What’s The Best ATV Gun Rack? Top 10 Brands Revealed

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Selecting the right ATV gun rack is difficult with so many great options on the market. Find out our picks for the top 10 available today and learn which brands are leaders in the industry.

Storage is important for gun safety, even when you must transfer your gun to an off-road setting. For the best peace of mind when driving on any terrain with a rifle or handgun, you’ll need a gun rack you can install on your ATV. Whether you’re hunting in the backwoods or going on a trip with your ATV, we’ll show you the best ATV gun rack options on the market today.

Comparison Of The Best ATV Gun Rack

ATV Gun Rack Buyer’s Guide

Before you can throw a gun rack in your cart, you need to know what to look for to get the best product for your money. You want your gun rack to be dependable and safe, but you also want it to last for years nnto come. Choosing the best ATV gun rack for you will come down to the following requirements:

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  • Price – Each person has a different budget, and the price is a vital factor for many people when buying a gun rack. The best option will fit your needs without costing too much, which can mean you may need to sacrifice durability for the best price.
  • Guns – The type and size of the gun rack you buy will often depend on the types of guns you plan to haul to the great outdoors. Some racks were created for lightweight rifles while others will hold multiple guns.
  • Mount – Ensure the gun rack will fit your ATV and is easy to install yourself, some options are easily modified for various vehicle types but require tools or complicated installation guides to barely help you through the process.

There are different types of gun racks, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Standard models will have grips attached to racks, and the bars are bolted directly into your ATV. Here, the grips support the gun and keep it firmly in place. Restricting the movement allows keeps the vibrations of your motor and movement from disrupting the stability of your firearm.

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Larger racks that hold a bigger rifle or more than one firearm are typically vertical gun racks. Whether the rack sits horizontally or vertically is more a matter of personal preference though than safety, as both will provide the protection you need.

There are also overhead models that are designed to hold your gun overhead and allow you to reach it quickly. Some will have straps for fastening and quick-release convenience, and this type of rack always keeps your firearm within your fingertip reach. Vehicles with a roof or UTVs will also protect against the elements a bit more than most ATVs, and many racks can be used for either ATV or UTV use.

Lastly, top manufactures in the industry are the big brand names that customer adores for a good reason: they’re known to produce the best products. The largest names in the ATV industry include:

  • Kolpin
  • Big Sky Racks Inc.
  • Great Day
  • ATV Tek

Top 10 Best ATV Gun Racks

The most important feature you’ll find from a gun rack is security, and the best options will be durable under the bumpiest terrain. Here are the top 10 best ATV gun racks available, with designs for the varying type of ATVs and gun enthusiasts.

Kolpin Rhino XL Double 21515

Kolpin Rhino XL - Double - 21515 (Pair)
  • Our Rhino Grip XL series are our best-selling grips; the XL Doubles configuration has increased carrying strength of up...
  • Strong, rubber over-molded heavy-duty nylon and rubber straps securely hold tools, firearms, bows, crossbows, fishing...
  • Universally mounts to any tubular or square bar from 5/8"-1-3/4" in diameter OR to any flat drillable surface

This multi-functional gun rack is perfect for hunters who want to carry one or two guns, and it works well with various types of ATVs, UTVs, RVs, and even trailers. The rubber grip is durable and designed to keep the number of scratches or vibrations to a minimum for the best off-roading experiences. You can’t go wrong with this bestseller from an industry favorite brand.

The low cost and easy installation of this model make it a wonderful choice, especially because it holds multiple rifles. It’s a great value for the money you spend. However, the firearms must be under 15 pounds. The lightweight design of this rack is intended to not add weight to your ATV while remaining totally durable and dependable.

ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider Handlebar Rack

ATV TEK, V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility Rack - Handlebar Mount
  • VARIABLE FIT TECHNOLOGY - A true custom fit for your gun, soft gun case, bow, handled tool, or any other item using the...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - The new and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system offers effortless installation,...
  • SPECIAL DESIGN - Air Tek suspension isolates shock and vibration to protect your gear while on the trails. The...

A universal gun rack with a great design and added features for the money, this option comes with three slots where you can store a rifle, box, or soft gun. The V-grip allows the rack to adapt to fit different sized guns, and it even rotates 360-degrees for added versatility. The Smart Block technology allows you to mount the rack on any type of vehicle, and a strap keeps the firearms firmly in place.

Safety wise, this gun rack offers Air Tek suspension that helps isolate vibration and shock to add protection for both your vehicle and firearm as you travel. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use and install yourself because it mounts onto a handlebar. Overall, this a great option for a wide range of people.

Maggift Grip Rhino Holder

Flexible and durable, this gun rack keeps your firearm safe with a grip, two clamps, and a rubber strap. You can mount it on any type of ATV, UTV, or trailer, and you can choose to mount it either vertically or horizontally depending on your personal preference. Use it for a rifle or bow, and store other types of tools along with your firearm.

Another 360-degree rotating model, this gun rack is one step ahead of their competitors because it not only swivels in completely around, it also tilts anywhere from 0 to 180 degrees for added flexibility. With all the features the Maggift holder has to offer, anyone can take advantage of the ease of use and versatile storage this rack offers. Use it for years, no matter what type of firearm you get.

ATV Tek VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider

ATV TEK, VFG1, V-Grip Mounting Rack for Gun, Bow, Tools, Utilities -...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - The SmartBlock mounting technology fits all tubular and plastic ATV/4 wheeler racks from 0.5 inch to...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - This V-Grip Rack features a new and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system that offers...
  • 15 percent larger forks, spline allows fork to rotate 360 degrees

If you only need to travel with one gun, this rack minimizes scratches and keeps the firearm securely in place with soft, adjustable grips. You can attach it to most traditional ATV or UTVs with bars between 1.25 and 5 inches in diameter. Rotate the screen 360-degrees so you can customize for your comfort, even side-to-side. With the rotation and variable fit technology, it comes at a low price.

The really cool part that sells this gun rack for many ATV users is that it’s totally versatile. You can use the rack to hold more than a gun, as the variable fit technology allows you to hold onto lightweight bows or rifles. It will also accommodate added gun case space for boosted safety. The only downside is that you can only store one gun at a time.

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack 20073

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack - 20073,Black
  • Vertical in-cab gun rack mounts to UTV Floor
  • Constructed of heavy-duty over-molded rubber to securely hold the stock of your firearm and over-molded v-blocks with...
  • Standard mount fits flat UTV floors. Gun Rack Mount adapter riser (20074) required for Polaris and Yamaha utility...

Unlike other gun racks on this list, the Kolpin UTV allows you to store your firearms vertically or store it on your UTV floor. It uses the same safe and sturdy rubber grips as the Kolpin Rhino options to keep your firearms safe from scratching while you travel. The height of the gun rack is adjustable to fit different sizes of rifles or vehicles, and you can customize storage with 360-degree rotation.

The V-grip Kolpin is known for holds your firearms with rubber straps and grips for added protection and barrel support while you travel. Installation is also easy and quick. For the money, this model is an average price for the features. However, UTV owners find the customization is the biggest selling point for this gun rack.

ATV Tek FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider

ATV TEK FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack
  • Provides an additional 16” of side-to-side, horizontal adjustment, once the rack is mounted.
  • A truly custom fit from your gun, soft gun case, bow, fishing rods, or any other item using the patented compartments...
  • New and improved tubular and composite mounting system offers effortless installation, versatility and a rock solid...

For a gun rack, this mount offers a storage system for a wide range of equipment. Store your fishing rod, bow, gun case, and more with grips that were designed to isolate vibrations and recoil from your ATV. It’ll keep your firearm safe, and the adjustable knobs allow you to store more than one rifle at a time. Perhaps the heaviest option on this list, choose this gun rack if you have heavier weaponry.

Customize the placement of the grips as you store this rack horizontally. The installation process is easy, and this model comes with the tools and detailed guide you need to mount the traditional tubular system on your ATV. It’s a bit on the expensive side when it comes to gun racks on the market today, as it costs a little more than top Kolpin models, but it’s still a great value for the money.

Kolpin 21505

Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505, Black
  • Rubber over-molded flexible nylon construction
  • Offset configuration to maximize rack space
  • Mounts to tubular or square bars from 5/8”- 1-1/4” in diameter or to flat, drillable surfaces

A durable gun rack with flexible rubber grips, this model will keep your firearms secure on bumpy terrain. It fits various types of ATVs, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and really any other type of vehicle that moves on wheels. Plus, it can hold two guns simultaneously and can be used to store other gear. Kolpin offers peace of mind in knowing your firearm is secure, and the mount drills into a flat surface or fits tubes.

The only downside is that, while the rack performs well at holding onto firearms, shovel, and other equipment, customers have said the strap holding them in place will not last a long time. User reviews have said it can snap over time, sometimes even after a few uses, but it’s possible that’s because this model is only designed to carry lightweight items up to 15 pounds.

Big Sky SBR-2G Overhead Gun Rack

Big Sky SBR-2G Gun Rack 2-Gun Sky Bar
  • Provides convenient vehicle mount for easy storage and transport
  • Telescoping square bar and adjustable padded brackets adjust to fit most vehicles and weapons
  • Heavy duty nylon strap fastening provides durable, safe storage

A more expensive option, this gun rack mounts to the ceiling of any UTV and provides easy access to your firearm while protecting them from the outdoor elements. It’s made using heavy duty materials and foam padding to protect firearms, and the safety strap fastens your guns in place securely. Mount it to fit on the wall roof, through the roof, or on the side of a wall. Installation is easy any way you choose.

When it comes to great features, this rack comes with an adjustable bracket that allows you to customize the rack to fit variously sized guns whether they’re lightweight or heavier. Big Sky even throws in a telescoping square bar to allow you to adjust the rack for any type of vehicle. It may need to be modified to fit your ATV, but the scratch-free padding, reinforced metal, and easy access are perfect.

Great Day QD850-OGR

Great Day QD850-OGR Quick-draw Overhead Gun Rack UTV's with 23-28-Inch...
  • Unique mounting system installs in just minutes without any drilling or bolting
  • Features super-soft rubber gun clips that provide easy access and secure transport
  • Fits 23" to 28" Front to Back including Polaris Ranger 800 Full Size & Mid Size Ranger

Standard models don’t work for everyone, which is why this overhead storage option is ideal for hunters or anyone who wants easy access to their firearm. Keep your firearms at your fingertips safely with this model, holding not one but two rifles at a time. Designed to work with a vehicle that has a roof, you also get added protection from the weather with an overhead gun rack.

The soft rubber clips will hold guns in place, and the work well at reducing vibration and preventing scratches along your travels. The frame is created using aluminum to make it much more lightweight than many other overhead gun racks that can feel heavy. Quickly release your weapon and install in minutes, with no drilling or screws needed.

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case with Integrated Carry-Handle and...
  • Stores and protects most rifles - including scoped guns with high mounts and up to 50mm objectives
  • Integrated carry-handle and affixed soft-side inner liner accommodates left or right hand firearms
  • All mounting hardware included and bolts to the tubular racks on the front or back of your ATV/UTV

A case mount that makes traveling with one gun convenient and easy. This gun rack is 53 inches-long to offer room to store a rifle with a scope or either right- or left-hand bolt action rifles. It’s resistant, fits all different types of vehicles, and installs on any ATV or UTV bed rail easily. You can even dismount it in moments, and some parts like the foam impact liner are removable to offer more storage space.

The downside is that this gun rack is on the more expensive side of products. However, it is durable and will last for a long period of time. If you can afford this model, it’s well worth the price. But many people won’t be able to afford the $100 price to store only one gun.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Honesty and accuracy are vital to our process, so we consider what customers really need in a great ATV gun rack and scour the top brands to find the best options available in 2019. These gun racks keep your ATV, firearm, and life safe from harm while you move it from one place to another, and the best must also provide a decent value for the price tag.

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