10 Best Car Technologies – You Should Check Out

Car technology is always evolving. Consequently, new and better car features are coming into play thanks to invention and innovation. Such features could come either as new car body parts or as accessories. In fact, it is the main reason modern cars are much better, compared to earlier ones. Therefore, you should consider adopting the best car technology, as they are luxurious. Moreover, your car performance improves and becomes safer to use.

10 Best Car Technologies

You should check out for these ten best car technologies.

1. Car covers

This is an equipment that you put on top of your car to protect it. Can you imagine the struggles that people used to undergo before car covers were invented? You literally had to build a house just to keep your car safe. Car covers will save you the cost of building your car a garage or port. Moreover, it is the best way to keep your car clean and in good condition. In fact, according to carcover.com, car covers protect you from the weather, people, animals, and environmental nuisance. People are using different type of cover for their car like waterproof car covers, best BMW car covers, outdoor car cover, jeep wrangler car covers, best mustang car covers, waterproof car cover etc.

2. Car-to- x communication

This is onboard sensor systems that relay danger-ahead information to other cars using a cellular communication network. The car in turns receives the information and spread it to the next car. Moreover, information from other data providers can also be relayed. Most importantly, you will quickly receive the information via a navigation or sound output. As a result, you will be able to avoid causing more damages on accident scenes. You can as well save much time by considering alternative routes. At least you will not have to use all your energy, flagging drivers you might not even know.

3. Augmented reality app

This is an app that overlays exciting digital content of your car features. All you have to do is to use the camera on your phone or tablet on top of your car. Your phone or tablet will then work with a virtual guide to give you great how-to information. Putting your device under the hood will assist you how to learn how to add coolant. Nevertheless, you can learn how to change oil or filter. When you put your camera on the inside, you will actually see all the warning signs and their meanings. Next time you want to do basic touches on your car, your mechanic is right there with you I tell you. Most importantly, you do not even have to be next to the car.

4. Augmented reality driving enhancing

This is a driving assistant that is designed to make your easier by opening a third eye. A driver who lacks the ability to see keenly can cause bad accidents. If you are among them, you do not have to worry anymore. This enhancer is for people like you. You will get a navigation assistance helping you keep track of your car locations. Moreover, a lane keeping assist will help you not lose track while driving. Besides pedestrian detection, an obstacle warning will assist you to drive safely and minimize accidents.

5. Reversing cameras

Reversing a car is one of the basic skills that each driver needs. For example, you will need to reverse when making turns and parking. Making a reverse can be challenging even to the best of drivers. You will be amazed at how difficult it is to make clear-cut reverse at tight angles. Instead of having someone flag you, you can as well see everything for yourself. Breaking your neck just to see the rear is so yesterday. A reversing camera is all you need to see everything at the rear. Such cameras are indeed a game changer for drivers.

6. Gesture control

Besides transport, your car comes with several other features like videos and stereo system. Drivers will agree that it is very challenging to multitask between driving and other operations. You could end up causing a very serious accident. Therefore, you will need an easier way of communication between you and the features. Unlike using voice commands, touch screens, and touch pods, gesture control is very sensitive.

7. Adaptive cruise control

Do you get tired of putting your legs on brakes or accelerators during motorway journeys? It is very tiring because you always have to watch out not to hit the car in front of you. Can you imagine how you could actually feel driving without that entire struggle? You will not have to imagine any longer because an adaptive cruise control exists. All you need is a car with the radar that measures a distance between you and the car ahead. You can then set how close you want to be with that car, sit back, relax, and enjoy driving.

8. Keyless Entry and Start System

This car locking system lets your car know you by simply carrying a key in with you. You will only have to touch the door lock to open and close. Moreover, you can start and stop the engine by simply pressing a knob. In addition, you will be able to change preferred settings on a touchscreen to enhance security. Are you used to locking your car keys inside the car? Well, the key internal sensors will not let you do that next time.

9. Modern tire techniques

Good tires allow for the high performance of your car to be manifested. Unlike in the past, tires today are made to offer more grip and durability. Consequently, they are manufactured with better rubber components and stronger sidewalls. Moreover, they are characterized by evolving tread patterns.

10. Touchscreen key fobs

This is a gadget with a led touch screen that summarizes your car’s performance in a simple key. Besides locking, you are able to check your car’s fuel range and battery charge. It also has a self-parking technology that identifies a nearby parking lot. A simple press actually enables it to park itself.

Final verdict

You will indeed be spoilt for choice when it comes to car technology. What considerations then should you put in place before settling for one? There is no secret at all. The best car technology should be something basic, that you almost cannot live without.

Come to think of it, a technology such as self-driving cars is very awesome. However, it is more of a luxury when you look at the bigger picture. Nevertheless, you should look forward to something that is convenient and compatible with your gadgets.