" Receiver, Draw Bar Hitch / 1" Drop Hitch
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This FERAL Performance hitch is USA laser cut from extra high strength steel. It's rated to tow up to...
  • VERSATILE USE: All FERAL Performance Draw Bar Hitches enable the use of a ball with a 3/4" shank.  This one has a...
  • FERAL Performance - Located in the "Up North" of Wisconsin, where we Still Believe America is the best country in the...

The FERAL ATV Gear hitch fits any ATV with a 1-¼ inch receiver. It is a drawbar hitch which
FERAL proudly notes was laser cut from a plate of solid steel, reducing the possibility of
imperfections or damage in the metal.

It is an extremely durable ATV hitch, with a black powder finish over the already durable steel
frame. It is designed as a workhorse hitch and is intended to be mounted and used in only one

step. The company FERAL claims you can drop any fitting ballpoint hitch into the receiver, and
immediately drive away.

The ATV Gear 1-¼ inch receiver works with any ¾ shank. The hitch pin and clip are included
with the product. The main selling points seem to be that it fits with many ATVs whose hitches
don't match the sizes of others mentioned on this list.

The FERAL ATV Gear 1-¼ inch Receiver drawbar hitch receives a three and a half star rating.
As a drawbar hitch, it functions in only one capacity. Its ability to match with different shanks
and receiver sizes is a selling point, and it meets the standards for sturdiness you'd expect of an
ATV hitch. Its flexibility isn't the best in the business, but it stands out in several categories.

COLEMAN MadDog ATV/UTV Three-Way Hitch

MadDog GearThree Way 2 Inch Receiver Hitch
  • Three hitches in one: ball hitch attachment (ball not included), pin pull and tow strap
  • Ball and pin hitch easily slides out to fit on another vehicle
  • Patented design keeps your ATV or UTV's original ground clearance

The Coleman ATV Three-Way Hitch can function with a tow strap, pin pull, or with a ballpoint
hitch. This makes it baffling then that no ballpoint hitch is included with this ATV hitch. You are
expected to already own one of these three hitches or to purchase one with this Coleman
MadDog product.

One issue seems to be that it lacks a way to reduce swaying. In severe cases, this might twist
or snap the bolt holding the ATV hitch together. This is under unusual circumstances, but as an
ATV hitch, it would be nice to see it compensate for the swaying you'd expect in off the road
driving in some manner.

While it doesn't compensate for the ballpoint, or whatever hitching device you might use, the
hitch receiver itself is quite durable. It is easy to install on an ATV, so you don't have to be a
pro-ATV user and shouldn't spend too long attaching it to your device.

The Coleman ATV Three-Way Hitch receives a two and a half star rating. While many people
commented on its toughness, and its ability to function in many different scenarios, its inability to
compensate for sway is a huge design flaw. If you are hauling light loads, you shouldn't notice
this issue, but for large or heavy duty loads, it is difficult to recommend the Coleman hitch.

Buyer’s Guide

If you intend to buy an ATV hitch, there are a few crucial details to consider. ATV hitches are
usually designed to match the mounts on ATVs, but many ATVs have different mounting types.
As a result, an adapter or a versatile ATV hitch may be required if you don’t know what type of
ATV hitch your ATV was designed to accept.

ATV receives generally using a tying implement, such as a chain or a rope, to bind the ATV to
the product being hauled. As a result, it's important to measure the receivers on your ATV hitch
and understand the size of any openings versus shanks, binders, and so on.

Different types of ATV hitches are best suited to different hauled products, as well. An inflexible
ATV hitch like the Polaris mentioned above is designed to pull extremely heavy loads, such as a

If you intend to pull farming gear or a bed with items thrown into it, you may instead want a
lighter ATV hitch. Instead, the risk of products being pulled falling, bumping into, or otherwise
scratching your ATV hitch may be a concern. For that, you may want an ATV hitch with a
scratch resistant coating, such as the Feral ATV Gear Receiver.
Finally, consider how much the swaying of any hauled materials will affect the outcome. If you
intend to use your ATV with a manual mower or harvesting equipment, for example, you need
consistently cut rows. ATV hitches with a sway bar or designed intended to reduce shaking,
such as the Curt Tongue Adapter, may be best suited to these situations.

When in doubt, consider utilizing a versatile product. The Komodo functions as three different
ATV hitches, and each is best suited for a different load. It is also highly adaptable and can fit
different shanks and binders of varying sizes to some extent. In general, ATV hitches that
display additional versatility like this tend to be better products, though they may haul less
weight overall.

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